Madonna’s new single debuts on “American Idol”

Madonna hypes single for Super Bowl XLVI

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Madonna to perform at Superbowl XLVI
Image Source: AlexanderDaniel via Wiki commons
Madonna to perform at Superbowl XLVI

Thursday night, TV audiences received a sneak peak of Madonna’s latest single “Give me all your Luvin’” on “American Idol.”

The music video, with its peppy vibe, shows the 53-year-old singer shows being hoisted into the air by a group of football players, and  Nicki Mina and M.I.A. serve as cheerleaders for the pop icon, singing, “L-U-V Madonna."

The three pop stars in the video even pay tribute to the late Marylyn Monroe with all three of them wearing short blonde curly wigs and white dresses.

Madonna is slated to perform "Give Me All Your Luvin'" during Sunday’s Super Bowl.