Little Big Planet 3 Fansite Announces Closed Beta and Limited Codes

A Little Big Planet 3 fansite has announced its closed beta and will be giving codes to members in August.

WRITTEN BY: Katy Hollingsworth
Image Source: xDev and Sumo Studios

One fansite of Little Big Planet 3, Little Big Planet Central, announced that there will be a private beta beginning in August and that the website will give out a small number of codes to community members.

Distributed via private message, the codes provide access to a very limited closed beta. Little Big Planet 3 was announced at E3 earlier this year with the introduction of Sackboy and a few new friends.

The game is set to launch in November on the PS4 and PS3, and given that there's a closed beta going on in just a month, I'd say development is probably right on track.