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Is your air safe?

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Face it, whatever age our children are they have always been notorious in spreading germs among themselves.  Why should college be any different?  One place that has many concerns and problems but has never been properly addressed are college dorm rooms and common areas.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency agrees with the harsh reality that the air and surface areas of buildings can be up to 100 times more contaminated than the outside air. The concern over contaminates is so great and growing that the EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top 5 environmental risks to public health.

RC Air and Mold Solutions is a leader in the industry of indoor air quality and mold maintenance by bringing cutting edge technology to the issue of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). With the technology of CIMR® (Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction), RC Air and Mold Solutions is now pioneering with CIMR® that renders obsolete any previous methods of air sanitization and purification.

CIMR® (Continuous Infection Microbial Reduction) is an ozone free process that uses minute amounts of hydrogen peroxide released into the air to disinfect viruses, bacteria, molds and other fungi.  CIMR® Infection Control Technology works by producing 0.02 ppm (parts per million) of hydrogen peroxide from oxygen and water vapor in the air and in a gaseous form is odorless and colorless and is undetectable by the human nose.

Researched and tested, CIMR® has been proven not only to disinfect viruses and bacteria in the air, but on surfaces contaminated as well.  It has even been tested and found to kill MRSA within 24 hours of contact!  With this technology, we believe we can help prevent 99.9% of germs and viruses from spreading when installed properly in your child’s college dorm room.

Our CIMR®500 unit the perfect size for a dorm room.  With its self-regulating control for up to 500 square feet, it will never produce over 0.02ppm of hydrogen peroxide in the treated area. (0.02ppm of hydrogen peroxide is just 1/50th of the amount OSHA deems safe for inhalation)  The unit comes with an anti-theft device feature to keep it securely attached and allows continued usage of the electrical outlet even after it is plugged in! 

People have also gone to hospitals, gyms and other public facilities and contracted colds, flu and even MRSA.  Nothing can protect our children 100% but with CIMR® technology, we can greatly reduce the chances of spreading germs and viruses among our children that are away from home.  RC Air and Mold Solutions is committed to you!  Our staff is ready to help you tackle your Indoor Air Quality issues on any level. Our revolutionary process will give you the safest air quality your children can have when they are away at college. 

Here at RC Air and Mold, we’re parents too so we know what it’s like to be concerned about our children and want them to have the best and safest experience at college they can have.  Read more about CIMR® at our website or “Like” us on Facebook!

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