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Rumors Swirl: Xbox 720 Announcement Soon

With Rumors Swirling, Xbox 720 Announcement Imminent

Techies from coast-to-coast are going to have a riot over this one.  Word on the street is that Microsoft will be releasing the next version of its popular Xbox line, the Xbox 720, around Christmas 2013, with an announcement as early as June.  With so many rumors swirling about this hotly anticipated new product, here’s a run down of the latest and juiciest new rumors.

Techradar is reporting that the new version of the Xbox will contain a revision of AMD’s 7000 series graphics, which is based on its 28nm Graphics Core Next (GCN) Southern Islands tech. 

Anonymous sources have said that the graphics arrangement will be like two PC’s taped together, according to Techradar.  The two GPUs in the Xbox 720 will not be structured as they are in a normal computer, according to the sources.  In any typical household computer, the chips work separately to perform different tasks simultaneously.  It’s possible that they could be used together to generate 3D images.  Each chip would generate different angles of a scene to produce the 3D effect.

Kotaku is also reporting that the new Xbox will allow users to play multiple games simultaneously, however that works.  The device will require game installation and will also require brand new controllers, due to improvements in wireless technology that make the old ones obsolete. 

Xbox World also reported that the Xbox 720 will feature a 16-core CPU, providing the device impressive power for 3D graphics rendering.  Rumors also speculate that the new version of the Xbox will fall behind the Play Station 4 on specs, with the PS4 featuring twice as much RAM. 

Kotaku also says that Microsoft may make an official announcement about the product this June, when Larry Hryb, the programming director for Xbox, is scheduled to deliver a presentation at this year’s E3.  Until then, rumors abound, folks.

What do you think the new Xbox will feature?  Post below!

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