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Jack Nicholson doesn't allow people to root for the other team

Nikki Shewmaker

Jack Nicholson gives the signal for Maria Menunos to be escorted out

Maria Menunos removed from Lakers game for wearing Celtics jersey

Jack Nicholson is a Hollywood legend and as everyone knows, one of the world’s biggest L.A. Lakers fans. Jack Nicholson can be found courtside at every home game and it was once widely rumored that there was a stipulation in his contract that required movie studios to schedule his scenes around the Lakers games. So, suffice it to say, Jack Nicholson is serious about basketball.

Maria Menunos, the “Extra” show host, found this out the hard way when Jack Nicholson had her ejected from a recent game between the L.A. Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Menunos, who is a die-hard Celtics fan, was sporting the team’s jersey, which drew ire from the all-powerful Jack Nicholson.

During a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, Menunos shared how she was escorted out by security guards at Jack Nicholson’s behest, stating, “These guys come and pull us out of courtside. I’m like, ‘What is going on?’” Apparently Jack Nicholson appeared, laughing and made it known that he was the reason for their impromptu dismissal. According to Menunos, Jack Nicholson called Lakers owner Jerry Buss and complained and, well… there’s no messing with Jack Nicholson.

The legendary actor also disappointed another starlet recently, when he refused to take a picture with “The Vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev when she sat near him at the game. Dobrev took to Twitter to tell the world how disappointed she was, but something tells us that Jack Nicholson probably doesn’t care if he disappoints anyone who isn’t worthy of his time. Apparently Dobrev should be lucky she was allowed to remain in his presence at all.

Jack Nicholson is also no stranger to fighting with the refs and players on the opposing team, even marching onto the court to express his displeasure. If you plan on taking in a game at the Staples Center anytime soon, make sure you’re rooting for the Lakers, or steer clear of Jack Nicholson. You probably won’t get to see who wins.

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