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The Smite Plus is a great, affordable vaporizer

The upgraded Smite comes with new features

ZEUSArsenal Smite Plus is a great affordable vaporizer. ZEUSArsenal has always been a key player in affordable portable vaporizers that also excel in durability and life of the hardware. College News previously reviewed the “Smite” which received a solid 4 puffs out of 5 puffs. It’s great price and solid components made it basically a steal. Now, ZEUSArsenal is back with a more improved version of the affordable portable vaporizer, “Smite”, called the “Smite Plus”, and this dry-herb vaporizer is definitely worth every penny.

LED Displays-5 puffs out of 5

Rather than just alerting you of the temperature by the corresponding color of the lights like it’s predecessor, the “Smite Plus” has a full LED display that tells you the exact number of degrees. This makes it much easier, so you won’t have to memorize what colors indicate what temperature, making it so you can control the exact amount of vapor you need.

Chamber Size-4 puffs out of 5

The chamber is really deep, and it is able to fit about 2-3 grams of grinded herb nicely inside of it without clogging. The heating chamber also has a bright light inside of it, which makes loading or taking a look at your herbs extremely easy. 

Vaping Experience-4 puffs out of 5

The actual vaping experience of the Smite Plus is very top notch because of the controlled temperature. The optimal vaping temperature is about 375 degrees, but the “Smith Plus” features a wide range of temps to choose from to get just the right sort of drag from your affordable portable vaporizer.

Portability-4 puffs out of 5

ZeusARSENAL truly understands the meaning of portability. Where a lot of portable vaporizers claim that they are easy to use, some of the end up being clunky or fitting awkwardly in your hands. Smite Plus is slightly smaller than a cigarette box and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.  Just like the Smite, the Smite Plus features a compartment at the bottom of the unit where you can store your mouthpiece and the cleaning brush, making it a nice little storage unit, as well as a sturdy vaporizer.


ZeusArsenal offers a wide range of affordable products, with the Smite also being an affordable option for the basic sort of vaporizers. However, since the Smite Plus has some more efficient features. It is completely a steal for the price of $189. Right now, Vaporizera.com is having a promo sale, where you can get the Smite Plus for $159.

In conclusion, the “Smite Plus” gets a solid 4.5 puffs out of 5. This device is extremely affordable, portable, practical and the customized temperatures makes for a really  moldable vaping experience.

To get yourself a Smite Plus Buy Here.

Chicago Open Air 2016 is a haven for metal heads

The inaugural metal fest in Chicago will feature Rammstein, Korn, Marilyn Manson and more

Riot Fest may have a new cousin in town, with the inaugural Chicago Open Air 2016, touching down from July 15-17 in the suburban Toyota Park venue for what some argue as the biggest metal fest in the US. For the first year for a festival, Chicago Open Air wastes no time with a seriously hard-hitting lineup that rivals veteran music fests. The three-day rock fest will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with each day being a major treat for music fans.

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Chicago Open Air kicks off Friday, July 15 on a high note with German industrial-metal band Rammstein performing their only US show in 2016, making the first night quite monumental indeed.  On Friday, Chevelle, Of Mice and Men, Hollywood Undead and more will also join Rammstein.

Saturday, July 16 is equally as amazing with Disturbed, Korn and Breaking Benjamin taking headlining spots. The fest will conclude on an extremely high note Sunday with headliners, Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Marilyn Manson, Killswitch Engage, BABYMETAL, Asking Alexandria and more.

Of course all that moshing will build up an appetite, but never fear because Open Air Chicago promises to have “gourmet man food” to fill up your stomachs. The press release promises that Chicago staples, Dia De Los Tamales, Yum Dum, The Crave Bar and more will be in attendance, as long as some non-local grub available to tantalize those taste buds. There will also be delicious craft beer breweries there to wash down all of that delicious food.

This is a big fest for us metal heads out there, so my guess is that a lot of people will be driving from out of town for this. Thankfully for you out-of-towners, Open Air Chicago has partnered with Curadora where you will be able to look at discounted hotels in the area.

This festival is happening on my birthday weekend, so I will definitely be in attendance! Get your tickets to the festival at www.chicagoopenair.com. 

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Get artsy with these awesome art supplies

Jerry’s Artarama is a one-stop shop for all of the art supplies you would need

About Jerry’s Artarama

 Jerry’s only business is serving the interests of artists like you. From the first time artist to the professional we have everything under one roof at factory direct savings as much as 75% off traditional retails.

We have always championed low prices for the artist. Our founder Jerry Goldstein started 45 years ago with the pledge to bring down the cost of art supplies by discounting them. Today it is common place but back then he was a pioneer. Providing the lowest prices and best deals is part of our DNA rooted from the very first day we opened our doors. Rest assured we will do the our job daily to assure that you always get the most for less by shopping with us.

Pioneers of Discount Art Supplies

  • Online Sales
  • 2000+ Free Art Lessons ranging from all media and skill levels
  • Art Instructional DVD’s and programs
  • New Products designed for artists
  • Exclusive online deals and offerings
  • Bulk savings center – Buy More Save More
  • Blog that is Updated 3x week –Remember to bookmark!
  • Growing community online of amazing artists!
  • Special products that only Jerry’s carries to help you Save More, Create More!

At Jerry’s Artarama, we want our customers to know that we are here for them in every way possible and appreciate their patronage, support and relationship. We want everyone to enjoy what they are creating and create more art! We work hard to provide the lowest prices, fast shipping, great promotions and exceptional service every day!

Jerry’s is committed to 100% customer satisfaction with our entire range of exclusive brands! We aim to bring in the best art supplies from around the world, and we are sure that their high quality and great value will impress you. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any exclusive brand purchase, please return the item together with your original order number within 30 days of the date when the order was placed, and we will be happy to refund your purchase price or replace the item at no cost. Please see the individual product pages for more information on our fantastic proprietary art supply lines!

What you can do now to get a job lined up by graduation

Here are tips on how to get a job lined up after graduation

by Brian Krueger, CEO, CollegeGrad.com

Think about college graduation last year.  Some of your graduating friends likely had jobs already lined up.  Yet many did not.  Why were some “lucky” and some were not?  The simple answer is that luck had very little to do with it.  Some were prepared, others were not.

So as you look forward to your future graduation date, take action now to be prepared to be one of the “lucky” ones with a job offer in hand.

Here are six simple steps to having a job offer in hand at graduation:

1.     Know what you want to do.  Your major and your degree do not define what you will do after graduation.  You need to do the career planning and research in advance.  Work with your campus career center to do the testing and counseling needed.  We have information on more than 300 careers at CollegeGrad.com you can research, all online and all free to access.

2.     Develop your resume.  This is often the hardest first step for most college students.  Your resume should be started when you enter college and updated as you take additional classes and gain work experience.  Don’t know where to start?  Try one of the free Quickstart Resume Templates at CollegeGrad.com.  They cover majors from Accounting to Zoology and they are all free.  Just drop in your content and you’re ready to go.

3.     Research employers.  Find out who is hiring and for what.  Know the employers coming to campus and research those who won’t be at your campus, but are also hiring.  At CollegeGrad.com we list the top 500 entry level employers along with job postings from each employer.

4.     Prep for the interview.  Learn how to behaviorally interview, whether you are asked a behavioral question or not.  Know your competencies and learn how to illustrate them using the S-T-A-R technique: describe a Situation or Task, the Action you took, and the Results achieved.  We give the top 50 interview questions along with examples of how to answer at CollegeGrad.com.

5.     Get an internship.  If you want to differentiate yourself after graduation, the internship will be the key differentiator.  Not only will you gain practical work experience, you will also gain a better understanding of work in the real world.  At CollegeGrad.com you can search for internships across literally thousands of employers.

6.     Interview early.  Interview as early as possible.  That doesn’t mean you should give up if it’s late in the year and you do not yet have an entry level job or internship.  Just that your odds are better the earlier you start.

Getting a great job straight out of college isn’t luck.  It’s all about planning and preparation.  Wherever you are in your college career, it’s never too early to start your job search.

Make use of the resources that are available to you.  At CollegeGrad.com, our mission is to is to enable college students and recent grads with the tools, connections and information needed to be successful in finding a great job.  Stop by.  We’re here to help.

Disc Nation: Ultimate Frisbee is better than ever with Horizon Darts' disks

Make your game even more extreme with these amazing disks

The game of disc golf, introduced in the 60’s, has recently become one of the fastest growing sports in America and Europe.  As a great source of entertainment, disc golf courses are usually free to play and provide great exercise.  Age groups from 6-60 can be seen on the course on a bright shiny day with little or no planning.  The 1st permanent course designed in 1975 in California was the first of what is now thousands of courses expanding coast to coast.  While the number of courses grows, innovations to disc shapes and materials continue to push the limits on control and distance.

Today’s game is much different than what it once was.  The Frisbee created by Fred Morrison and originally called the Whirlo-Way was licensed by Wham-O Toys in 1957.  It was this moment that sparked a new trend.  The efforts for players to have better control and distance with each toss created new beveled edges and lighter plastics for just the right throw.  Like golf clubs, but a lot cheaper, there are discs for driving, mid-range and putting.  Today, discs are measured by 4 major numbered characteristics (speed, glide, turn, fade) as well as different plastics for grip and weights.  These numbers will tell you exactly how the disc will fly during your throw.  With the right combinations of numbers, you can accurately throw around trees or float them down at the perfect spot.

Horizon Darts is proud to carry a colorful range of discs from beginner to pro, baskets for ‘at-home’ play and bags to carry your gear.  We also carry Ultimate discs and even discs that are shatter resistant for your dog.  Our Horizon staff is eager to help you find what works best for you.  See a listing of our current stock at horizondarts.com.  Please call us at 800-542-3278 for availability on color and gram weights.   

I'm Helplessly In Love With My Roommate

Roommates.com gives you useful advice on how to deal with your #roommateproblems

Q: I’m Helplessly in Love with My Roommate…

A: Well, this happens to the best of us, and while the results aren’t always what we’d hoped for, don’t despair!

The roommate-to-roommate dynamic is a fragile one. You depend on one another to help out around the house, respect each other’s space, and split the bills evenly. Once that friendship becomes something more than just folding the towels, though, people are more likely to ignore the previously established dynamic. (And that makes sense… it would be kind of weird to lock your boyfriend out of your bedroom because you had to flick your bean.)


This isn’t to say that your roommate should be off-limits romantically. We never know how we’re going to meet our one-and-only, and falling in love with your roommate seems like a far better option than your Calculus professor or the homeless guy you pass on the way to the gym. It actually makes a lot of sense given the amount of time that you spend together. (Or alone… wondering what he or she is up to in that bed of theirs.) So if you just can’t fight that lovin’ feelin’ any longer, bear in mind that there is a right way to approach this and a wrong way.


First off, if your living situation has become uncomfortable – if you’re feeling jealous, anxious, depressed, or obsessive – you can’t put this off any longer; things will only get worse. You have a few different choices here, and your decision will likely depend on whether or not you suspect that your roommate is experiencing similar feelings.

1.     You can move out.

2.     You can ask your roommate to move out.

3.     You can let your roommate know your feelings and see if he or she feels the same way.

The first two options are pure cowardice and are reserved for those lurking among us lacking any sort of character. If you cut bait and bail, you will never know what might have been had you spoken up, and you will never gain any sense of closure from this situation. People who don’t learn to express themselves only recede deeper and deeper into their hollow shells until they wake up one morning and realize that life has completely pass them by…


… Which is why I strongly suggest discussing your feelings with your roommate. It’s never easy to put yourself out there, especially when so much is at stake, but you have to get this off of your chest regardless of the results. Best case scenario: you’re embarking on a new relationship with someone whom you know that you can be close with. Worst case scenario: you’re shot down in a blaze of glory, but at least that anxiety will finally be lifted, and you can pat yourself on the back for choosing the more difficult path rather than just tucking tail and scampering off into chicken shit central.


If someone has to move out (which, let’s face it, someone probably should even if you two decide to go for it), it’s best to do so quickly to avoid any awkward tension (in the event things go poorly) or to preserve boundaries early on in a relationship (in the event things go swimmingly).

Here on Roommates.com, you can browse through thousands of individual profiles, cross-reference hobbies, interests, professions, and living preferences, and connect with the perfect roommate! When you join for free today, you have instant access to:

·      A photo profile

·      2-way matching

·      Power roommate search

·      Potential roommate contacts

Regardless of what happens, know that you’ve done the brave and responsible thing. It might alter your living situation, but that’s a small price to pay to maintain your sanity.


Mobile Edge unveils the new SmartPack

Sleek ergonomic design comes in six color options

Mobile Edge, the industry leader in innovative stylish cases and accessories for mobile computing, released the all new SmartPack Collection. Designed to protect both a laptop and a tablet, the SmartPack offers unparalleled protection with a fresh new look.

The SmartPack is a no-nonsense backpack for people who value a case which puts protection first.  Ergonomically designed and lightweight, the SmartPack not only offers laptop and tablet protection, but provides ample space for books, files and accessories needed to stay productive.

The padded and moisture wicking ventilated back panel, thick shoulder straps, and carrying handle make carrying the bag for longer periods of time comfortable. The side mesh pockets are the precise size for water bottles.

Its water-resistant and rugged 1680D nylon exterior will keep the SmartPack looking new for years to come. Designed to carry laptops with screens up to 15.6” comes complete with an additional MicroFiber lined pouch for a tablet.

“The new SmartPack Collection offers our customers a solution to carry both their laptop and tablet in a fresh design,” said Matthew Olivolo, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Mobile Edge. “The sleek form factor and ergonomic design make the SmartPack the ideal choice for road warriors.”

The SmartPack comes in six color options and carry an MSRP of $59.99 and now shipping. The color choices are: Black (MEBPSP1), Silver (MEBPSP2), Royal Blue (MEBPSP3), Charcoal (MEBPSP5), Crimson Red (MEBPSP7), and Teal (MEBPSP9) now available on Mobileedge.com and through select distribution partners.

About Mobile Edge
Mobile Edge continues to expand the laptop carrying case category by offering new, innovative and smart designs that fuse fashion trends with form and function, creating a brand that makes a positive statement about today’s mobile computing lifestyle. The company is committed to the highest quality standards in every case that it produces and offers the strongest product warranty in the industry. Leading computer manufacturers continue to rely on Mobile Edge to design and build custom OEM cases for their products. Sumo Cases round out the Mobile Edge Collection offering bold alternatives to the traditional boring laptop bags.

Fun Box has the cure for the final exam blues

Figure out how to choose the right skateboard for you

Fun Box Skateboard Distribution has a cure for those final exam blues. A Fun Box skateboard or longboard is a cost effective transportation alternative around campus. You can use a Fun Box board to commute to class, hit the 7-11 for a sick pack of burritos or shred your local skate park. No matter your passion, Fun Box keeps you rolling with a full line of top quality products. We carry everything from Penny style cruisers, Standard cruisers, Street decks, Push decks, Freeride Longboards and Dancers. All made from premium Maple or Bamboo veneers.

 What’s the right board for me?

Selecting the right skateboard or longboard can be a bit overwhelming at times. There are many articles and videos online that can help but in a nutshell there 4 basic categories. Cruising, Street/Park, Freeride and Downhill. Cruising could be a small 23” board like the Fun Box Penny Killer or even the 38” camber kick. Cruising is basically tooling around, Carving a bit and generally just riding around. Usually a small board, pintail or even a really long 48” board can be for cruising. Street/Park is when you want to do tricks, ride in skate parks, jumping down stairs etc. and is usually a 30”-35” double kick board. Freeriding is usually taking some hills, doing some minor tricks and maneuvers like sliding and usually consists of a drop through or drop down board usually 36”-42”. Downhill is a very advanced form of skating and consists of going very fast down long hills and requires extreme precision. These decks are 36”-42” and usually directional boards but can also be a drop through or drop down. Now there is also commuting, dancing and skogging etc. All which have boards designed for them, but a lot of boards on the market are cross overs and can be used for multiple disciplines. There are also a multitude of trucks and wheels for each discipline and you can spend hours making modifications to your board. The main thing is to get out there and skate. There is no right or wrong answer in this sport. Just have fun. The more you ride the more you will know what the right set up for you is.

With so many brands focusing on their façade & allure, we here at Fun Box have a much different approach. Focus on customer service, quality and price and the rest will follow. The goal at Fun Box skateboards is to offer top quality Skateboards, Longboards and components at a price that most starving college students can afford. Affordability allows you to try different boards or expand your quiver of boards without breaking your bank. Fun Box is about the progression of the sport and making skateboarding available to the masses. We want you to be out there skating not stressing on how to buy a new $300 longboard. We also know that customization is key so we ship all our boards in their natural maple or bamboo finish so you can paint, sticker, wood burn or apply your favorite artistic process on your own.

 With over 20 years in the business Fun Box has sourced the world’s top suppliers of U.S. Maple, Canadian Maple and Bamboo veneers. Our boards are cold pressed with top quality glues and CNC cut to ensure quality and precision. We also work with top foundries and other manufacturers to bring you the highest quality trucks, wheels, bearings and other parts. Each board is assembled to order by hand, built and shipped with the utmost attention to details and care. 

Part of a Longboard club?

Awesome! We would love to get involved with your local skate scene. Many campuses have Longboard clubs, meet ups, slide jams and push races among other fun activities. Check us out on social media to stay connected and keep us in the loop. We would love to sponsor any of your events and get involved whenever possible. 

Fun Box Skateboards offers a wide variety for skateboards and longboards in all shapes and sizes. Complete boards ranging from $60 – $105 dollars with FREE USA shipping we can deliver a box full of fun directly to your door.

This sportswear collection is perfect for the sporty, trendy girl

College News reviewed Bombshell Sportswear products

The New Year is upon us, which means thanks to those resolutions, gym membership season is in full effect. When it comes to athletic wear, it is hard to find something that is both comfortable and fashionable. When it comes to working out, motivation is key so donning workout clothes that help you feel confident will help you put your best self forward and really work hard to get yourself that athletic bod you want for the Spring/Summer months.

Bombshell Sportswear really gets the trendy workout clothes concept right with their high-end sportswear line that doubles as really comfortable athletic wear and trendy clothes to carry you into your day activities. College News received some products from Bombshell Sportswear to test out the look, efficiency and comfort of the products to see if the usability of the athletic wear was compromised for style.

Sock Leggings

Immediately I was drawn to these workout leggings because of the faux tube socks that are incorporated into the leggings. The retro 80s look is really trendy and can definitely catch some attention in the gym. I also wouldn’t mind wearing these just out and about, which means you can get a lot of long-term use out of these leggings. The next thing to check for the leggings was how well you can actually work out in them. I took them to the gym and worked out on the treadmill at medium speed for a half hour. Even though I set a bit, the extremely soft and comfortable fabric wicked well and didn’t become a sweaty mess. Overall these leggings are definitely perfect for working out.

Meow Sports Bra

If you are the type of person to work out just in your sports bra, then you definitely want to check this adorable piece out. The meow sports bra is not only adorable, but is actually extremely supportive and comfortable. The Meow Sports Bra features no underwire, so you won’t have to worry about that pesky wiring sticking you while you are getting into shape.

Bomb Girl Mesh Tee

If you aren’t the type of girl who likes working out in just a sports bra, then this feminine Bomb Girl Mesh Tee is perfect for you. Even if you don’t want to work out in this, this Mesh Tee still looks amazing as just a casual tee to wear out and about. Our intern wore this Mesh Tee during an intense workout and still felt completely cool and dry afterwards, so this tee is not only cute, but extremely useful for the serious athletes.

Overall, Bombshell Sportswear is not only really trendy and classy, but they also kept the usability in mind when designing their athletic wear, which is perfect for those who want to break a sweat, while also causing a fashion statement in the workout room. Check out Bombshell Sportswear for yourself HERE, because they definitely have the College News seal of approval.

Not your little sister’s selfie stick

This selfie stick is for the adrenaline junkie pros

This is not your little sister’s selfie stick. Have you ever done something amazing and instantly thought damn I wish I had that on camera? Millions of people have the same experience every day. While some go out and purchase action cameras such as GoPro’s, others simply rely on their smartphone’s built in camera. Perfect, now you’re set to capture your adventures and share them with your friends, except are you?

Strapping your camera to your head is neat, but that’s been done a thousand times and usually you end up filming the top of your head rather than what’s in front of you.

It seems that pole mounts (yes “selfie sticks”) as much as you love or hate them, produce some of the best footage; however, traditional pole mounts have a fundamental flaw – they fix the camera to one perspective. Sure you can buy multiple camera’s but let’s face it, you’re a student… on a student budget not to mention editing multiple shots is time consuming and difficult.

Spivo solves all of these issues by allowing you to have control of the shot. Mount your favourite camera on a Spivo Sticksizes and by pushing the trigger you’ll instantly rotate the camera 1800. Having the option to film yourself, or what’s in front of you has never been easier.

Skiing through the trees at Aspen last Spring Break when a Yeti ran in front of you? Too bad your camera was facing the wrong way and your friends will never believe you. With Spivo Stick, you’ll never miss that one in a lifetime shot again.

Once you get a Spivo Stick in your hands, capturing footage will be dramatically more fun. The addition of having control of the camera point of view adds a new element of excitement to any adventure. The resulting shots are impressive and captivating; but don’t take it from us, check out some footage here.

Not only does Spivo give you more captivating shots but it also saves you time. Editing footage is tedious and daunting, the resulting shots from Spivo create transition-like effects that mean you can spend more time having fun and less time behind the screen of your laptop.

The founders of the company are lifelong action sport enthusiasts and created the product out of frustration taking turns filming each other. Participating in skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, longboarding, surfing, and scuba-diving, among many other sports, they made sure the product could withstand the demanding aspects of each activity. Originating from Canada you know the Spivo Stick has been used in frigid winters and harsh environments, as such it is made of high grade polycarbonate and is insanely durable, completely weather and waterproof and weighs less than most smartphones.  

Although the company appeals to adrenaline junkies, just because you’re too smart to jump out of a plane does not mean you cannot use a Spivo Stick to document your adventures. Many travellers and concertgoers have used Spivo Sticks to capture and relive their experiences. . Going on a hike or spending the weekend at the cottage? Bring a Spivo Stick. The scenic shots produced will keep your amazing memories preserved for a lifetime.

Whether you want to terrify your mom by showing her the massive jump you hit over the winter, or you simply want to step up your social media game with some unique shots the Spivo Stick is a must-have for anyone who wants to document their adventures.  And if you honestly think that there’s nothing exciting enough for you to document (we’d tend to disagree) Spivo Stick’s make amazing gifts to the adventurist on your list.

Ranging in three sizes 12”, 18”, and 26” and selling for only $49 there’s a Spivo Stick for every occasion; they’ll even ship worldwide. To learn more or to order yours today visit www.spivo.com

(Shipping extra, phone mount sold separately)