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Amazon is Testing an Audio and eBook Subscription Service Called Kindle Unlimited

Katy Hollingsworth

Love Netflix and Hulu? Want to expand your brain by reading, or listening to someone else read? is an Amazon service that allows you to pay a monthly subscription fee that provides one free audio book per month–meaning that anything else you want to listen to must be bought via their platform and downloaded. Sounds a little expensive, right? A monthly fee plus the cost of your favorite titles? It adds up.

And if you want to read on your Kindle or the Kindle app, you’re still buying titles. If you have a Kindle and a Prime membership, you can rent one free eBook per month. It’s not as bad given that there’s no monthly subscription fee (unless you have Prime), but if you can get more for less, why wouldn’t you?

Amazon is reportedly testing out a subscription model called Kindle Unlimited that will let you pay $9.99 a month and have access to unlimited titles and audiobooks (of which there are thousands) from the Amazon library.

Amazon hasn’t announced anything about this new service, but rumors have been flying for months. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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