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Seven Best Films to Watch on a Rainy Day

Storms and Cinema

As fall rolls around and winter grows ever closer, the cold weather sets in. While some people like to use the stormy season to get work done indoors, taking advantage of the free time, others (like us here at College News) prefer to take the opportunity to get cozy on the couch, grab some snacks, and turn on our favorite movie. If that sounds appealing, then this list will be exceptionally helpful to you. Here’s a list of the seven best movies to watch on a rainy day.

1. The Social Network (2010)

This iconic film about the founders of Facebook was an instant classic when it hit theaters in 2010. The film served as a turning point for Jesse Eisenberg’s career, as well as featuring amazing performances by Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake. Plus, the classic brooding darkness of director David Fincher couples perfectly with the rainy weather outside.

2. Nightcrawler (2014)

Another dark and brooding film, the 2014 neo-noir crime thriller highlights Jake Gyllenhaal’s duality as an actor. With twists and thrills never expected, this film will leave you moderately unnerved and craving more Gyllenhaal.

3. Brokeback Mountain (2006)

Speaking of craving more Gyllenhaal, this film will help you with just that. Not only does it feature one of Gyllenhaal’s best performances, it also showcases the late Oscar-winner Heath Ledger. One of the best romantic stories to date, this movie is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish.

4. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

You knew there had to be at least ONE Star Wars flick on here. George Lucas’ incredible sci-fi universe sent shockwaves throughout the film community—and the world—when the first installment of the original trio was released in 1977. So why not save the best of the original three (*ahem* “The Empire Strikes Back”) for a rainy day?

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5. Hush (2016)

The most recent release on this list, this horror thriller is an instant classic (and already on Netflix, so it’s super easy to watch). A new take on a genre already so overdone, the story revolves around a deaf woman living alone, being stalked by a murderer. As the storms set in this fall, be sure to catch this one in the dark and creepy weather.

6. The Usual Suspects (1995)

Although storms and rainy days can become a little monotonous, there’s nothing like a classic suspenseful crime drama to switch things up. Kevin Spacey shines in this film with wonderful editing, cinematography and a stunning script. Overall, this film is just a masterpiece—every part of a perfect film in one.

7. Wall-E (2008)

Yeah, there had to be at least SOMETHING cute on this list. With the rain coming down outside, it can be good to watch something bright, colorful and fun. This underrated Disney classic lacks a princess, but still tells one of the best love stories in a Disney film, and shows off some of the best animation Disney has ever put out.

So, even with the rain coming down outside this fall, don’t be afraid to cuddle up with some friends (or alone, no judgement) and grab some popcorn and candy corn and watch any of these flawless films.

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Staying Safe on Campus is Not necessarily a Right—Apparently

How the New Transgender Bathroom Laws are Affecting College Campuses

2016 has been a rollercoaster year of equal rights and progressivisms for the United States. Same-sex marriage rights have been federally mandated by the US Supreme Court for a full year now and we have more and more LGBT characters in media than ever before. However, many states across the nation are implementing and enforcing a new law banning transgender folk from using the public bathrooms that match the gender they identify with. They instead require that they use the bathrooms of the gender they were assigned at birth; something reminiscent of “one step forward, two steps back.”

Many conservative lawmakers in North Carolina signed the “Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act” into law in March of 2016. This law prevents transgender people from using their appropriate bathrooms. North Carolina governor, Pat McCrory, signed the law with defenders claiming it would prevent male criminals entering the women’s restroom to assault someone. Regardless of how statistically improbable this situation is, this boils down to the fact that these states are targeting and persecuting trans people for the actions of criminals with zero affiliation to trans lifestyles. The ban of trans-students using their appropriate bathrooms affects not only those on college campuses, but every public restroom in those states.

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For many students, college is a time to discover oneself

For many students, college is a time to discover yourself, learn more about yourself and express yourself in ways you may not to want to or be able to back at home. However, this new bill is making these college campuses unsafe spaces for transgender students who are now forced to use the bathrooms of the gender they were assigned at birth. By being forced to use these incorrect bathrooms, transgender students are made vulnerable to harassment and assault. Furthermore, it can stunt their transition and drastically hinder any steps they were taking towards openly being themselves. Some schools, such as California’s UC Irvine, have taken small steps towards student safety by introducing large amounts of gender neutral bathrooms. This move gives students safety as well as keeping more bigoted individuals a sense of security still.

Laws like this that are imposed on students currently transitioning, are inherently harmful and damaging no matter what “good intentions” the lawmakers had in mind at the time of legislation. A trans student from North Carolina, who chose to remain anonymous, disclosed that they “don’t really feel safe going to school [in North Carolina] anymore. It’s scary to think that there are actual laws telling me I can’t be myself safely.” Instead, these laws force trans students into potentially harmful situations—something schools are supposed to be avoiding.

As the new school year begins, it is important to remember that one thing—and one thing only—should be the top priority of universities and colleges across the United States: the safety of the students. However, this bill, passed by North Carolina and considered in states such as South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin, disregards the safety of ALL students and instead chooses to turn a blind eye to trans students. Every student should have the right to feel safe on their school’s campus; targeting individuals with outdated laws that have no place in a more progressive 2016 is a mistake made by these schools, who need to be held accountable. Students deserve safety.

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Pokémon Go Is For Everyone!

A Review of the Latest Mobile Hit on All Our Phones

If you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ve probably heard the stories. If you’ve been on the internet recently, you’ve probably seen the memes. And if you’ve been out in public recently, you’ve probably seen the crowds; hordes of people, all ages and creeds wandering around, staring at their phones and shouting excitedly about words you haven’t heard since the late 90s. The craze of Pokémon GO has swept the nation and part of the world.

You may be asking how Pokémon is so relevant again considering it was first released in 1996 and the popularity of Pokémon has seemed to dwindle in the following years. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the video game, and Nintendo, the company that owns Pokémon, decided to celebrate the birthday with a bang: a new kind of gameplay. Pokémon GO introduced a different kind of game compared to the 25 other main title games—soon to be 27 in November. Instead of the standard handheld RPGs we’ve grown so accustomed to, Nintendo partnered up with lesser-known developer, Niantic, to create the first augmented reality Pokémon game. Augmented reality, or AR, accesses the smartphone’s camera to display 3D models of the original 151 Pokémon interacting with the real world around you, allowing you to catch, train and battle with them in real time and in the real world (through your screen).

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The object of the hit game is simple: Walk around and encounter Pokémon.

The game uses the player’s phone’s GPS to track their movements and steps, and a predetermined code decides whether or not to generate a “wild encounter” for them. Should it, a Pokémon will pop up on the player’s screen and they will have the chance to try and catch it. The Pokémon’s 3D sprite will be transposed upon the camera’s viewfinder showing the Pokémon in the world in front of the player; whether that be the kitchen table, the backseat of an Uber or the boardwalk next to a beach. The possibilities, just like the Pokémon, are limitless.

While this all sounds very fun and innovative…

Many potential players are dissuaded from downloading the free app because, as one friend of mine put it, “I’ve never played the Pokémon games before, I don’t think I know enough to pick this one up”. Don’t let a lack of experience prevent you from joining the party; Pokémon GO is designed to be completely separate from the rest of the Pokémon games and requires almost zero prior knowledge to succeed in. It’s not a limiting or discriminatory game, demographics-wise. Players of all ages, genders, races and anything else are free to play and enjoy.

Whether you’re a college student who’s reliving an old, lost love for Pokémon, a child who’s getting their hands on their first game in the Pokémon franchise, an older player who doesn’t usually play video games or even an experienced Pokémon player who’s discovering a different way to play, Pokémon GO doesn’t care. It’s a fun game for anyone to play—so long as you watch where you’re walking!

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Majors for the new generation

Which studies will be the most important for the new and upcoming generation?

Which majors are the best for the new generation? If you’re a “Star Trek” fan, you’re probably fairly excited that I mentioned the Next Generation. Well, unfortunately I’m referring to the next generation of college students, not the continuation of the legendary saga of space travel. These students will have to make a very important decision regarding their future: what they will major in at college. Though definitely a personal choice balancing interest and skill level, what majors this next generation chooses will directly impact America and the world. Below is a cheat sheet of sorts, detailing which majors are going to be vitally important in the not-too-distant future.

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Anyone thinking about the future will tell you that a major in electrical or mechanical engineering is important because technology is always evolving, which is why it makes for a great major for the new generation. While this is accurate, the next generation of students should focus their college majors on engineering in the environmental field. Environmental engineering and sustainability studies are both incredibly important and relevant, considering how ignored they have been in recent decades. As we as a society are beginning to put more importance on the environment and the climate, it is important the next generation is as educated as they can be on the topics; both environmental engineering and environmental science will be important, to cover both the practical and political realms of energy and climate.
Another incredibly relevant major for the next generation is public health. Whether it means becoming a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or researcher, it is important that the next generation is prepared for diseases, epidemics, and the like. In recent history, the United States has shown that it was horribly uneducated on HIV and AIDS, and more recently on Ebola and the Zika virus. This lack of education and even propaganda against information could be directly ended if more students were to study and become experts on general health and these diseases.

Though it is frequently overlooked as an “easy” major, Communication is far from simple. Furthermore, society is pointing in the direction of needing more and more communications majors than ever before, as unions and human resources are becoming more relevant in corporate America. Recently, maternity leave has become a hot topic of debate. As this topic continues to be discussed and argued over, the workers in human resources will be pivotal in the dialogue. Communications majors are much more than public speakers; they are trained to eloquently and actively lead the dialogue and discourse on all issues.
A running theme so far has been about how American society as a whole has been changing and evolving drastically in recent years. Yet another example of this is the dialogue on race, gender, and sexuality. With these topics coming out of the closet (pun intended) and becoming less taboo to discuss openly, we will need experts on this. Sociology majors will become keynote speakers on these topics and demographics, expertly and factually discussing the once-taboo content. A large issue with these topics is that so few people actually know enough about them to confidently and accurately discuss them. However, this ignorance cannot be excused, and majoring in sociology could help create a conversation that ultimately educates everyone on these controversial subjects.

As the next generation prepares and chooses their paths for the future, it is important to remember that no matter what major they choose, it is right for them. However, it is also important to take into account what majors will be relevant to the future of our society and the international community as a whole. The majors detailed above already are too relevant to pass up on, and we cannot let them be left in the past. Education is the best counter for ignorance, the best way to solve these problems.

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