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Sleep Easy in your College Dorm with the help of Navien Mate

Sleep Easy in your College Dorm with the help of Navien Mate

KD Navien, the top global boiler maker dedicated to bring comfort living, introduce a new type of boiler, Navien Mate Premium bed warming mattress topper. With their 40 years of technical experience and their principle for better and safer products, they have now created a new standard for hot water heating mattress topper to provide a pleasant warm feeling and a healthy sleeping environment for all.

Their mission

To become a global leader in energy solutions that can provide a cleaner and more comfortable living environment for all.

Their vision

Through a dedicated goal and with the proper focus we believe we can provide high quality goods to people in a sustainable fashion.

Their Commitment

They are committed to producing the highest goods possible for their clients and backing all of their products with a warranty and support that you can count on.

How Navien Mate Bed Warmer works

1. Heating Unit
Heating Unit efficiently warms up the water to the desired temperature in 1ºF increments and helps you to find perfect sleeping temperature. Its optional feature can control the temperature of the left and right sides of your bed, independently without the second unit.

2. Mattress Topper
Heating unit’s quiet motor circulate hot water through the water channel or tube inside of mattress topper, and radiant heat from hot water warms up entire bed evenly.

The water circulating inside of mattress topper goes back to heating unit, and heating unit check the temperature of returning water to calibrate the temperature to the precise degree you prefer.

The Safest Bed Warming Pad

The revolutionary Navien Mate System is a bed heater product that uses the circulation of water and intelligent temperature control to distribute warm water throughout the bed. This is achieved by using a water heater unit and heated mattress pad. The Navien Mate bed warmer is available in all sizes from twin to king, so no matter what bed you sleep in, we can guarantee it will be warm and safe, and provide you warmth and comfort.

Control Features

The heater pad for beds from Navien Mate will give you the best sleep of your life with comfort control features. It offers a degree-specific temperature control so that you can experiment and discover your very own perfect sleeping temperature. No two people are alike when it comes to the way they sleep, which is why being able to control the temperature on your side of the bed matters.

Once you find the perfect sleeping temperature, it’s easy to keep it. Heated blankets continue to get hotter and hotter until you are uncomfortable. Our non-electric bed warming pads monitor your bed’s temperature throughout the night so that the heated mattress pad system never overheats or underheats. You’ll have the ideal temperature every single night, from the moment you lie down to when you wake up.

To save power, you can also adjust your aqua bed heater’s runtime, so that it runs only for your desired duration.

Our water heated mattress pads are available in all sizes, including: Twin Full Queen King
Whether you’re looking to warm your own bed, or to make sure the entire family is warm and safe during the cold winter months, we’ve got you covered. Get comfortable and stay warm with Navien Mate’s heated mattress products.

No Wires

One of the hazards of electric blankets is that they use wires. These wires can overheat and cause burns or even house fires. Not to mention, feeling wires on your body when you sleep can be quite uncomfortable.

When you sleep with the Navien Mate bed warming products and heated mattress system, you can be certain of your safety during your most vulnerable hours. Zero heating wires means there’s no electromagnetic fields, no risk of overheating, and no fire hazards. Using water in tubes to heat your bed eliminates the risks associated with electric heated mattress pad and blanket products.

There’s no safer way to warm your bed all night long than Navien Mate heated mattress warmer products.

Easy Installation

KD Navien pride themselves on how easy their water heated mattress pad product is to use. The Navien Mate System is easy to set up and requires almost no installation. In fact, you can set it up so quickly that it can be done right before bedtime.

If you have any questions about set-up, make sure to contact them so that their knowledgeable support team can help you get your best night’s sleep.

For more information, visit www.navienmate.com

How To Get Better Grades Amid College Chaos

Are you balancing a course load of 5-6 different classes and spreading yourself too thin? Does it seem that no matter how good you are at your time management, there just aren’t enough hours in your day to study?

If you’re like most college students, course overload is cursing you with stress, anxiety and panic. And you’re probably not getting nearly enough sleep, second guessing yourself and questioning your sanity.

You’re no doubt one of many students who is putting in weeks, days and hours studying for tests only to end up with grades that are way below what you hoped for, instantly making you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything!

Getting a bad grade in college, after putting so much work into it, is one of the crappiest, most hopeless feelings you’ll ever feel.

It’s no wonder you didn’t ace that test! After all, 3 out of 5 professors were giving tests on the same day! What did you do to deserve this?

The lack of sleep, constant anxiety and panic are also starting to cause depression, which in turn kills any motivation you had to study. Learning just isn’t fun anymore and you wonder why you’re even in college. Disappointing your professors and parents definitely wasn’t the plan you had in mind.

This all may sound a bit dramatic, but studies show that this is exactly what is happening with college students across America. College students want and need a way to be able to study more efficiently. They need a system that helps them memorize things quickly and easily while retaining the information indefinitely.

They need to know HOW to memorize everything much faster, saving hours of study time, decreasing anxiety and stress while improving their grades exponentially.

So, is there such a system that can save the day for you, if you are one of these college students? Yes! There is.

What would it be like if you had a system that could quickly increase your memory by 300%?

What if you could memorize the chapters of a book and learn ANY topic 10X faster!

What if you could hear 100 concepts or facts and recall every one of them instantly?

What if this system also did things like help you become a confident speaker and give speeches without notes?

Or meet 30 people in 15 minutes at a party or in a classroom and remember ALL of their names? How impressive would that be?

Or routinely recall 100 digit numbers, phone numbers, facts and details?

What if you could hear 101 words ONCE and repeat it in the same exact order?

There is a memory course that guarantees you that you can do all the above! It’s known as the Greatest Memory Course Ever Created and it’s called the Black Belt Memory Course. The creator of the course, Ron White, has won the USA Memory Championship twice. He’s appeared on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, FOX, CBS, NBC, The History Channel and more.

Imagine yourself having more time to do things besides studying. Having time to make some extra cash and go on more dates. Impressing your professors, friends and your parents.  Having more time for your faith and family. Having less anxiousness and panic and not being down and out every day. Getting better grades. Imagine sleeping!

Stop disappointing yourself and others now! It’s totally possible if you get this course today!

The course is available now at a huge discount to readers of this article but you have to check it out now because this Black Belt Memory Course is going back up to it’s regular price tomorrow! Go to the website

Concerned About College Housing? We Look at How Sleepyhead’s Mattress Toppers Can Help You Sleep Better

Your freshman year of college is a series of new experiences that help you learn and grow. For Steven Van Alen, it was life in student housing that opened his eyes and inspired the idea behind his student-focused business.

Van Alen is both a hard-working student continuing his studies at San Diego State University and the Founder and CEO of college mattress topper brand, Sleepyhead. If he could share one tip, he wished he would have known as a first-year student, it would be to come prepared for that campus housing-issued mattress.

He realized the beds in student housing and furnished apartments were substandard and unhygienic. Having no choice but to sleep on the old, used and uncomfortable mattresses provided by the university, students were using mattress toppers to go on top of the provided beds, yet there were so many questions about finding the right topper.

“The mattress toppers available to today’s students do very little to help,” Van Alen said. “I watched my friends, classmates and myself suffer from a lack of sleep due to substandard sleeping solutions. Colleges prohibit students from replacing their mattresses, so the only solution was a better mattress topper, and that’s when Sleepyhead was born.”

For students by students

The company is for students by students and offers mattress toppers that fit the standard Twin XL mattress size, and at a student-friendly price point. Sleepyhead doesn’t sacrifice quality either. Mattress toppers contain a proprietary memory foam – CertiPUR-US certified foam, which is tested to be free of any harmful toxins and materials. The memory foam also supports pressure points and posture so students can get a comfortable sleep, even when it’s after pulling an all-nighter or a power nap between classes.

Sleepyhead has already become a trusted brand by over 900 universities nationwide and just in time for students heading back to school for a new academic year. The company introduced the most advanced and comfortable copper-infused mattress topper on the market, the Copper Topper, which contains memory foam and nanotechnology to help protect students from bacteria, dust mites and uncomfortable used mattresses. Meanwhile their gel memory foam topper contains gel to help channel heat away from the body leaving you cool and comfortable.

Aside from providing sleeping solutions for success and supporting students’ dreams, the brand offers their “Good Till Graduation” five-year warranty on all mattress toppers. This means, from first-year students living in the dorms until graduation, Sleepyhead will be by your side.

In this line of business, Van Alen is using his age and college experience to his advantage and his talent isn’t going unnoticed. He’s working with four high profile investors and operators, who are current and past executives for companies such as:LoveSac, Goldman Sachs, Starwood Hotels and Coca-Cola.

“Our investors are high net worth individuals, with world class operating skills and financial backgrounds,” Van Alen said. “We are so fortunate to have these guys on board this early in the game.”

A good night’s sleep

No matter how successful Van Alen’s future business becomes, he wants to make sure Sleepyhead doesn’t stop at innovative mattress toppers. With the philosophy that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, he founded the company as a hybrid between a corporation and a non-profit.

While substandard mattresses at college were certainly a concern, the knowledge of so many less fortunate who didn’t have a mattress to sleep on hit Van Alen close to home when he found out his sister was homeless, pregnant and a college student at the time. While she was provided government housing, she had no furnishings or the means to buy them.

With the thought of his sister sleeping on the concrete floor while being nine months pregnant, Van Alen knew he had to do something to help, not just her, but the thousands of students who fall on hard times. For this reason, this CEO under 30 takes pride in the fact that Sleepyhead is a benefit corporation, donating one product for every ten sold to an anti-poverty non-profit organization.

Thanks to Van Alen, student residents are no longer an ignored demographic in the sleep space. With this type of buzz early on in the start-up game, look for Sleepyhead to further revolutionize the sleep industry for college students and university housing.

Visit Sleepyhead on Instagram, @sleepyheadusa. Purchase one for yourself … and maybe your roommate online at www.sleepyheadusa.com.

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Falling Asleep in Class? The Importance of Sleep Schedules

There’s a common “you can only choose two” college-related meme that gets circulated on the internet with regularity. The options are: good grades, social life, and enough sleep. It’s meant to be a lighthearted commentary on the difficulty of finding a healthy work-life balance during college years. But the truth is perhaps a bit more reassuring: getting enough sleep is actually a key component of both academic success and productive social interactions.

Still, a 2018 study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that only ten percent of Americans consider sleep their top priority. Roughly the same amount of people said socializing was at the top of their list. Above both were fitness and nutrition, work, and personal hobbies. In many ways, it makes sense: people want to feel productive. They want to maximize the amount of time they have in the day, and for many, that means cutting back on the hours they spend in bed.

But research has demonstrated time and again that getting enough sleep is one of the primary determinants of productivity throughout the day. More specifically, establishing and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule has been linked to improved concentration, memory, mood, and energy levels. Adequate sleep is also of vital importance when it comes to a healthy immune system, disease prevention, and weight control.

Fall asleep faster with sleep schedules

To understand why sleep schedules are so beneficial to your body in helping you fall asleep, it helps to know a little bit about circadian rhythm, an internal biological clock that cycles between sleepiness and alertness throughout the day. People who are sleep-deprived will feel the swings in their circadian rhythm the most (for many, this manifests as a particularly grueling afternoon slump, for example). When programmed to a steady pattern of sleep/wakefulness, however, the body will become more alert closer to wake-up time. That’s because the human body releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline about an hour before it knows you need to wake up. You’ll also start to relax and become more sleepy prior to your regular bedtime after the brain sends signals to the body to release melatonin, allowing you to fall asleep faster.

Throughout the night, your circadian rhythm cycles through two types of sleep: “active sleep” (REM) and deep sleep (NREM). The former is where the majority of people dream, and it’s much more biologically similar to wakefulness. This kind of sleep tends to be concentrated closer to the time you wake up.

The latter is where most bodily repair functions like muscle recovery take place. Most of this kind of sleep occurs toward the beginning of the night. People who don’t have steady sleeping schedules tend to wake up mid-deep sleep, which has been linked to greater grogginess and feelings of exhaustion throughout the day.

So, college students who want to “choose three”: academic success, a productive social life, and enough sleep, should know that the last item on the list is the key to achieving a healthy balance. Focus on that first, and the other two will naturally be easier.

There are several things that students can do to set up and stick to a pattern that works for them. Sleep experts recommend people stop using electronics a certain amount of time before going to bed, reduce caffeine intake towards the end of the day, and set up a dedicated sleeping space that can remind their body it’s time for bed with triggers like sounds (white noise) or smells (essential oils).

In the end, it’s important to remember that everything else comes together a lot more easily when falling asleep on time becomes a top priority.

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is the leading supplier of advanced sound machines and adaptive audio products. The company’s mission, “Adapting sound to improve lives,” has been the driving force behind its innovation and product development. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, ASTI has developed best-selling sound machines like Sound+Sleep and ‘LectroFan that redefine the science of sleep. Breakthroughs in the science of ambient noise analysis and dynamic adaptive audio have earned ASTI multiple patents, resulting in innovative sleep products that deliver better sleep to customers worldwide.

For news on how you can start improving your sleep,  follow @SoundOfSleep on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter .


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Brush Off Your Midterm Woes: It’s World Sleep Day

Tired of reviewing for midterm exams on top of putting in extra hours at your campus job? Well, we have the perfect excuse for you to take that much needed break! Today is World Sleep Day.

Forget waking up or pressing the snooze button, you can dismiss the alarm completely (unless you’re heading off to a graded lecture). Here are our top tips for napping on World Sleep Day.

The power of napping: Improve cognitive processes, alertness and memory

Short naps, often referred to as power naps can amplify your memory and allow you to absorb information faster. Axel Mecklinger’s study published in his journal, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, observe memory retention rates in two groups of people.

One group watched a film, while the other took a short nap. Afterwards, both groups we asked to complete a learning task. Findings demonstrated that the group who had napped had five times better memory retrieval than the group who had watched the film.

A brief 40 to 60 minutes of sleep is an essential, especially during midterms when it’s likely that students are getting less than the recommended amount of sleep. Brief naps aid with improving motor skills, while longer naps over an hour enable the brain to make new connections and work to enhance your problem-solving skills.

Sleeping in the dark

Blue light reflected by our various digital gadgets—phones, tables, computers and laptops—have been shown to suppress the sleep regulating hormone melatonin. Sleeping in the dark, without any blue light pollution, is an essential way of insuring your sleep is undisturbed.

In a recent study by researchers at the University of Granada, melatonin was been shown to fight obesity and diabetes in rats, leading researchers to stressed sleeping in the dark to prevent obstructions in the body’s creation of this vital neurohormone.

Aromatherapy: Making sleep smell like paradise

If you’re into essential oils, two that are highly recommended for sleep in aromatherapy practice are lavender essential oil and cedar-wood essential oil.

In a study conducted by the University of Southampton testing the sleep patterns of 10 adults, there was a 20 percent improvement in the sleep patterns of adults sleeping in the room with lavender essential oil dispersed in the air, in comparison to the other adults sleeping in the room with the almond oil diffused air.

Other health perks of  diffusing lavender oil in your room include a decrease in anxiety, blood pressure and a more relaxed state of mind.

Cedrol, the key element of cedar-wood essential oil, on the other hand works to produce a gradual sedative effect, helping you fall asleep.

As well rubbing oils onto your wrists and hands before smelling them, essential oils can be dropped into your fragrance diffusers to allow the smell to gently waft into your room and slowly coax your brain into sleeping.

Image courtesy of Flickr

The art of bathing

Although, a quick shower before work or a lecture is usually the most common way of keeping clean, a warm bath with essential oils and massages allow you to achieve that quality ‘me time.’

Lowering your body temperature with a bath an hour before bedtime soothes the body and prepares you for sleep.


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Light Up That Midnight Pit Stop With ILLUMIBOWL!

Save your toes and your eyes during that annoying middle of the night bathroom break with IllumiBowl!

Whether potty training children, your roommates, or simply trying to improve your sleep quality, the IllumiBowl‘s motion sensor and beautiful toilet light has it covered! (www.IllumiBowl.com)

Every person can tell the many stories of their midnight struggles and stumbles in the bathroom. In almost every case, the story either ends with being blinded by a bright bathroom light or stubbing a toe. Some turn to nightlights to light up their bathrooms but remain limited to putting it where the outlets are. The IllumiBowl lights up the whole toilet with a soft, luminescent glow—making it easy to find and easy on the eyes. Especially on that night right before a final test or important audition, when getting the best sleep is a must, having a disruptive journey to and from the bathroom can totally ruin what could have been a good nights sleep. IllumiBowl brings fun, safety and ease to any late-night bathroom visit.

The motion-activated device uses 5mm LEDs capable of lasting for 100,000 hours of use, offering years of unique and convenient lighting. There are three dimmer settings, and 20+ light colors to choose from. The left side of the plastic housing has one small, clickable button which lets you select the color you want. The device easily attaches to your porcelain throne thanks to a one-size-fits-all, never-fall arm on the back of the housing. Because the light has a never-fall arm and attaches to a splash-proof location, it’s also easy to clean.

The creators of the IllumiBowl spent nearly a year developing this finely manufactured glowing gadget to make every late-night nature call a piece of cake! Launching originally on kickstarter, the IllumiBowl raised just about $100,00 then took the next step with their invention—making an appearance on the critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy Award-winning reality show Shark Tank and striking a deal with Kevin O’Leary. Kevin O’Leary still now assists the IllumiBowl team in expanding and bringing their amazing product to more people.

The IllumiBowl is the perfect solution to bathroom problems for all ages. Its fun, neon colors make going to the bathroom fun for kids who are potty-training, and keep toddlers from a potential accident in the dark. The IllumiBowl also keeps that annoying, bright bathroom light from having to be turned on. The one that doesn’t only temporarily blind the bathroom-goer but wakes up anyone in it’s vicinity, making the IllumiBowl great for college students living with roommates. Regardless of your age or occupation, IllumiBowl is the perfect bathroom nightlight to help turn a stubbed toe into a successful go.

Upgrade every toilet in the house by visiting www. IllumiBowl.com!

Visit https://www.IllumiBowl.com/ for more information and to order your very own IllumiBowl.