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All the waste the Duggars make in a year could fit into a single trashcan

Kara Menini

The Duggars

Michelle Duggar’s ignorant comments about overpopulation turn heads

The Duggar family has been in the news lately for something other than the announcement of another pregnancy.

The Duggars have been showing their support for Rick Santorum but more recently, Michelle Duggar, matriarch of the family, has gone public with her idea that overpopulation is “a lie.”

Yep. This is coming from the woman whose family’s environmental impact is outstanding. Although Michelle says the family only uses things that most people throw out (used cars, thrift stores), it’s hard to deny the amount of waste a family of 21 can create. They spend $3,000 a month on groceries, which includes 16 boxes of cereal and seven gallons of milk a week, their home has nine bathrooms and seven showers, four washers and dryers, and when they hit the road, the family needs one bus for the bodies and one bus for clothes and other supplies. This list doesn’t even include the amount of energy the camera crews use when filming each season.

The Duggars, best known on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, are conservative Christians and live their lives based on fundamentalist biblical beliefs. The children are home schooled, even through college, the girls keep their hair long and wear modest clothing, and the boys keep their hair short. When it comes time to date, the Duggars practice chaperoned courtship where the couple abstain from any physical contact, including kissing until the day they marry.

The Duggars started out by charming America with their all-American values, their cutsie J-named kids and Michelle soothed us with her melodic voice, but now they’re getting too political to be loved by the nation. Michelle’s ignorant comments will make people look at the Duggars with a suspicious eye from here on out.

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