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What a Treat: Britney Spears’ New Single “Work Bitch” Enjoys an Early Release

Editorial Staff

Britney’s new single is released after being leaked early Sunday.

“Work Bitch” the latest single by artist Britney Spears was scheduled to be released Sept. 16. However, to the delight of Britney fans, the date of the release was moved up to Sunday afternoon after “Work Bitch” was leaked early Sunday.

Spears tweeted on Sunday afternoon, “Woke up today and saw that a low quality version of Work Bitch had leaked.” The tweet also featured a frowny face, expressing Spears’ dissatisfaction with the leak of her newest single. Spears, known for her quality pop singles, such as the classic “Baby One More Time”, understandably felt quite frowny face over the whole debacle. Britney’s manager Adam Leber urged fans, “Please do your best and try to restrain yourselves from listening for a few hours until the actual mastered version airs on radio.”

Leber’s request came as a surprise to many music fans who have often found themselves wondering why Britney doesn’t just cut it out already with this music stuff. However the star’s newest single reveals her enduring dedication to hard-work. “Work Bitch”, co-written with and Anthony Preston, is clearly a testament to the positive results of a good work ethic. The lyrics list the many benefits enjoyed by hard-working individuals: “You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch. You want a Lamborghini? Sippin martinis? Look hot in a bikini? You better work bitch.” And who doesn’t want a Bugatti, Maserati and Lamborghini proudly displayed in their driveway as shiny testaments to their hard work?

The single, considered by many to be a smashing dance hit, features beats by DJ Otto Knows. It is not only a testament to the pop star’s work ethic but also to Britney’s new-found status as a “bad bitch”. As her new single states: “I make the governor, call me the governor. I am the bad bitch, the bitch that you’ll never know.”

She makes the governor call her the governor? That sounds downright confusing. Does she make her mom call her mom? We may never know. But one thing is certain, we can all look forward to Britney Spears’ collaboration with Miley Cyrus on Cyrus’ upcoming album “Bangerz”. The single promises to both please and offend music lovers everywhere.

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