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Janelle Vreeland

Colette Carr's sexy new single

Listen to Colette Carr’s “Sex” right now!

Colette Carr has just released her latest and boldest single, “Sex,” featuring West Coast hip hop duo, New Boyz. The song will appear on her upcoming debut album on Nick Cannon’s Ncredible label (in conjunction with Cherrytree and Interscope), and is available now on iTunes and Amazon.

Colette has been busy touring Canada with her Cherrytree labelmates on the Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour, and serving as the official spokeswoman in the tour’s video blogs. Be sure to check out Episode 3, featuring interviews and performances by Colette, LMFAO, Far East Movement, Natalia Kills, Frankmusik, Rye Rye, and more.

For more on Colette, including tour dates and videos, visit Colettecarr.com.

You can listen to “Sex” below.

  Colette Carr – “Sex” feat. New Boyz by Interscope Records

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Debra Messing and Daniel Zelman split

Debra Messing and husband privately separated earlier this year

Debra Messing and hubby Daniel Zelman have split.

The Washington Post reports that Messing and Zelman privately separated earlier this year after more than a decade of marriage. News of the split only surfaced Tuesday.

Messing and Zelman have a seven-year-old son together, Roman. According to a source close to the couple, Messing and Zelman recently moved to New York and are still living together with Roman.

“It’s very amicable,” the individual explains.

Messing and Zelman married in 2000. They met at New York University in the early ’90s while pursuing graduate degrees in acting.

Messing is best known for her titular role in the sitcom “Will & Grace.”

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"The Hobbit" trailer debuts

Check out “The Hobbit” trailer here!

“The Hobbit” trailer has debuted and fans are already finding it difficult to wait until it premieres in December 2012.

The synopsis for “The Hobbit” reads, 

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” follows title character Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, which was long ago conquered by the dragon Smaug. Approached out of the blue by the wizard Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo finds himself joining a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior, Thorin Oakenshield. Their journey will take them into the Wild; through treacherous lands swarming with Goblins and Orcs, deadly Wargs and Giant Spiders, Shapeshifters and Sorcerers. Although their goal lies to the East and the wastelands of the Lonely Mountain first they must escape the goblin tunnels, where Bilbo meets the creature that will change his life forever … Gollum. Here, alone with Gollum, on the shores of an underground lake, the unassuming Bilbo Baggins not only discovers depths ofguile and courage that surprise even him, he also gains possession of Gollum’s “precious” ring that holds unexpected and useful qualities … A simple, gold ring that is tied to the fate of all Middle-earth in ways Bilbo cannot begin to know.

“The Hobbit” features Martin Freeman in the role of young Bilbo, as well as Ian McKellen, Ian Holm, Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett and Andy Serkis reprising their “Lord of the Rings” roles.

Check out the trailer for “The Hobbit” below!

Lori Berenson arrives in U.S.

Lori Berenson visits U.S. for first time in 15 years

Lori Berenson is in the U.S. for the first time since 1995.

Fox News reports that Berenson’s plan touched down at 7:35 a.m. on Tuesday. Many in Peru wonder if Berenson will return by the court-ordered deadline of January 11. “I just hope we don’t get caught in a snow storm,” Berenson joked.

Berenson was arrested by Peruvian authorities in 1995. She was convicted of aiding Peruvian guerrillas. A military court convicted Berenson of treason and sentenced her to life in prison in 1996. After U.S. pressure, Berenson was retried by a civilian court

Berenson served 15 years in prison before being put on parole last year.

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Chaz Bono, fiancee split

Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia call off engagement

Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia has broken their engagement.

Yahoo! reports that Bono and Elia are “no longer a couple.” Bono confirmed the split on Monday and then addressed fans’ concerns on Twitter.

“Thanks for your concern about our separation. I’m doing fine, and we remain on good terms with nothing but respect and affection 4 eachother,” Bono tweeted.

Elia and Bono had been dating for six years. Bono asked Elia to marry him during an episode of “Becoming Chaz.”

Bono became a household name after appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” earlier this year.

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Yu Darvish negotiation rights won by Texas Rangers

Yu Darvish’s highest bidder placed $51.7 million bid

Yu Darvish was the subject of a blind bid last week and the results are finally in.

SB Nation reports that the Texas Rangers succesfully outbid teams like the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankess and Toronto Blue Jays. The winning bid to negotiate with Darvish was a cool $51.7 million.

By posting the highest bid, the Texas Rangers now have 30 days to negotiate as major league contract with Darvish. If no deal is made, the posting fee is waived and Darvish will return to the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters.

You can read our previous coverage of the Yu Darvish bid here. You can also read more about Yu Darvish here.

Amber Portwood arrested

Amber Portwood, 21, is one of the stars of MTV’s “Teen Mom”

Amber Portwood has been arrested after violating her probation.

The New York Daily news reports that Portwood was put behind bars on Monday in central Indiana after a judge issued a warrant for her arrest for violating her probation on felony domestic battery charges. Portwood, 21, was convicted in June of assaulting her ex-fiance Gary Shirley. She was given a suspended two-year sentence.

Portwood’s probation was revoked after she was accused of battery and public intoxication. Portwood is also accused of not obtaining her GED or completing anger management classes as required.

Portwood is currently being held without bail. She is due to appear in court on January 13.

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Snooki's lawsuit

Snooki faces a $7 million lawsuit

Snooki is facing some legal woes.

CBS News reports that Snooki is facing a $7 million lawsuit. The lawsuit is a counterclaim filed by the licensing company that she is already suing.

Snooki signed with SRG Ventures last year to license Snooki-related merchandise. Snooki, however, filed a lawsuit against the company in October, claiming the company didn’t fulfill its obligation to land her enough money or branding partnerships.

SRG isn’t backing down, though, and has filed a counterclaim against Snooki. The $7 million counterclaim against Snooki and her management team claims Snooki sabotaged their deal by negotiating with brands behind the company’s back.

“Ms. Polizzi disputes SRG’s version of the facts and looks forward to her day in court,” Snooki’s rep said.

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Jon Bon Jovi is not dead!

Jon Bon Jovi is putting death rumors to rest

Rest assured, everyone. Jon Bon Jovi is not dead.

A nasty Twitter rumor took hold yesterday, convincing many fans that Jon Bon Jovi was dead. The rocker was quick to respond, though, and did so through the official Bon Jovi Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Posing with a note saying “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey,” Jon Bon Jovi posted a picture of himself last night which accompanied a tweet, “Rest assured that Jon is fine! This photo was just taken.”

It is unclear how this rumor of Jon Bon Jovi’s death got started, but much like the Lil’ Kim death rumor, it quickly took hold on Monday.

You can see the pic of Jon Bon Jovi here.

"The Dark Knight Rises" trailer

Check out the “Dark Knight Rises” trailer here

The trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” has hit YouTube.

The synopsis for “The Dark Knight Rises” reads,

“Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises” is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Leading an all-star international cast, Oscar(R) winner Christian Bale (“The Fighter”) again plays the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The film also stars Anne Hathaway, as Selina Kyle; Tom Hardy, as Bane; Oscar(R) winner Marion Cotillard (“La Vie en Rose”), as Miranda Tate; and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as John Blake. Returning to the main cast, Oscar(R) winner Michael Caine (“The Cider House Rules”) plays Alfred; Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon; and Oscar(R) winner Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby”) reprises the role of Lucius Fox.”

You can check out the newly-released trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” below.