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Casey Anthony childhood sexual incest?

Elif Geris

Casey Anthony's chronic lies could link to childhood sexual abuse

Casey Anthony’s chronic lies could link to childhood sexual abuse

Stubborn in her claim of innocence in the case, Casey Anthony refused an early guilty plea that would essentially save her from execution. Anthony’s lies in last year’s case could relate back to alleged childhood sexual incest.

Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, believed it was the best option for her to take the plea deal, as her case involved a slew of lies, as well as evidence pointing to her guilt. The plea deal would sentence Anthony to 13 years in prison for aggravated manslaughter to a child. After Casey Anthony’s acquittal last year in a case involving four fabrications to investigators, Baez assumed this case would end the same way.

Baez said, “There was nothing in the trial that ever made me think Casey was guilty of anything as related to the murder,” Baez said. “Every single piece of evidence favored us.”

But Baez was thoroughly concerned when police cadaver dogs spotted a rank smell coming from Casey Anthony’s car trunk. Baez said, “Most people really think dogs can do magic.”  But all they smelled were old bags of trash in Anthony’s trunk. 

Baez expressed disappointment in the public’s regard for Casey Anthony, even despite her pardon in court last year. Fox News reports that Anthony is practically in hiding at her apartment, serving a check-fraud conviction and ashamed to face the public

Some of the lies involved in Casey Anthony’s case have been over fabricated friends and a fabricated job, which Baez considers “serious mental health issues” in his upcoming book, Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.

A more significant presumed lie in the case is that Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, drowned Caylee (Anthony’s daughter) as a decoy for incest. In Baez’s book, he highlights sexually abusive actions by George. According to Fox News, Baez wrote, “She learned how to lie. She could be 8 (years old), have her father’s (sexual organ) in her mouth and go to school like nothing happened.”

When Baez and Anthony’s new lawyer told George about the allegation, he never denied sexually abusing Casey.


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