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Holiday Fancy Dress

On the first day of Christmas, CN gave to me, holiday fancy dress!

We are so excited to kick-start our 12 days of Christmas with College News series this year and we’re doing so by offering up our holiday fancy dress ideas for that big party you’ve got coming up—let’s get started!

Christmas party

Do-it-yourself with your holiday fancy dress costume and make a homemade tree-inspired dress for festive party attire. Or, recycle the big boxes you used to move in to your dorm to create a Christmas present costume where you’re the surprise. If you don’t have a box, then just wrap yourself up with festive wrapping paper, secure a bow and you’re good to go.

Take inspiration from Disney’s hit movie, “Frozen”, and dress as Olaf for holiday fancy dress. For the snowman character, wear black jeans, boots and a white t-shirt attaching three big black cut-out circles—made from paper or felt—down the middle as buttons. Then accessorize with a small top hat and scarf. Or to sympathise with the literal nightmare of college work due in before Christmas, why not go to your holiday fancy dress party as the Grinch?

Keep people guessing as to which character you are at the party and think up clever costume ideas based on puns. Try “Holy Cow” and turn up in a cow animal costume with a halo accessory for your head. You could also keep it simple with the “Party Animals” pun. Attend the event in your usual outfit but pair it with cat ears and whiskers or any other animal you desire!

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New Years

Those following “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD) will be quite upset to see it come to an end after season eight. To pay homage to the ups and downs of Elena’s life—or any character on the show—use “The Vampire Diaries’” costume style as inspiration for upcoming masquerade-themed holiday fancy dress parties. Besides festive masquerade masks, guys should wear fitted suits and the ladies a little black dress.
New Year’s Eve celebrations this year will see a rise in 1920s themed parties (yay!). Choose from gorgeous flapper dresses and feathered headbands for the ladies and classy fedoras with an added waistcoat under a suit for the guys—cute and fun!

Valentine’s Day

If you need a quick last minute costume for Valentine’s 2017, then don’t fret. Take inspiration from “Pretty Little Liars” and recreate the romantic mysteriousness of The Girl in the Red Coat. Wear a red coat over your party outfit for a stylish yet warm way to enter the party. If goofy Valentine’s day costumes are more your thing, dress as Cupid for your holiday fancy dress and go pair up some couples in 2017!

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Elevate Your Style With Helix Cuffs

When it comes to fashion, the biggest articles don’t always speak the loudest; in fact, the subtle pieces that you tastefully add to your ensemble can more frequently attract second glances. Today, men and women all over the world are adopting accessories, or fashion finishings, to express their uniqueness and taste, and elevate otherwise dull appearances into interesting, unique statements. Consider the guy who adds bright orange shoe laces to otherwise boring brown dress shoes, or complements a plain button-down with a colorful polka-dot bow tie. These pieces aren’t merely articles of clothing—they are expressions of individuality, and conversation starters. Add “handmade” to the equation to stand out even more. One brand that perfectly combines all the above, is Helix Cuffs.

Each cuff bracelet is handmade in Boulder, Colorado using a hammer and anvil, by designer Davis Hatcher. These one-of-a-kind pieces are rugged yet elegant, and incredibly versatile—they go well with a casual jeans and t-shirt, and also dress up well with a suit and tie. You won’t find anything like these pieces on the market. Use code COLLEGE at checkout for 25% off your order.

Check out what customers are saying on helixcuffs.com:

“I was amazed at how many people noticed my cuff, commented on it and wanted to know where I got it. The quality is everything I expected. I like that it is handmade and made in America.”
—Michael T, Texas

“I received this cuff as a gift, and I get compliments from it all the time. It’s so unique, truly an amazing piece of artwork.”
—Brent K, entrepreneur, Florida

“It’s such a cool accessory that looks great dressed up or hanging out in jeans. I even wear mine with my uniform. It’s stylish, well made, and a great conversation starter.”
—Mark C, American Airlines pilot, Pennsylvania

“I recently bought one for my son as it was one of the items on his wish list for his 20th birthday. It is truly a one of a kind piece, my son has received many compliments and it looks super cool on his wrist when he plays his guitar. Not only is the craftsmanship of the cuffs outstanding and unique but the customer service is A+++!”
—Becky H, Florida

Need help promoting your organization? Check out Kooziez.com

Help! How can I advertise on campus?

Oh, hello. When you think of ways to promote your club or organization, the first thing you think of is probably business cards and pamphlets, fliers or posters. That’s perfectly fine—and also perfectly lame. How many times have you immediately trashed (excuse me, recycled) the brightly colored flier, thrust into your hands by an enthusiastic member of the Robotics Club? How often do you watch from afar as your own creatively designed event brochures are scattered and abandoned on the quad?

If you like, you can keep trashing the environment by printing thousands of promotional paper materials. It’s your life. But if you actually want people to remember your organization, you might want to consider custom beer koozies.

It’s true, beer koozies might cost more than flimsy pamphlets. After you buy your weekly ration of ramen noodles and Red Bull, money is tighter than your ex gf’s yoga pants after she’s gained the Freshman 15. 

But just as those XS Lululemons manage to stretch and cover her important assets, I bet you can manage to fit promotional koozies into your budget.

So, what are the benefits?

Here are our top 5:
5) Koozies are durable. No matter what you call them: beer coolies, cozys, coosies, can-coolers, coldy-holdys or beer sleeves, these handy dandy beer condoms will outlast any paper poster. Your organization or club’s message won’t be easily ripped or smudged when printed on what Aussies refer to as “stubby holders.”

4) Koozies are notable. Receiving a coozie, unlike being handed a piece of paper, is like getting a real gift. Everyone likes presents. When Alex is wavering between DG and Chi-O, don’t you think she’ll be more inclined to choose the sorority that stood out from the rest?

3) Koozies are shareable. Okay, not everyone is going to be interested in your organization. But it’s likely they know someone who is. And when do people pull out beer coolies? While having fun, and maybe (probably) drunk. Your organization or event will be advertised while people are having a good time—how could you say no to that?

2) Koozies are easy to customize. Here comes the shameless plug for Kooziez.com, where we will design your koozies…For. Free. Showcase your organization or event with a personal design unlike anyone else’s. Individuality is priceless.

1) Koozies can be delivered fast. We can rush coolers to you in 24 hours if that’s what you need.

Ok, you’ve convinced me. How do I order promotional koozies?

If you want the dirt on how koozies can take your collegiate club to the next level, just visit our website! Kooziez.com OR dial (518) 964-1018 to speak with one of our sales agents. If you’ve forgotten how to make a phonecall, you can email me: zoe@kooziez.com.

I only use my e-mail for boring stuff and Amazon Prime.

That’s fine. We know how to use The Social Media. We’re so lit, our company name has a Z at the end instead of an S. We’re so hip, we even have an intern who buys vinyl records from the Farmer’s Market. Check us out on Facebook: @beercoolies. We’re on Twitter and Insta, too: @lovemycoolies and @cancoolies. If you can guess why none of our handles are Kooziez.com, we’ll give you 20% off your koozie order. Visit our site and order koozies now! You’re procrastinating anyway.

Protect Yourself on Campus with Immediate Self-Defense

Experience with self-defense is a must-have for college students who are at risk of suffering physical and sexual assault, and this is especially true for women. You need to know that. When I teach self-defense seminars for sororities and ask how many of the women attending personally know someone who has been assaulted, something scary happens. Firstly, a lot of hands go up. Then the younger ladies who are new to school ask the people near them, “Really?” and often the answer is “Yes. I was. You know me, and now you know I was assaulted, so raise your hand.” Within seconds, almost every hand in the group is up and it doesn’t matter if the group is 10 students or 500. I ask them to keep their hands raised and look around so that they get the point. After this, groups are very ready to learn what I have to teach and so I wrote “Immediate Self-Defense”.

Experience with self-defense

Most people who teach self-defense get the whole thing wrong, unfortunately. Self-defense is largely taught by martial arts experts or law enforcement professionals who have hundreds or thousands of hours applying their skills. Their reflexes are developed and ready in a completely different way to the average person. The skills they use have no resemblance to what the average person is capable of in a real life or death confrontation. If they try to teach you self-defense techniques they would personally use and you don’t have their level of experience, it will almost certainly fail for you. While they might have good intentions, it is effective self-defense that matters in the end. For instance, if a self-defense class focuses on a lot of complicated memorization, or expects you to identify thumb positions when being grabbed so you know which direction to pull away, these things will not work for you without a high level of experience.

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What’s worse, is if you are instructed to carry some kind of weapon, but have little practice in using it. There’s simply no way that you will be able to bring it into a dangerous situation and use it—without a lot of practice—under stress. The problem lies with adrenaline and heart rate. When a person experience’s an adrenaline dump, there are various possible consequences that are discussed in-depth in my book, Immediate Self Defense.

Rather than restate them, read this segment from “Immediate Self-Defense” (chapter two, page 13) on Stress Responses & Adrenaline:

“The body has certain predictable responses to stressful situations. If you think about it, I know you are familiar with them already, even if you’ve never had to defend yourself. Have you ever had to speak publicly? That is a huge stressor for a lot of people. Ever experienced road rage? How about been in a car accident? Or had a heated argument with someone?
If you’ve experienced anything like these, you have felt at least some of the effects I’m about to describe firsthand, so I know you can relate. Common effects of an adrenaline dump include: heart-rate and respiratory changes, tunnel vision, loss of hearing, inability to take in and process new information, no fine motor skills, time dilation (moving fast, moving slow, inconsistent), increased speed and strength, loss of touch sensitivity including increased pain tolerance, unconscious movements or freezing, short term memory loss including non-formation of memory, no depth perception, and the list goes on.”

What would you do if your life or safety were threatened? How would you react? Are you confident that you would fight back and survive? Should you fight back? What’s the best response? If something happens, how do I report it? What is that process like? Should I report it? What if my report isn’t taken seriously? What is title IX? What is wrong with a person who would attack someone else? Can I really ever be safe? Am I really at risk? Why can’t I get a clear answer to any of my questions?

“Immediate Self-Defense” was written as if a companion to in-person seminars for myself and every other self-defense teacher. I explore and discuss all of the answers to all of these questions about self-defense and more.

Tony Johnson, Immediate Self-Defense
(707) 364-6478


Snow Boots for College Students at WinterBoots.com

As we enter December and temperatures begin to dip, choosing the optimal winter boots is a quandary at college campuses across the country. Or at least, it should be! Because we’re located a stone’s throw from the University of Vermont, we have a daily window into the winter boot habits of college students in their native territory. Much to our collective horror, we’re seeing college boys adapting their facial hair to the season without giving a thought to their footwear while the girls are squeezing the last bits of life out of their Uggs.

 In a recent heart to heart, a Middlebury College senior from San Francisco confessed that even with three seasons of New England-living under her belt, she still hadn’t grasped the essential elements of winter boots selection. She came to the Northeast armed with her Frye Campus boots—the name should be resume enough, right?—without realizing that a rubber tread on the heel, but not the sole, wasn’t going to keep her upright on icy streets or in slippery dining halls.
Game on. Life was about to change for this northern transplant. We put Sorel’s Addington Chelsea with its toothy heel-to-toe rubber base in her hands and eureka! —the fear of walking dangerously was a distant memory.

 How to Choose Winter Boots for Navigating Campus?

 At WinterBoots.com, we create a Campus Collection each fall to help college students narrow their options when buying winter boots. These aren’t your shovel-the-driveway snow boots, but rather boots built to wear all day long: to class, across the green, back to the dining hall, over to the library, inside to work out and up the never ending hill to your freshman dorm. We have goals for you. End the day with two dry socks and zero public falls.

 Guard against Wet Feet

Waterproof, or at least highly water resistant boots are key. When you spend as much time in transit as the average university undergrad, keeping moisture at bay is a top consideration. Today’s boots utilize treated leathers, breathable membranes and seam-sealed edges so that slushy snow and soggy walkways are held at bay.

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Stand Your Ground

You can’t choose whether you’ll encounter slick surfaces on your travels, but you can increase the odds of avoiding a fall by choosing footwear with a full rubber outsole. Relegate your sneakers to the back of the closet. Look for deeper treads that will provide needed traction.

Avoid the Tropics

There is a place in your winter boot quiver for a highly insulated model, but your everyday footwear should have 200 grams or less to ensure you don’t overheat when you’re inside. For heartier souls, even a non-insulated boot can meet the cold weather challenge as long as it’s waterproof. College campuses are a bastion of winter boot avoidance. Our mission is to save you from a layover at Health Services when you careen across the quad grabbing that 8am coffee. Brands like Sorel and Timberland have completely changed the look of today’s winter boots.  We love the all-day styles of winter boots that are lightly insulated and waterproof with sturdy traction, perfect for sitting through class then making it safely home to your Netflix.

Shop our Campus Collection!

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Man Arrested for the Murder of Anthony Nazaire on Cornell University Campus

Nagee Green was arrested November 7 for the murder of Anthony Nazaire on a Cornell University campus

19-year-old Anthony Nazaire, a student at Ithaca College, was fatally stabbed at a Cornell University campus during the late evening of August 28 2016 after a party. Nagee Green, a 23-year-old man from Freeville, NY, was arrested November 7 in connection with the incident. Green has been charged with one count of second-degree murder and one count of second-degree assault in relation to the stabbing another student. Police my file further charges at a later date.

Green has pleaded not guilty to both counts. He is currently being held at Tompkins County Jail without bail and will appear before a grand jury at Ithaca Court on November 10.

Nazaire, a Brooklyn native, was a Business Administration student at Ithaca College. He was described by friends and faculty at the college as ambitious.
In a statement released on Monday night, Ithaca College president, Tom Rochon, said “We have felt both sorrow and anger as a result of this violent crime, and the loss it has brought to so many. While his family cannot be made whole again, we can all do Anthony justice by continuing to keeping his memory alive in our hearts.”

Cornell students reportedly say that even after the incident, they do not feel unsafe at Cornell University, believing it to be a one-time tragedy.

Read the statement released by Cornell’s interim President Hunter R. Rawlings, here.

Fear of Failure

“It is foolish to fear what you cannot avoid”—Publilius Syrus

Fear of failure stunts the personal and professional growth of many students across the country. Instead of trying that which pushes us out of our comfort zone, some of us are more inclined to push it to the side, procrastinate and forget about it. But why do we do that?

Programmed to Fear Failure

Many psychological barriers that halt action tend to stem from our early years and those first experiences we have—this can include the fear of failure.
Look into the past, way back to those early years at school, where one was praised for being exceptional academically and condemned with a big fat ‘F’ on the page if you did anything but. Consider how different you may feel, present day, if your efforts were praised and not just your achievements. Failure would seem a step in the process of trying, instead of that demon you’ve spent most of your life trying to avoid whose occasional grip sends you into the depths of despair. Fear of what others might think of you takes over.

The fear of failure can be quite crippling, actually, and I think anyone reading this might have a similar opinion. When I got the results of exams I took previous to going to college, I saw that I had failed one. I failed and thought that was the end of my life as I knew it—

“There’s no way I’m going to college!”

“Everyone I know would surely be talking about how dumb I am!”

“Oh, such a catastrophe!”

“My life is over!”

And so on, and so on.

Then this happened: I tried again and life moved on.

The truth is, failure is an integral part to being human and everyone you know has dealt with it and will continue to deal with it throughout their lives. What sets those who are successful apart from those who are not (but have the potential to be), is how one perceives “failure”.

J.K. Rowling

If you think of the success of Harry Potter, it’s hard to believe that J.K Rowling had ever failed at anything. Her manuscript was rejected by 12 publishers before being picked up by Bloomsbury publishing.

She says, “I am not going to stand here and tell you that failure is fun. That period of my life was a dark one, and I had no idea that there was going to be what the press has since represented as a kind of fairy tale resolution.”

Oprah Winfrey

Now America’s favorite, Oprah was once fired from her job as an anchor on television but bounced back, now being an estimated worth of $2.9billion.

“I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who, from an early age, knew I was responsible for myself, and I had to make good.”—Oprah Winfrey

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A small but effective tip for tackling fear of failure, is to consider:

• How this situation could be perceived as a lesson
• What positives derive from this situation?

When your perception of failure is turned on its head by thinking about the positives as opposed to the negatives of such, wonderful things begin to happen. Failures are recognized as lessons and steps to success, instead. Go forward and think differently about what it means to “fail”, not only for your sanity throughout college, but for those years post education, too.

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Back to School Fashion

It’s time to head back to school. Whether it’s your freshman or senior year, you know you want fashion to impress but feel comfortable at the same time. From preppy to sportswear, we uncover the best trends for the back to school season.


Smarten Up—and we’re not just talking about your grades. Get the studious look not only through actually studying but also in your fashion. Funnel neck tops are a great way to smarten your look and keep you comfortable this season. Pair a neutral coloured (navy, black, white) top with a casual blazer and pointed shoes ready for job interviews or play down the preppy style with converse and fitted jeans for a smart-casual college look.

Sportify—Bomber jackets are replacing varsity jackets this season for both guys and girls. Get Grease vibes in your style by adding a black (satin sheen for the ladies) bomber jacket over a scruffy t-shirt. How about that for a whole new trendy take on wearing your pyjamas to college? Ditch those basketball shorts for well-fitted jeans to complete this comfortable yet stylish look. Alternatively, if you want to stand out, go for a bomber jacket with a funky print.

Keep Warm—As the temperatures drop for those on the east coast, duffle coats are a great addition to your fall wardrobe. The duffle coat is a big F/W 2016 trend in menswear with the camel duffle coat being seen on the catwalk. Pair it over your usual college outfits and hiker boots for a warm stylish take on this season’s trends.

Key trend colours—Copper, dark green, navy, grey, black and check print.

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It’s hat season—The only good thing about summer leaving and getting back to school is the excuse to wear hats—especially from summer to fall. Whether your outfit is a bit plain or you don’t have time to do your hair, a hat can disguise all of this whilst still looking fashionable. This season is all about black floppy hat and berets. Add to a monochrome outfit such as a button up flowy shirt and black jeans with a bold lip to ooze fall vibes with minimal effort.

Layering—Layering is the perfect hack in that awkward transition from summer to fall. Don’t buy a whole new wardrobe, just mix it up through layering. High neck tops and duster jackets are big in fashion this season, being great layering pieces to pop on and off during college. Transition your summer dresses with a long sleeve high-neck top, tights and ankle boots for a fall look. Pair your crop tops with a shirt or a chiffon vest underneath for a whole new look. Puffer jackets have been seen on Balenciaga’s AW16 catwalk in bright colours. They are light and warm making them great for fall.

Stand out—Whatever your personal style is, this season is all about standing out and expressing yourself through fashion—go bold. Rock those choker necklaces or mismatched earrings for a 90s back-to-school look. Adding in statement accessories is an easy way to upgrade your wardrobe and try different trends. For those going to job interviews, ditch the heels and wear pointed flats that give the illusion of wearing a fancy shoe but are also extremely comfortable.

Key trend designs and colours—Monochrome, maroon, mustard yellow, burnt orange, check print.

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Deck out your Dorm Room with cool products from Lava® lamp!

Your dorm room is the place where you will do so many things throughout the year such as studying, partying and of course hanging out with your friends!  You will need fun, versatile accessories that will allow you to keep up with the fast paced fun of college life.  The fun Lava® lighting and party products are a great way to decorate your room and make the most out of your limited space. 

We have all of your college bases covered – whether you are studying, partying or just relaxing with friends, we have a cool Lava® product for you!

STUDYING: Brighten up your desk with the innovative Lava® Plus Lamp! It is like getting three lamps in one! You can use it as a decorative desk lamp, an entertaining Lava Lamp OR both at the same time!  Easily flip the switch depending on which mood you are in.  Another great feature of this lamp is the size – It is compact but gives off a nice illumination. 

PARTYING: Whether you are hosting a beer pong party or a fun dance off, we’ve got you covered with our versatile party products!  From party classics like the strobe light to the brightly colored disco ball, we are constantly developing new and exciting party items.  We also have battery operated mini party products so you can take the party with you wherever you go!

HANGING OUT: Hosting a study session, video game marathon or just relaxing with your friends? We have a Lava® Lamp perfect for you.  Stressed out from studying? Watching the wax flow will calm you right done – perfect for finals week!  We offer many different Lava® Lamps to match any mood or décor.  All of our lamps feature hand spun bases, glass globes and mesmerizing wax or glitter.  

–       We offer several different sizes of lamps to fit any space! 11.5”, 14.5”, 16.3”, 17”, 18.5” and the biggest one we make called the Grande at 27”. 

–       Our ColorMax™ line offers brightly colored decals on the tops and bases with hand painted globes and white wax.  As the white lava passes through the multi-colored glass globe, the moving lava absorbs the different colors and changes.  We are introducing two new lamps this year.  One features a concert scene – because music and Lava Lamps go hand in hand and the other is Northern Lights which allows you to enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World right at home!

–       We also offer glitter lamps for those who love all things that sparkle.  2016 is brighter than ever with our new Glittermax™ lamp which features glitter paint on the base and cap combined with swirling glitter inside the glass globe give it an extreme glitter look.  We also have a new lamp that features a tri-color hand painted globe with silver glitter inside!

–       We are very excited about our new Lava® Lamp featuring chalkboard paint on the base and cap!  It allows for complete customization of the Lamp. Draw pictures, write notes, erase and repeat for endless hours of fun!

–       Ever wanted a mini fireplace in your own space? Our new Fireplace Lamp combines the look of a fireplace in the iconic Lava Lamp shape! Watch the “flames” blow around as color changing LEDs in red, orange, and purple simulate a real fireplace.  Add some ambience to your dorm room!

–       Add some cool to your room with our Metallic lamps! These lamps feature a shiny chrome look and are the perfect accent to any room!

–       Illuminate your dorm room with our new battery operated string lights! They color change through 7 fun colors = perfect for decorating bulletin boards or doorways!  

SOCIAL:  Come join the party! We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.  We are constantly posting fun stuff, having cool contests and encouraging our fans to interact with us! Search for us under Lava Lamp. 

We have so many more fun items to help you make your dorm room your home away from home! Check out the rest of our cool products at fine retailers everywhere and also on our website www.lavalamp.com

Learn the anatomy of vaporizing with DaVinci Vaporizer

Indulge in the cultural revolution with DaVinci vaporizer

Whether you just started into what is dubbed as the hottest cultural trend of the 20th century, or you are the most advanced vaping connoisseur amongst your trendsetting crew, the real question is what kind of portable vaporizer is right for me? What kind of portable vaporizer is going to deliver a revolutionized vaporizer experience? What kind of portable vaporizer has precision temp control, direct glass path, and superior battery life? Which portable vaporizer is so discreet that it helps you redefine where you can vape?

DAVINCI VAPORIZER  –  Time and time again our vaporizers have performed exactly as they are supposed to  – advanced, superior and portable. They are lightweight, compact and discreet for vape enthusiasts of many facets. Whether on the go, backpacking through Europe or getting hyped up at the tailgate party with your friends, both the DaVinci™ and Ascent promise precision temperature control, state of the art heating methods and increased battery life. It was designed with the true premier taste in mind and you’ll truly love it.

We have the two most popular handheld vaporizers on our line up – DaVinci ™ Classic and the Ascent.

The rugged looking and durable DaVinci™ Classic is ideal for the outdoorsman in you and is a perfect adventure partner! We have put it to the test and battle tested for you from a drop height of 6 feet where the DaVinci ™ took it like a champ! Take your new found adventurer and tackle great heights with a compact design that takes a front row seat in that pack on your back.

Now, when it comes to the Ascent, we bring all of the greatness our DaVinci™ Classic offers mixed into a cocktail only the classiest connoisseurs can appreciate.

We’re kidding, this is the perfect sleek design you’ve been looking for that slips right into your back pocket and have a quick vape session on the way to that history of rock n’ roll class. See it all starts somewhere, and we know that. So we bring you a tool along the way that you can depend on.  Think about all of those great benefits mentioned before and then throw in an all glass pathway and discreet design, presenting the ability to vape virtually anywhere with style!

Also, the Ascent gives you the flexibility of enjoying your favorite dry herb blends and oils comfortably and discreetly. What this offers is a liberating feeling to vape in your favorite restaurant, outdoor settings, and events. It harbors a superior three-hour battery life that will allow you to freely enjoy your vaporizer through multiple sessions before having to recharge.

Oh, and I will tell you a secret… you can personalize your own vaporizer design. Why? Because everyone has a personality and we appreciate diversity. So show a side of you through your vaporizer by using our vaporizer designer.

“You’re Smart, Vape Smart”


If you’re thinking when to buy, the perfect time is now! A lot of people get the Ascent and  DaVinci™ not only because of its state-of-the-art features but because of its affordable price as well. The well-designed portable vaporizer is for any vape enthusiast who appreciates purity but as well the health benefits related to vaporizing loose leaf and oils. You will never regret the day you decided to own a portable vaporizer made by DaVinci™. Come join the cultural revolution and buy your own DaVinci Vaporizer today!.