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Aubrey Huff on leave of absence due to anxiety

Kara Menini

Aubrey Huff

Rough season and sudden divorce are said to be cause for recent anxiety

Aubrey Huff, first baseman for the Giants, disappeared suddenly on Monday because he “had to attend to an urgent family matter,” but now it has been confirmed that the leave was due to anxiety. The team placed Aubrey Huff on a 15-day disabled list.

Aubrey Huff isn’t the only Major League player to take a break from the game due to anxiety. National League Most Valuable Player of 2010 Joey Votto, American League Cy Young 2009 Award winner Zack Greinke and pitcher Justin Duchscherer are just a couple. Experts say that anxiety disorder has been common among MLB players, but that it’s just reported more. The Giants manager, Bruce Bochy, was a big-league catcher from 78’-87’, spoke about Aubrey Huff and anxiety in baseball, “These players, they deal with pressures of life, whether it’s home, personal or on the ball field. I’m sure it was there when we played. Guys probably weren’t as comfortable about it and weren’t as likely to talk about it openly.”

Although Aubrey Huff declined to comment, there have been reports that his wife, Barbara, filed for divorce of their six-year marriage. He also dealt with the murder of his father when he was six, and more recently, Aubrey Huff has had to handle criticism from Giants fans for his past two seasons.

“He’s gotten some treatment and will continue to get treatment,” said coach Bochy. “He’s going to meet us in San Francisco when we get back, but we can’t keep going short,” he continued, adding that there will be a promotion of infielder Joaquin Arias to replace Aubrey Huff.

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