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Aziz Ansari will mow your lawn

Brittney Elkins

Aziz Ansari Decembre, 2011.

Parks and Rec comedian takes his job seriously.

Aziz Ansari joined a real Parks and Recreation department Monday.

Aziz Ansari, of the show Parks and Recreation, teamed up with New York’s Parks Department and the Central Park Conservancy to help mow the lawns of Manhattan’s Central Park.

Aziz Ansari rode around the 15-acre Sheep Meadow early Monday morning on a riding lawnmower, but he apparently didn’t know what he had signed up for.

“When I initially agreed to do this, I thought it would be later in the day and that I would be getting a key to the city. Instead it’s really early and I’m getting a key to the city’s lawnmower, which I guess is kind of nice. I’ll put that along with the other city keys I have—the key to the city’s juicer, the key to the city’s vacuum cleaner, and of course the key to the city’s Showtime rotisserie grill,” Aziz Ansari told

Aziz Ansari may have hit the lawns on Monday, but he’s gearing up to hit the road. Probably in something more like a tour bus rather than a lawnmower, but he seems pretty comfortable on both.

The 29-year-old comedian is heading across the country on a comedy tour to joke about his “fears of adulthood.”

“I see a lot of my friends are kind of entering serious stages of their lives,” Aziz Ansari told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross on NPR, “They’re getting married and having children, and I’m getting to the age where that stuff is getting expected of me. And it’s all very terrifying to me. It still feels like it’s so far away.”

The tour, entitled Buried Alive, kicks off in Orlando and will hit several cities across the U.S.

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