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College Fitness' iApp workouts help students start exercise right

Janelle Vreeland

CFMoblie Application adds variety and confidence to your workouts

January 1: the deadline for fitness. The new year represents a time when those who are currently working out vow to work harder and longer during their exercise routine, while those who never even set foot in a gym vow to find their way to the rows of treadmills and weights.

For the first group, exercising longer and harder is only a matter of commitment and time. However, for those who shiver when they hear the word “gym,” exercise can be very intimidating, confusing and frustrating.

Hoping to erase gym-room anxiety, College Fitness recently released an application for the iPhone or iPod Touch, which easily enables a user to plan and bring their workout with them to the gym.

The app, called CFMobile, works with a user’s College Fitness online account. The online account serves as a hub for planning the workouts ahead of time, by weeks or months. Then, the user may download the workouts to their Apple device and take it wherever he or she desires. The user may also download clips, which show models performing the exercise or lift properly, while explaining how to do the exercise safely.

“CFMobile is going to affect people who don’t necessarily have the desire to ask a personal trainer or can afford the $40-$80 for a personal trainer to get just the basics. I think that CFMoblie the app will provide the basic knowledge how to perform the basic exercises and perform the basic goals,” said Chris Manfredini, Chief of Marketing Operations for College Fitness.

Not only does the Apple app save students money for a trainer, it gives sporadic, or even new, gym users, confidence to try new lifts, machines and exercises.  With the workout plans and video instructions, users have a plan when they enter the gym and the safe, proper workout techniques.

Also, CFMoblie is convenient for gym goers who can hardly pull themselves away from their iPod while sweating out the calories. With everyone in the gym already accessorized with the must-have technology, the CFMoblie app can be used discreetly in wide-open public places.

College Fitness’s app is not limited solely to workouts. The app also allows for the user to enter calories, weight and record how much he or she is lifting.

“In five to six months comes the nutrition portion as well. This portion will tell things like the healthiest restaurants in a five-mile radius, where to go and what to order. For example, the app can give the healthiest option off the Wendy’s menu. It will help you reach your goals,” said Manfredini.

CFMoblie is available through Apple for a nominal fee; just search for CFMoblie and get yourself sweating at the nearest gym. 

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