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Zimmerman Charged with 2nd Degree Murder

Willingly arriving at Florida jail

The 28-year-old neighborhood watchmen, George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, submitted to shackles yesterday after being charged with 2nd degree murder.

It turns out that after receiving a great deal of media attention for the crime, Zimmerman left his home state of Florida, but upon hearing he would be charged, returned and submitted to law enforcement.

The charges came a few days after Zimmerman’s lawyers said he was no longer contacting them and, on that same day, the neighborhood watchmen made a website, professing his innocence and attempting to solicit donations from the public.

One attorney, Mark O’ Mara, previously stated that George Zimmerman would plead not guilty to the charges and holds to his original defense that he was defending himself. Angela Corey, the special prosecutor investigating the case, said her job is “to find out the whole truth.

“Just moments ago we spoke by phone with Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton,” said Corey, at a news conference in Jacksonville. “Three weeks ago our prosecution team promised those sweet parents we would get answers to all of their questions, no matter where our quest for the truth led us. And it is that search for justice for Trayvon that has brought us to this night.”

Corey also confronted the media attentions impact on the case saying,
“We did not come to this decision lightly,” she said, declining to discuss specifics of the investigation. “We do not prosecute by pressure or petition … We’re law enforcement. We enforce the law.”

Trayvon Martin’s parents also spoke briefly at the news conference,
“We will continue to walk by faith,” Tracy Martin said. “And we will march and march and march until the right thing is done.”

Shabazz Muhammad Commits to UCLA

Even though they didn’t make an appearance during March Madness

After much deliberation Shabazz Muhammad is heading to UCLA.

Shabazz is one of the top, if not the top, recruit in America and stood out throughout the year, but he becamse a household name when he scored 21 points at the McDonalds All-American game. He announced via telecast to ESPNU that he’s taking his talents to Los Angeles.

Much speculation led up to the announcement if Shabazz would go to UCLA, Duke or Kentucky. UCLA missed the NCAA tournament last season, but it seems Shabazz wants to be the standout star player of the team. He wouldn’t have had that opportunity if he went to Duke or to the defending national championship team Kentucky.

Kentucky also picked up yet another top recruit, the 6-foot-10 center Nerlens Noel announced in hilarious fashion, saying, “I’ll be taking my talents for college to play at the University of …” and spun around in his chair to reveal his head shaved with the letters UK.

It seems UCLA’s hopes of getting back to the NCAA tournament are on the up and up. Shabazz Muhammad is a prolific scorer because of his size quickness and strength. He is built like Kobe Bryant standing at 6’6’’ and with that has the dribbling, shooting and quickness of a 2-guard but also, with his in-between size and strength, is capable of entering the post and doing damage at all areas of the court.

Here’s his highlight film from high school as a teaser of what’s to come for UCLA:


Dyngus Day giggle stirs apologies from Anderson Cooper

See the video below

Some people were offended by Anderson Cooper’s giggle fit and words about Dyngus Day.

The AC360 host erupted in laughter during the show’s RidicuList segment about Dyngus Day, a Polish-American celebration that marks the end of lent. The laughter came when Anderson Cooper was describing customs and really got the host giggling was one of the Dyngus Day traditions when the girls at the celebration strike the boys with pussy willow branches.

When Anderson Cooper was struggling to remain composed on the show he said, “It’s really so stupid.” It is pretty obvious by watching the video that he was talking about his giggling fit as being “stupid,” but some took offence to the comments believing the AC360 host was talking about Dyngus Day.

He issued apologies in a few different ways, the first via twitter, “In ridiculist I called my silly giggle fit “so stupid” not @dyngusday.Sounds like a fun celebration. Genuinely sorry if I offended anyone.”

He issued another through the New York Daily News, “I am concerned to hear that some people believe that I called Dyngus Day celebrations ‘stupid’ or in any way criticized this holiday. I did not. While in the midst of a silly giggle fit I said ‘this is so stupid’ in reference to my inability to stop laughing,” the statement said. “I was not saying Dyngus Day was ‘so stupid.’ I apologize to anyone who got the impression that I was being critical of Dyngus Day. I am genuinely sorry if I offended anyone by the lighthearted tone of the RidicuList.”

He even brought on the co-founder of Buffalo’s Dyngus Day celebration to issue him a formal apology. See the clip of Anderson Cooper getting his giggle on and later issuing yet another apology. 

Maryland lottery winners are all school workers

See what they plan to do about their jobs

A woman in her 20s, a man in his forties, and another woman in her 50s are all proud holders of a $35 million lottery ticket. Oh, and not to mention all three Maryland lottery winners are involved in school districts and work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

“These are the kind of people you’d like to see win,” said Stephen Martino, the director of the Maryland Lottery.

The three Maryland lottery ticket winners have chosen to remain anonymous. It won’t be as easy to keep quiet once each of them has a $35 million wire transfer show up on their bank statement within the next ten days.

Another winner in Kentucky also chose to remain anonymous and yet another winner has not come forward from Illinois. Check your tickets people there’s still a chance.

Two of the Maryland lottery winners are teachers and the other one works in administration for a school, here’s the kicker though, all three have stated that they will continue their current jobs.

“They were so clearly committed to their kids,” said Martino about the two teachers. “When we asked them, ‘Are you going to continue to teach?’ They both said, ‘Yes, I can’t give up my kids.'”

Now students all over Maryland are now forced to wonder if their teacher is a multimillionaire from the record breaking lottery of $656 million. The world may never know but either way these three school workers teach a good lesson as to what is important, even when you do happen to receive $35 million dollars from the announcement of a little plastic ball. 

UFO Sightings: Video stirs the web

Check it out below

A video caught of a mysterious flying saucer whizzing under a jet has caused the media to stir. Is this an alien from another planet, a government experiment or a complete hoax?

The UFO sighting filmed by an airplane passenger who you can here started by the image, came above the North Korean capital city Seoul.

The UFO keeps pace with the airplane but rises up and down. Then startling the passenger again the object shoots off into the distance never to be seen again.

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The video later shows a close up picture of the controversial UFO and has already gained much buzz throughout the web. The video was uploaded by Crazybreakingnews on YouTube who later commented, “It looks a little bit strange and not really similar to the other videos. If it’s really real and not a fake, it looks like a kind of military drone.” Some of the comments from other users are convinced that the object is extraterrestrial, others remain skeptical.

‘The edges of the UFO are not blurred like all of the other background objects, it seems like a separate effect from the background, and in fact you can see edge noise on the shape of the UFO indicating it’s a fake.

One can’t help but wonder is this just another war of the world’s type hoax or is this alien technology as we know it? It seems only time will tell.

Check out the evidence for yourself:

George Zimmerman Website Solicits Public Help with Donations

Would you donate?

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchmen who alleged shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, has created a website in order to solicit donations “only for living expenses and legal defense.”

Therealgeorgezimmerman.com is blanketed with an American flag and reveals an essay written by Zimmerman on its homepage, “On Sunday February 26th, I was involved in a life altering event which led me to become the subject of intense media coverage. As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life. This website’s sole purpose is to ensure my supporters they are receiving my full attention without any intermediaries.”

George Zimmerman also has “The Facts” portion of the website that basically states he cannot discuss what happened on that day and is “allowing law enforcement to proceed with their investigation unhindered.” He also placed what could be the most interesting section titled “My Race,” only containing two quotes, “‘The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion’-Thomas Paine and ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men to do nothing,’  -Edmund Burke.”

“You know he says that he experienced a life-altering event. Well, Trayvon Martin experienced a life-ending event,” said Benjamin Crump an attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family on Good Morning America.

George Zimmerman admits to shooting Trayvon Martin but that he did so in self-defense. The case has caused a national uproar calling for Zimmerman’s arrest. Special prosecutor Angela Corey has decided not to take the case before a grand jury.

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn resigns after company stock slumps

Is this the end for the electronics dealer as we know it?

The electronics dealer Best Buy announced Tuesday that CEO, Brian Dunn has resigned after 28 years at the company.

Best Buy is attempting to restructure after a net loss of $1.2 billion for the fiscal 2012. Brian Dunn’s resignation comes less than two weeks after Best Buy stock (BBY) dropped 8.5 percent after the company announced the closing of 50 big box stores, the cutting of 400 jobs in an attempt to trim $800 million in expenses.

“I’m not satisfied with the pace or degree of improvement,” Dunn said in a conference call weeks ago. “We still face an uncertain consumer environment. The changes will take time to flow through, but we are well positioned.” BBY is down as the company plans to cut $230 million in costs this year to generate savings in order to train store employees and spend money on promotions. The main cause of the company losing out is due to the easy accessibility of an online market dominated by Wal-Mart and Amazon.

Best Buy named Mike Mikan as the interim CEO in a statement, “We thank Brian Dunn for his many years of service to the company and wish him well in his next endeavors,” said Richard Schulze, the founder and chairman of Best Buy. “As we move forward, we are very pleased to have a strong leader with Mike Mikan’s credentials as interim CEO.”

Brian Dunn released a subsequent statement, “I have enjoyed every one of my 28 years with this company, and I leave it today in position for a strong future. I am proud of my fellow employees and I wish them the best.”

GSA scandal: video goes viral and causes headaches

See it below

The General Services Administration (GSA) has come under recent scrutiny for its spending practices and its processes for awarding government contracts. A top official, David Foley of the GSA was placed on administrative leave four days after an employee, Hank Terlaje, joked about the GSA spending at a Las Vegas conference in a video he made.

The inspector general reported that the government spent $822,000 on the conference of 300 attendees. The report stated that $75,000 was spent on team building exercises, $6,000 on commemorative coins and another $6,000 on canteens. Oh, and some money was even spent on a clown for entertainment.

The GSA is an independent government agency set up to support federal agencies and develops cost-minimizing policies, amongst other things. The GSA is required to award 23 percent of contract dollars to small businesses every year but has not been in compliance. A full congressional hearing is set to take place this week on the spending allegations of the GSA.

As for the video see Hank Terlaje singing a parody to Bruno Mars “I want to be a billionaire,” by saying “I want to be commissioner.” The 28-year-old GSA employee, Terlaje raps in sunglasses about the government tab at the Vegas conference and brags that he will “never be under investigation” for the excess spending when he’s commissioner. Telaje got his wish for a day, when Foley made him honorary Public Building Service commissioner of the day.

“As part of GSA’s continuing review of events surrounding the 2010 Western Regions conference and subsequent inspector general’s report, Dave Foley has been placed on administrative leave,” said agency spokesman Adam Elkington in a statement. Foley is the eighth GSA leader to be disciplined, forced to resign or fired since the release of Monday’s report against the agency. “Our agency continues to be appalled by this indefensible behavior, and we are taking every step possible to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again,” Elkington added.

See Hank Terlaje’s video below:

Thomas Kinkade death increases painting sales

Still not accepted by the art-elite though


Thomas Kinkade’s girlfriend said on Monday the world famous self proclaimed artist known as the “painter of light,” “died in his sleep, very happy, in the house he built, with the paintings he loved, and the woman he loved.”

Thomas Kinkade received much criticism for his asking price of many of his paintings, but since his death the pricy pics are getting scooped up left and right. One painting that sat dormant with an asking price of $100 thousand sold for $150 thousand.

If you are planning on buying one, try and get an original. According to the Religion News Service, the Kinkade factory would produce over 500 works a day. Some of these reproductions would receive a touch-up from a “Master highlighter,” or an artist who enhances the light in the pictures by hand. The highlights were not done by Thomas Kinkade himself but were under his supervision.

Many in the art world argue that those planning to buy the works aren’t expected to receive a later pay day. The Kinkade factory produced so many of the works and Kinkade didn’t receive the critical acclaim and institutional acceptance necessary to drive the prices up. The Street put Kinkade’s works on its list of “Completely Worthless Collectibles.”

“He has gorgeous stuff, but they QVCed it to death,” said Lou Kahn, head of the Bakerstown Collectibles appraisal service for The Street. “They sell beautiful Kinkade prints in galleries and on cruise ships, but the frames are worth more than the prints.”

The fine art world is having trouble accepting Thomas Kinkade as one of their own but nonetheless his memory lives on through his brush strokes everywhere.

Facebook Buys Instagram for One Billion

What do they have to gain?

The social media website Facebook, if you haven’t heard of it, announced Monday that they plan to buy the photo sharing app. Instagram for a measly $1 billion.

Instagram has 30 million users and is expected to gain a lot more after expanding to Android users recently. In the first 24 hours, 1 million users downloaded the Instagram app. to their Android. The Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom expects that Instagram will reach 100 million users with the new deal.

According to the Associated Press, Instagram only has 10 employees who will all be added to the Facebook team when the papers get signed.

“We think the fact that Instagram is connected to other services beyond Facebook is an important part of the experience,” said the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg on his Facebook page. “We plan on keeping features like the ability to post to other social networks, the ability to not share your Instagrams on Facebook if you want, and the ability to have followers and follow people separately from your friends on Facebook.”

He also added, “This is an important milestone for Facebook because it’s the first time we’ve ever acquired a product and company with so many users. We don’t plan on doing many more of these, if any at all.”

Many people are wondering what Facebook gets out this. The company already has users that upload 100 million photos per day. Much speculation suggests that Facebook will be able to target ad companies, but some are still skeptical as if this is the best way this could have been done for the media giant.

When push comes to shove, though, Instagram is off the market for the Facebook competitors Twitter and Google. If the price tag was worth $1 billion, who knows? We will have to wait and see.