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How College Students Jog into the New Year in Sustainable Style

How College Students Jog into the New Year in Sustainable Style

As the holiday season comes to an end and we head back to classes, all I want to do is head to class in a comfy outfit while still looking put together.

Thankfully, fashion has come a long way in the comfortability department with joggers. So, it’s only a matter of finding the right pairings to show up to class feeling comfortable and confident.

Not only that, but you can buy your outfits with concern for the environment by purchasing clothing that is more sustainable than other options. Allowing you to look cute and help decrease negative environmental impacts.

Check out these ways to style your joggers for a comfy but cute look!

Casual Look

Pair a hoodie with these slim fit eco-fleece joggers from UMass, along with white shoes and a white cap for a casual, everyday look.

White shoes are a timeless fashion trend that you generally can’t go wrong with. Keep your socks short as long socks tend to clash with the jogger look.

Matching sets are in style right now too, so a top that matches your joggers will not only keep your look on-trend but also effortlessly elevate your overall fashion game.

Dress it Up

Aim for a classier look by layering up with a timeless denim jacket. Opt for a white slim or cropped shirt as the base layer, which will look great even if you need to shed the jacket.

To take your look up a notch, consider accessorizing with jewelry like adding some tastefully chosen bracelets, or even a charm necklace. These little details will add a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance, making it a perfect blend of elegance and comfort.

Sweater Outfit

You can easily pair an oversized sweater with slim joggers for a cozy, relaxed look. Throw on your favorite winter sweater with some white sneakers to keep you stylish and snug all season long.

As you build your wardrobe for the next semester, it’s important to keep comfort, fit, and material in mind. But it’s equally important to understand the impact your purchases will have on the environment and community around you. By purchasing sustainable apparel, you are supporting vendors with sustainable initiatives to reduce waste through evaluation of their transportation and materials.

Why Buy Sustainable Clothing?

As college students, we have the unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the world by embracing sustainable fashion.

This may seem dramatic, but it’s grounded in the fact that sustainable clothing originates from licensed manufacturers that are bound by strict labor standards, ensuring respectful treatment and fair wages for workers.

By opting for sustainable fashion, your purchases directly support companies committed to ethical and sustainable practices while also steering clear of companies that generate the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions. By selecting sustainable fashion, you are reducing our carbon footprint.

Moreover, the apparel industry ranks as the second most polluting industry globally (right after oil!) Choosing sustainable clothing is a significant step toward waste reduction in landfills, playing a pivotal role in protecting the environment.

College is a great time to start living as a conscious consumer, and by choosing sustainable fashion, we can lead the way toward a greener, more sustainable future.

More About UMass’ Sustainable Line of Clothing

UMass adheres to an easily understood rating system that holds vendors accountable for sustainable initiatives and provides transparency, value, and confidence to customers. This system makes it possible for consumers to weed through various sustainability claims so they can shop responsibly and confidently.

These vendors are held to high standards that promote sustainable practices for the environment. This includes strict evaluation of the transportation of items at each stage, how expired stock is disposed of, and how wastewater is treated. They also assess the materials of each product, ensuring the dying method and type is not harming the planet. Lastly, this rating scale considers the different sustainability licenses or certifications held by the vendor.

UMass is committed to meeting the growing desire for sustainable merchandise in campus stores and a demand for more accountability in vendors. College students can shop their selection while feeling confident that their purchases are making a positive impact on the world.

Greta Russo

UMass Amherst Student

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