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Tyler Carter Releases Second Solo Single "Tears On The Runway Pt. 1"

Adrianna Velazquez

With the popularity of metalcore band Issues skyrocketing this past year, frontman Tyler Carter’s solo debut has been highly anticipated among fans and he couldn’t have picked a better time to give fans a taste of his original work outside of the band.

The announcement of his solo EP, Leave Your Love created a lot of excitement among fans and his second single, “Tears On The Runway Pt. 1” carries radio potential with its R&B style that allows Carter’s vocals to shine bright.

A song about a romantic relationship that is sure to fall apart in part 2 makes it a stronger song compared to his first single, “Georgia” because of its underlying storyline that captivates listeners from the start. The track carries a lighthearted tone with guest artist Nylo on the track.

What’s most impressive is Carter’s vocals which remain smooth and delicate, showcasing his impressive voice and mainstream qualities making for future success among radio airwaves should his solo work receive the necessary marketing and distribution to get it there.

It’s the simplicity of the track that truly wins new listeners over as it showcases not only Carter’s singing abilities but his songwriting skills as well, making the song a bright moment for Carter’s solo work.

Needless to say, although Carter proves well for himself through his solo work it’s difficult to see him ever leaving Issues, which he contends isn’t the current plan of action. Either way, it’s no doubt that music remains a part of his journey.

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