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Students Are Refusing To Be Hunting Ground Victims

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Students Are Refusing To Be Hunting Ground Victims

Many Are Carrying A “Secret Weapon” To Protect Themselves On And Off Campus

According to the Association of American Universities, around one in four female college students will be sexually assaulted while in college.*

Yes, the situation is that horrific. And it’s been that way for years. But something recently changed.

Without a doubt, the award-winning documentary, The Hunting Ground, got students, parents, educators, and countless others talking about the appalling reality of college sexual assault.

Many students are taking proactive steps to keep from becoming “hunting ground” victims. For starters, they’re paying attention to the basics, including:


  •  Declining offers to have personal information distributed across campus, to avoid becoming targets of predators


  • Learning campus routes and locations of emergency phones


  • Sharing class and activity schedules with close friends and family


  • Walking in groups whenever possible, never walking alone at night, and avoiding shortcuts that could put them at greater risk


  • Getting their own drinks, to keep from being unknowingly drugged


These steps are a good start. But unfortunately, they don’t eliminate the risk of sexual assault on and off campus. That’s why students are doing more. You could say they’re literally taking matters into their own hands.

Are they holding pepper spray? Some are. But pepper spray rarely thwarts attackers and often escalates a dangerous situation. And if you’re wondering about guns, well, the overwhelming majority of America’s 4,400 colleges and universities prohibit guns on campus. Plus, those things are very dangerous.

Students are increasingly relying on an ingenious “secret weapon” – a stun gun called MyPhaser. Here’s why:

1.           MyPhaser is disguised as a smartphone.

As you can see, MyPhaser looks like a contemporary smartphone. This means you can hold it in your hand and have it available whenever you need it – without revealing that you’re carrying a stun gun. So you maintain the all-important element of surprise that gives you an essential advantage over any attacker.

2.           It’s incredibly powerful.

With MyPhaser, a 98-lb. college student instantly acquires the knockout power of a 248-lb. boxing champion. One touch delivers up to 10 million volts of electricity, to temporarily disable any attacker. Our Pulse-wave technology keeps the attacker incapacitated for up to 30 minutes. You get plenty of time to leave the scene and call 911. By the way: The attacker recovers without any lasting effects.

3.           It’s super easy to use.

MyPhaser is even easier to use than a smartphone. Press one “magic” button to stun the attacker into submission. In most cases, several seconds of firing will keep him incapacitated for up to 30 minutes and docile for hours.

4.           It’s extremely well made.

A device used for personal protection must work properly when you need it. MyPhaser is a professional-grade stun gun manufactured by an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer that supplies police departments and military customers across the globe. It comes with high-quality batteries that last up to 20 years – and a lifetime warranty.

5.           It’s the device that gives you peace of mind.

The academic, social, and financial aspects of college provide more than enough stress for many students. Personal safety shouldn’t be another source of anxiety. Whether you’re male or female, if you feel unsafe walking within one mile of your dorm or apartment, or fear moments when you’re walking alone, you should strongly consider MyPhaser to get the peace of mind you need to enjoy college to the fullest.

6.           It’s surprisingly affordable.

MyPhaser fits right into student lifestyles – including budgets. To make this potentially life-saving device even more affordable, at checkout, use the coupon code “College News” to save 25% off your entire order. Your satisfaction with MyPhaser is 100% guaranteed. In fact, we even offer a 90-day risk-free trial. See if MyPhaser is legal where you go to school – then order MyPhaser here.


P.S. On the fence about getting MyPhaser? We suggest you view The Hunting Ground here.

* In a 2015 survey by the Association of American Universities, 23% of female undergraduate students reported experiencing sexual assault while in college.

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