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Jalesa Hall

Ann Romney and the Obamas' can agree about one thing

Despite Hilary Rosen’s comments, both Republican and Democrat presidential candidates can agree that the stay at home mother works hard.

A fight over female voters has sparked up in the presidential race between Ann Romney and the Obamas’ over a stay-at-home mothers dispute, according to the Washington Post.

Romney told Fox News in an interview that raising her five sons was a full-time job.

“My career choice was to be a mother. Other women make other choices. We have to respect women in all the choices they make,” Romney said.

Michelle Obama has sided with Romney in telling Americans that women have the right to choice and should be respected for their decisions.

Obama tweeted, “Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected.” Her husband complimented her comments with saying, “There is no tougher job than being a mom.”

Their comments were a response to Hilary Rosen who said that Romney could not speak on women struggling due to the economy because she “hasn’t worked a day in her life.”

The remark has ignited a debate across the country and both presidential candidates are trying to win the support of the woman vote, which currently comprises of more than half of the electorate.

Rosen has since then apologized by stating that she knows, “raising children is the hardest job there is.”

White House press secretary Jay Carney said, “We can all agree, Democrats and Republicans, that raising children is an extremely difficult job, and that is true of all mothers as well as fathers.”

The Obama administration has distanced themselves from Rosen and Carney could not describe Rosen’s relationship with the White House but said, “I have not seen her here frequently.”

According to the Washington Post, polls show women voters favor Obama over Romney by around a 20 percent point margin.

George Zimmerman faces charges

The office of the prosecutor behind the Trayvon Martin case will be announcing George Zimmerman’s charges Wednesday at 6 p.m ET.

The prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case will be announcing on Wednesday the criminal charges against George Zimmerman, according what a law enforcement official told NBC News.

The nature of the charges are still unknown, but because Angela Corey, the prosecutor who was appointed by the governor of Florida Rick Scott, was selected to handle the case, first-degree murder is not an option because of her decision to not take the case to a grand jury.

Corey’s office announced that a news conference would be held 6p.m ET in Jacksonsville, FL.

The story of Trayvon Martin’s sudden death is not unknown to many in America.  Since his shooting on February 26, there has been an outcry for law enforcement officials to do something about the case.

Initially, police brought Zimmerman in for questioning after he alleged shot Martin in self-defense, but chose not to press charges. 

Not arresting Zimmerman fueled a national outcry and many critics believe Zimmerman’s reasoning behind the shooting was race-related. Supporters of the 28-year old feel differently.

Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, is glad to finally hear about Corey’s announcement.
Martin said, “It’s 44 days later and George Zimmerman is still walking free. It’s 44 days later and my son is in a mausoleum.”

To prevent problems, Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Martin’s parents, wants people to “remain peaceful” after the announcement.

Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, told the Associated Press that the announcement of Zimmerman finally getting charged would help her start the healing process.

Zimmerman’s lawyers said Tuesday that they had lost contact with their client and were withdrawing from the case.

The Justice Department has begun conducting their own federal civil rights investigation. According to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the department is carrying out its “own thorough and parallel investigation” to sort out the case “in as fair and complete a way and as quickly as we can.”

Kourtney Kardashian has yet to pick out a name

Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick has not selected a name for their baby girl, due in July.

Kourtney Kardashian, who is expecting her second child with boyfriend Scott Disick in July, has said that although she enjoyed this pregnancy, she encountered more obstacles this time around, according to People Magazine.

“I feel good…[though] this time I had a little more morning sickness,” the Kardashian sister told People Magazine. “I think it’s a little bit harder being pregnant when you have a toddler I’m chasing after. Last time I could nap more.”

Kardashian and Disick have a son, two- year-old Mason.

Despite being busy this time around, Kardashian says that it has kept her active.

“I’ve been active chasing after Mason. We go on walks all the time. Pushing the stroller is like carrying all these weights, and then [there’s] the extra weight on my stomach, so it’s good. It’s fun.”

Though the couple has not decided on a name, Kardashian has been keeping a list of baby names in her phone.

“We always have our little list that I keep in my phone,” she said. “I have my little list of names and I cross it off one day and a new one comes. We definitely don’t have the name. We’re going back and forth.”

Little brother Mason, however, is in favor of naming his little sister, “Rosie” because his favorite show is “Caillou.” On the children’s’ television show, Rosie is the name of Caillou’s sister.

In addition to the talk of her pregnancy, there are rumors that Kardashian and her boyfriend are in the midst of planning a summer wedding. Until confirmation, Kardashian is focusing on the seventh season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and decorating her home in California.

Rick Santorum admits that campaign was tough on family

After announcing his removal out of the race, Rick Santorum, expressed feelings about the campaign and his family.

Rick Santorum announced that he would be stepping out of the Republican presidential race this week, according to the Washington Post.

Santorum said at a campaign event, “We made a decision over the weekend that, while this presidential race for us is over- for me- and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting.”

After announcing his departure, Santorum expressed to supporters that the weight of the presidential race was stressful for his family, according to MSN.

Santorum said, “It’s different than being on the sidelines and seeing the people, the person, you love being hit. It hurts more. It was a little tougher for Karen and the kids. They did an amazing job as they always have in standing behind me in every sense of the word.”

The decision followed a day after Santorum’s youngest child, who was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, was released from the hospital after a severe case of pneumonia threatened the 3-year-old’s life.

Other factors played a part in Santorum’s departure. Santorum suffered a triple loss last week to Romney with losing delegates in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia. If his campaign continued, the four candidates; Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, would have gone to Santorum’s home state, Pennsylvania; a lost that would have been embarrassing. Santorum also recently revealed to the public that his campaign was in debt.

While Santorum’s campaign believed they had several potential states in May primarires, but without “money or momentum coming from April, the road to challenging frontrunner Mitt Romney looked bleak,” according to MSN.

Santorum released a letter on his website discussing how despite the odds being against his campaign, he went far in the race.

“And during this Presidential race we have fought hard. Together. You have been with me every step of the way,” Santorum wrote. “…And we have fought fair. I am proud of the race we have run. We talked issues. We avoided character attacks. We have run almost entirely positive ads.”

to read the rest of the letter: click here 

Alec Baldwin leaving NBC's "30 Rock?"

Alec Baldwin left clues on his Twitter on Wednesday that might be implying his departure from NBC.

Alec Baldwin has left viewers biting their nails in anticipation about him allegedly leaving the hit comedy series “30 Rock.”

His reasons behind the decision involve the accused stalker of Baldwin, Genevieve Sabourin.

Baldwin went on a date with Sabourin, back in 2010, but shortly after began receiving “a series of annoying and unsolicited communications from her via email and text,” according to E! Online.

The situation got serious when Sabourin flew to New York to track Baldwin down, accompanied with emails insisting that Baldwin marry her instead of current fiancé Hilaria Thomas.

Sabourin is being charged with aggravated harassment and stalking charges and has a temporary restraining order against her.

Baldwin has opened denied that a relationship between them existed and tweeted, “Isn’t it odd when an accused stalker is in handcuffs, being taken away by the cops, yet smiles for the camera.”

Because of all this publicity, NBC’s morning show, “Today,” has been outside of his residence and Baldwin has not shy on his feelings, according to the Washington Post.

He tweeted, “The television crew camped outside my apt said they were with the Today show. #howthemightyhavefallen.”


“A story about stalking sure brings out the stalkers in the media. But, the Today Show?”
Baldwin has sent the media in frenzy over his tweets especially, “I think I’m leaving NBC just in time.”

His comments have the public questioning NBC’s chairman Bob Greenblatt’s claim that NBC would be keeping Baldwin for “30 Rock’s” up-coming seventh season.

However, this is not the first time Baldwin has claimed that he was leaving NBC.

In 2007, he mentioned leaving Hollywood to develop his relationship with his daughter, after a voicemail leaked of Baldwin calling his 12-year-old daughter a “rude, thoughtless pig,” because she had not answered the phone when he called.

In 2010, he told CNN that he wanted to leave Hollywood for a life outside of it.
“As much as I like acting, I know that I would love to have a different life. A private life, “Baldwin said. “I think that doing this now for a living has become really, really hard. I would rather go do other things, and with whatever amount of time I have left in my life, have more of a normal life.”

Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo welcomes new baby boy

Tony Romo and wife Candice Crawford had a son Monday evening.

Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo and wife Candice Crawford have welcomed a new baby boy to the family, according to the Washington Post.

Romo and his wife announced the arrival through the Cowboys PR department.
Team spokesperson Rich Dalrymple released in a statement: Hawkins Crawford Romo is now a part of the Dallas Cowboys family. He came into this world on 4/0/12 at 5:30pm., 8 lbs. and 8 oz. All is well with his mom.”

No official word from Dad or Mom yet, sources told US Magazine that “everyone couldn’t be happier.”

The Dallas quarterback married Crawford in May of 2011 and announced their plans to start a family in October.

Fellow Cowboy player Dez Bryant tweeted, “Congrats to my boy Tony Romo on his first child.”

A picture of the couple and the new baby has been popular on Twitter, thanks to Deadspin website.

Jokes about Romo’s football career have surfaced. In one Washington Post article, Matt Brooks wrote, “No word yet on whether Romo, whose history of ball security issues, is well-documented, was allowed to hold Hawkins without oversight.”

Troy Aikman, former Cowboys players, said that despite the fact that Romo has only led his team to a playoffs once in the last six season, he still have plenty of talent.

“I know how quarterback are judged but as far as his play-making ability and the things that he is capable of doing, he is far more athletic quarterback, capable of making more plays than I ever was able to,” Aiken said.  “He has a good team around him and hopefully, and I believe this will happen, I believe that he will win a Super Bowl before he is done playing.”

Charles Manson parole denied; might be his last

Charles Manson, famous for his mass murders, was up for parole Wednesday but has been denied.

Charles Manson has been denied parole, according to AP.  

Earlier this week, we reported that Charles Manson was up for parole again. Charles Manson did not show up for his 12th parole hearing, according to Fox News.

Debra Tate, sister of actress Sharon Tate, has been vocal about wishing that this will be the last time she speaks in front of the parole board panel against Manson’s freedom.
Tate said, “I’ve tried to take this thing that I do, that has become my lot in life and make it have purpose. I’ve been doing it for Sharon and the other victims of him for the last 40 years.”

Manson’s claim to fame stems from the 1969 mass murder of Sharon Tate and six other people.  The case brought international attention to Manson. While Manson and three other women received a death sentence, they escaped the fate due to the California Supreme Court outlawing the death penalty in 1972.

Two of the three women remain incarcerated; one of them has since then passed.
This parole hearing at Corcoran State Prison in California could be one of the last for Manson, who is now 77 years old.

Because of a law that states inmates cannot reapply for parole for up to 15 years, means that Manson will be 92 before he receives another opportunity for parole.

Deputy District Attorney Patrick Sequeira said, “At his age, I think he doesn’t care. He would be lost if he got out. He’s completely institutionalized.”
Manson has not shown up for a hearing since 1997.

Despite this, the public has not lost interest in Manson. According to a spokeswoman from Corcoran State Prison, Manson receives several visitors, including college students writing papers on him.

Tate wishes that stereotypes about him would cease.

“I would hope he would get the moxie to come to terms with the reality of his situation and not the myth. They were a bunch of renegade sociopaths that banded together and had one hot flame for a short period of time, “Tate said. “It’s important to me that I try to diminish and tarnish their status as urban legends.”
The decision is expected for Wednesday morning.

Jaleel White insist that' Dancing with the Stars' outburst was an exaggeration

Jaleel White has told People Magazine that the media enhanced the arugment between him and dancing partner Kym Johnson.

Jaleel White claims that his altercation with Dancing with the Stars partner Kym Johnson was blown out of proportion, according to Reality TV World.

White told People magazine, “It was completely exaggerated.” Following Monday’s performance, White alleged told Johnson she was “acting like a baby” after he stepped on her foot during Friday’s rehearsal.

White said, “We go to work every and there is an alley full of tabloid reporters. It’s not fair to us and that’s life, and I hope people can see through it. There’s not drama in my life.”

The argument apparently started after White became upset with Johnson’s reaction and he “got in her face,” proceeded to yell at her and called her an idiot.

Another participant on the show, Donald Driver attempted to calm White down, but reports claim he continued to yell at Johnson. Dancer Mark Ballas stepped in and then before the situation could have resulted in something physical, producers came and broke it up.

The producers of the show apparently banned White from the studio for the rest of the day.

This incident has not hindered the dancing partners’ relationship. Johnson still had pleasant words to say about White.

“This has been a stressful week for us, and people have stressful weeks. [Today} was horrible. I thought we got through it really well, and our dance tonight will show everyone that we really have a great connection. This is really the first week we only had four days to learn,” Johnson said.

White claims that his meltdown is a result of the stress of the competition and not because of personal feelings towards partner Johnson.

“They literally do not let you rehearse without a camera. You’re watching everything and it’s tough. I’m a sitcom generation kid. I’m not used to all this tabloid stuff.”

The dancing duel managed to tie for fifth place on Monday night, scoring 25 out of 30 points.
No footage on Dancing with the Stars has shown the incident between White and Johnson.

Burger King pulls Mary J. Blige commercial

The fast food chain is stating that music license reason are behind the pulled ad and not the heavy criticism.

Burger King’s commercial with Mary J. Blige was pulled off the air, according to CBS News.
While the company is insisting that the reason behind the withdrawal is because of music licensing issues, the criticism over the ad has been extremely public.

Critics are upset with Blige singing about Burger King’s crispy chicken snack wrap, believing that she is playing into a stereotype about eating chicken.

According to MTV, the ad shows Blige standing on a table singing, “Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing, wrapped in a tasty flour tortilla,” to the tune of her song “Don’t Mind.”

Madame Noire, a black-woman centered website, described the ad as “buffoonery.”

Steve Stoute, a hip hop branding expert who has worked with Blige on over endorsement deals, tweeted Tuesday about the situation.
“The issue is the burger king commercial is thT these agencies visit culture and then do work that is so in authentic it’s embarrassing.”

The fast food chain removed the ad from not only the air, but their Youtube account.

A spokesperson for the company says that they hope to have the Blige commercial back on the air soon, but would not speak on if the commercials would be the same.

The spokesperson also mentioned that Burger King is airing other ads with celebrities like Salma Hayek and Jay Leno, advertising the same product.

Burger King was in the news earlier this week when the company announced a brand-new menu.

George H.W. Bush endorses Mitt Romney

Former president George H.W. Bush has officially endorsed Mitt Romney.

Former Us President George H.W. Bush has officially endorsed GOP contender Mitt Romney, according to Yahoo! News.

Bush told reporters, “We’ve known Mitt for a long time and he’s the man to do this job and go on to win the presidency. I do think it’s time for the party to get behind Governor Romney.”

Romney has so far in the race been a party favorite.

Bush proceeded to quote a Kenny Rogers song, “The Gambler,” by saying, “There’s a time to hold them and time to fold them. There is a time for people to get behind this good man.”

The Republican candidate nominee is still up in the air with Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul still fighting for a chance. Romney currently has the most number of delegates.

According to the New York Times, Romney has 568 out of the 1,144 needed to win the nomination. Rick Santorum has 273, Newt Gingrich has 135 and Ron Paul has 50.

Bush’s son Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, announced his support for Romney last week. However, Bush’s other son; George W. Bush has yet to make an endorsement.

Romney told Bush, “Having your support means a great deal to me on a personal basis, on a family basis and also on a national basis.

Romney continued to say, “I look forward to being successful and honoring that endorsement by winning.”

The next primaries are April 3 and will be in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Wisconsin.