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Apple reinvents user experience with iOS 6

Editorial Staff

Apple revs up iOS 6

Your favorite app is now integrated

Apple is planning on revamping its iOS software. At the WWDC, Apple heads highlighted the top features that will soon be available for the iPhone and iPad.

“Only Apple can make such amazing hardware, software, and services,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said on stage at the conference. “These products can change the world.”

Apple has parted ways with Google for iOS 6, favoring their own Map app. The new Map app has a similar interface to Google’s, but Apple has taken travel to an entirely new level. The new Map app offers both 3-D and fly-over views of cities. The fly-over views are perhaps one of the most impressive and beautiful experiences to ever reach a phone of tablet, given their exquisite detail and effortless interface. It’s literally a birds-eye view in the palm of your hand.

But, Apple didn’t stop with the visuals. The company as also developed turn-by-turn navigation, so Siri can truly become your trusted co-pilot. Siri also had a little education thrown her way with the ability to answer more questions and help set reservations or buy movie tickets.

With the new software update, Facebook also becomes a staple of the iPhone and iPad. No longer will Apple users need to download the Facebook app, but rather, it will be fully integrated into the phone. This new function will let users see all of their Facebook friends in your phone or tablet’s contact list, allowing them to message and “poke” them with ease.

Also, for all of those who enjoy video calling, the new update allows users to use video chat via cellular networks and not just through WiFi.

There is also a new feature called “Do Not Disturb,” which will block unwanted calls and text messages during certain hours.

Apple will release iOS 6 this fall with over 200 new features.

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