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Microsoft's newest tool: Portable x-ray AnatOnMe

Editorial Staff

Microsoft designs newest tool, AnatOnMe, to combat noncompliance

Don’t we all wish that an x-ray could be sans heavy lead apron or that we could have the capacity to see and fully understand what is really happening inside our body? Well, now we could have both with Microsoft’s newest tool.

AnatOnMe is a x-ray type device that lies on top of the skin and projects past the superficial layer, showing in extreme vividness the interior bones, muscles, tendons, etc. of the body. AnatOnMe was designed to combat a behavior that is common to every hospital and clinic: noncompliance. Noncompliance could be found in any form, from not following doctor’s orders to not taking medications. Microsoft hopes that by vividly displaying the injuries to the patients’ eyes, they would be frightened into complying with their doctor’s orders.

Although AnatOnMe was presented this week in Vancouver at CHI 2011, its own creator is calling it a prototype and admits that it is “somewhat low-tech,” according to Fast Company.

The device enables the doctors to build a file over time for the patient by taking pictures of the injuries while showing the patient the injuries in extreme detail. While AnatOnMe may still be a low-tech prototype, according to its creator, it is still a portable x-ray machine. Imagine how high-tech this device could become with some tweeking here and there.

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