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10 of the Best TV Shows and Movies to Watch if You’re Single This Valentines Day

It’s a hard time of year if you’re bummed about being single.

Maybe you’ve recently been through a break up, or maybe you’re just sick of being alone. With Valentines day approaching, couples are more nauseating than ever, and as a result you feel more single than you did over the holidays.

However, being single this Valentines Day means that you have the perfect excuse to kick back and binge watch some great movies and TV shows with that box of chocolates that you most definitely should buy yourself.

So, here are some top picks of great TV Shows and movies, from new releases to well-known classics, that will empower you in your single state this Valentines Day.

TV Shows

Grace and Frankie

Feminist icons Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin play 70+ Grace and Frankie in the Netflix original. Grace is a sophisticated and level headed business woman, while Frankie is a free spirited and emotional hippie. Yet when their husbands announce they are gay (and in love with each other) the pair find they have more in common than they thought. The TV show is about the women navigating their new single life, embracing womanhood in their later years.


If there’s any TV show that will scare you out of having a significant other it’s Netflix’s You, staring Penn Badgley. This dark thriller follows the character Joe, who becomes obsessed and infatuated with a vulnerable girl called Beck, studying as a writer in New York City. Joe decides to stalk her in an attempt to make her his girlfriend and we won’t spoil it, but let’s just say you will want to delete any form of social media you ever had.

Gilmore Girls

We don’t care if you’ve seen it all the way through a million times, there is no better therapy than Lorelai Gilmore. If anything is going to convince you that you don’t need a partner, it’s the topsy turvy life of Rory and Lorelai as they figure out life, love and friendships. Over a whole seven seasons, might we add.

Arrested Development

Watch all seasons of Arrested Development on Netflix if you literally want to forget about everything and watch something hilarious and dumb this Valentines Day. There’s a bit of schadenfreude that comes with watching the misfortunatate life of the Bluth family, and you can sit back be guilt free in your bitterness this Valentines Day.

The Walking Dead

Feeling particularly upset or heartbroken? Watch a few episodes of post-apocalyptic zombie-fest The Walking Dead to remind yourself that it could always be worse. Also, you can’t get more un-romantic than this.


How To Be Single

Dakota Johnson plays Alice, who takes a break with her long term boyfriend to focus on her career in New York. Rebel Wilson plays her wild co-worker Robin, who hates all things romance and loves one-night stands. The whole film is about Alice learning how to live on her own and navigate her own life in New York.

Forgetting Sarah Marshal

If the fact that Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are in this film, isn’t enough to sway you then maybe the plot will. Lovable musician Peter Bretter is better known for being the boyfriend of famous actress, Sarah Marshall. That is until she breaks up with him leaving him heartbroken. The film is about Peter navigating himself without her, making friends and finding his passions – all while staying at the same vacation resort as his ex.

Legally Blonde

If you’re a female who has recently been through a break-up, and are still in the state of crying into your pillow, it’s because you haven’t watched Legally Blonde yet. Even if you’ve seen this classic a hundred times already, it’s sure to reinforce your sense of self after heartbreak.

The Hangover

If you need an escapist comedy that shows you friends are all you really need, the Hangover films are a good way to go. A film full of bromances, stupid mistakes and crude humour, you cannot go wrong if you’re feeling hateful towards loved up couples this V-day.

Get Out

This 2017 horror film should do the trick if you want something really anti v-day this Friday. This film should remind you that it’s okay not to be in a relationship because your girlfriend and her family might turn out to be psychotic. Better to stay single, just in case.

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Valentine’s Day Scams on the Rise

In 2018, when we got Dirty John, the Fyre Festival and Anna Delvey, it seemed like we were living in the time of peak scams. But it turns out that was just the warm up to 2019—a year that is bringing us countless scam-focused documentaries, series, movies and podcasts. We’re calling it: this year is the year of the scam, and Valentine’s Day is bringing all of the scammers out of hiding.

Scammers have always relied on romance to grease the wheels of their cons, so it makes sense that the most romantic time of year can become a playground for grifters. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center said in 2016 that it received 15,000 romance scam complaints during that year alone. And girlfriend grifts accounted for a loss of over $1 billion in North America since 2015.

The rules your parents gave you about not meeting strangers from the internet don’t quite apply anymore, with online dating sites and apps on the rise. There are plenty of legit people on online dating sites that spend time messaging before meeting. Here are a few tips to spot the ones that are fake. On this Valentine’s Day, keep your boo close and your common sense closer. A good rule of thumb? If someone seems too perfect, they probably are.

Too hot to be true

Scammers catfish you by using good-looking photos and tales of financial success. Oftentimes, they pretend to be in the military—a story which gives them a good reason to be overseas. In fact, the military man con is so common that some actual men in the military have discovered that their photos are being regularly used for nefarious purposes. Marine Juan Avalos is one of those people, and he now includes a warning on his account about catfishing because his photos are stolen so regularly.

Moving fast

A romance scammer will tell you they love you quickly and start talking about a future together early on in the relationship. But scammers are usually following a script, feeding the same lines to dozens of people at once. If they say they’ve never felt this way before right off the bat, your alarm bells should ring.

Talking about trust

Con artists are relentless and ruthless, showing no compassion for their victims and attempting to extort them for every last penny. They use every trick in the book, including appealing to your instincts about trust, manipulating you by talking about how important this is. However, this is usually the first step to asking for money.

Not interested in hooking up on a hook-up app

Be wary of someone who always has an excuse to postpone your dates, usually by saying they are traveling or live overseas. Given how frequently your Tinder crush flakes on you, it can be hard to differentiate this behavior, but maybe this is a sign to stop giving these guys a second chance overall.

Suspicious language

If this person claims to be from your hometown, watch to make sure that their language matches that of your region. If they have poor spelling or grammar, use overly flowery language, or use phrases that don’t make sense, it could be a sign that they working off of a romance scam script.

Never wire money

Never. No. Nope. Just don’t do it. Don’t ever send money or personal information that can be used for identity theft to someone you’ve never met in person. Never give someone you’ve never met financial resources to visit you. In fact, if someone you’re chatting with online requests you credit card info, bank numbers or other personal information, cut off the conversation right then.

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