Kristen Stewart injured on “Snow White” set?

Kristen Stewart reportedly suffers mysterious injury

WRITTEN BY: Janelle Vreeland
Kristen Stewart
Image Source: Sparkle in the sun via Flickr
Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is at work on a new film adaptation of "Snow White," but she may have suffered an injury as a result of the shoot.

WENN reports that Stewart's injury was reported by fellow "Snow White" actor Max Manganello. In the tweet he reportedly said, "It's a wrap for today. Kristen has hurt herself... nothing scary. We shoot on Friday."

Nothing else about Stewart's injury has been divulged, however, and Manganello has since removed the aforementioned tweet from his Twitter account. Filming has also not been halted.

A rep for the studio did not respond to inquiries about Stewart's supposed injury.

Stewart will be joined by Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Bob Hoskins in the "Snow White" reimagining. Stewart is best known for her role as Bella in the "Twilight" series of films.

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