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The Chair That Supports You While You Study

The average American adult sits around 6.5 hours a day – and increases for teenagers to near 8 hours according to the National centre for Health Statistics. Now more than ever people are sitting for longer periods of time at their office or computer. Why then, are people not focusing on the environment in where this sitting takes place?

Arozzi has designed gamer style chairs, desks, and other peripherals for offices since 2013 to optimise sitting spaces and accommodate for those demanding hours.


Arozzi chairs are designed with adjustable features to cater to various body types. Some features are focused on posture like adjustable neck and lumbar pillows to support the spines curvature; the great thing is they are adjustable to fit a wide variety of body types.

Sitting at a desk or computer, the elbows are in need of support to compliment correct posture. Adaptable armrests are a must, and in this case Arozzi has padded and even 3-Dimensional armrests that go up, down, forward, back, and rotatable to adapt the most comfortable position for the elbows to rest easy.

Hard workers always deserve a rest to recuperate and get back to work rejuvenated and refreshed. Arozzi chairs have functions like rocking and steep recline up and 165 to get into relaxation mode.

Another chair aspect that most don’t of is the material of the chair. Pleather chairs are an excellent choice for easy cleaning and contemporary style. On the other hand, fabric chairs have become somewhat of a trend giving a softer and more breathable feel to the user.

The great thing with Arozzi’s chairs is the wide selection – whether big, small, fabric, pleather, high end, or just the basics – there is a choice for everyone.


In 2016, Arozzi introduced the Full-Surface Mouse Pad Desk design and it has exploded in popularity. It has been used by top streamers and gamers such as Dr. Disrespect, Eaton, and many more. Each year it has made prestigious top lists and numerous awards with its patent pending design.

The Giant Mouse Pad is custom fit to each of the Arozzi desks reaching up to 14 square feet in surface space. The especially thick mouse pad also has an anti-slip rubber bottom to ensure cushioned support to wrists and elbows. Underneath, is steel legs that support up to 176 ibs (spread evenly) optimising the support of multiple monitors.

The Arozzi desks are also equipped with an impressive Cable Management system with 3 cut out holes to support 3 monitor mounts and cables. Those 3 cut-outs lead to a mesh basket that fits tightly underneath the desk so all cables are out of the way and in order.

Blue Light Protective Eyewear

As technology progresses the common person is not only sitting more, but also in front of digital screens more often like computers and phones – this exposes people to potentially harmful blue light produced from those screens. Conditions such as DEF (Digital Eye Fatigue) or DES (Digital Eye Strain) are becoming more and more common and research suggests that one of the causes is from over exposure to blue light,. The thing that differentiates blue light to other light frequencies is that blue wave lengths are shorter – making it more prone to penetrating further into your eye. Digital eye fatigue can cause symptoms such as dry, tried and irritated eyes as well as trouble with sleep.

In short, over exposure to blue light can potentially have negative effects, which is exactly why blue light filtering glasses were invented. Arozzi has designed Protective Vision Glasses to filter out this blue light. During such long hours of working or gaming, the soltution to Digital Eye Strain can be as simple as filtering out that blue light.

Office Space Optimization

Working, studying, and even gaming at a desk now has new standards to the amount of time we spend sitting at a computer. Choosing the right materials for the office space can be a touch choice – but having a variety of options to everyone’s preferences is key. Arozzi can offer a large variety of these essentials plus much more like microphones, floor mats, and even racing simulator stands.

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Ways to Implement CBD into Finals Season

Four Ways to Implement CBD into Finals Season

It’s exam season. In the library, students are squeezed shoulder-to-shoulder at communal desks, working profusely, noses buried in textbooks and fingers flying across keyboards to finish their term papers. Across the room, a group of students are huddled together, discussing their techniques for staying ahead of the stress. A conversation between two drifts into earshot: “I hear people are getting CBD manicures now,” a young woman says between gulps of coffee, “I’m not sure what it does, but I’m down to try it.”

CBD has become one of the defining wellness trends of recent years, and CBD infusions have crept into everyday culture. It has assimilated into the mainstream market and may be considered the next staple for daily wellness. Many people are jumping on board to help manage their day-to-day stress and busy lifestyles.

CBD’s growth in popularity is due to the fact that it is a versatile supplement with diverse uses. Whether in the form of a tincture, topical, or edible, there is undoubtedly room for exploration to find what works best in an everyday routine.

We’ve rounded up some fun and creative ways to implement CBD into your finals season.


Burn the midnight oil last night? Add a few drops of full-spectrum hemp CBD into your morning bath for an extra dimension of relaxation. If you feel like taking it to the next level, we also suggest trying your hand at making a homemade bath bomb and adding CBD, giving full control of your dosage and an opportunity to get creative! We suggest adding essential oils that are said to aid anxiety, such as lavender or eucalyptus oils.


If you jumpstart your energy in the morning with a smoothie, amplify it with a dosage of CBD. Populum’s Premium Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil is flavored with orange oil and stevia to curb the taste of cannabis and make taking it that much more enjoyable. The extra boost of sweetness will make your morning ritual more delicious, and it’ll give you that extra level of equilibrium to take on the day and keep cool, even if you haven’t studied.


Take your wellness with you by enhancing your favorite treats with CBD, adding a dosage to any oil-based ingredient when baking. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’re huge fans of this Chocolate Chunk Olive Oil Ricotta Cake recipe. We also suggest referencing this guide to baking with CBD to ensure you’re reaping all the benefits of hemp infusion and keeping the CBD active in your baked goods.

Muscle relief

Sometimes stress manifests in your body. If you’re looking to explore CBD usage outside of a typical tincture, hemp-infused lotion is another option intended for targeted muscle relief. Keep it in your backpack and you can massage it into your neck and shoulders between classes.

Populum’s Cold Therapy Hemp Rub includes other natural ingredients such as chamomile, arnica, and aloe vera to soothe and calm the skin while providing fast-acting cooling relief for sore muscles.

You can see Populum’s full line of products at populum.com.

Make the Natural Choice Come Test Time

Make the Natural Choice Come Test Time

It’s test-taking season, and y’all aspiring grads know what that means: long days, longer nights, and a hefty addition to your caffeine consumption.

Relax, we’re not quite there yet—you’ve got several more days of procrastination ahead. With days of added stress and sleepless nights, it might feel like you’ve been on a semester-long bender. But alas, there’s a natural option that’s quickly grown from a knock-off hippie faux pas, to a legitimate alternative, to other crash-and-burn options.

We’re talking about CBD; otherwise known by the white coats as “cannabidiol.”

Before you pack your bowl and light your spliff, let’s get one thing straight: CBD is not pot!!! Hemp and marijuana both hail from the Cannabis sativa plant variety, but vary in composition.

Marijuana is bred to have a much higher THC:CBD ratio. Legal hemp will have higher CBD concentrations and lower THC content. Under the newly signed 2018 Farm Bill, hemp plants must contain less than 0.3 percent THC.

In layman’s terms, hemp packs the same potential health punch as Mary Jane, minus the Half-Baked high.

CBD and You: A Natural Match

CBD works naturally with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for a wide range of bodily functions: from memory and muscle movement, to maintaining homeostasis and improving overall immune functions.

CBD works synergistically with your ECS and cannabinoid receptors to closely emulate and intensify functions; this results in a range of natural benefits.

When it comes to test-taking time, these potential CBD benefits can be the difference between walking across the stage (diploma in hand) and watching from the crowd as you prepare for your Super Senior year.

Achieve A+ Results with CBD

When it comes to finals, any aid is warmly welcomed. If that aid could improve your memory, help you sleep, and promote healthy relaxation, you’d welcome it “With Arms Wide Open,” amirite? Say less Creed.

You don’t want to waltz into test day looking like a cracked-out Squidward dashing back to the Krusty Krab to catch the devious Spongebob inquiring, “Did you finish those errands?” Don’t let a mental fog, lack of sleep, or test anxiety be the reason you ride shotgun on the struggle bus to Failuretown. Instead, let CBD products be your lifeline to becoming the next episode of MTV’s True Life: I’m a College Graduate.

Pencils Down

Two words you’ll probably inevitably hear come test day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for the day of reckoning. Now that you’ve done your studying, on both test matter and CBD, let cbdMD give you the natural boost you’ve been searching for. With a comprehensive line of products—topicals, tinctures, capsules, bath bombs, and much morecbdMD has high-quality CBD to help you feel relaxed, sharp, and ready to walk across that stage.

Don’t you dare forget that No. 2 pencil. Wait, do they even use paper anymore? Regardless, godspeed soon-to-be grads.

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