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College Life Hack: Earn Extra Money on the Side

I’m Erin Feldman, and I am a college drop-out.

I’m not ashamed of telling people what I am—I’d like to motivate college students on the verge of dropping out because their student loans are taking a toll on them to earn extra money.

Dramatics aside, I know how it feels to hit rock-bottom. A $100,000 student loan was taking its toll on me. I was the type who liked to tackle things one at a time. However, loans wait for nobody, and before I knew it, I had to pay for 100,000 dollars worth of education.

This may not be setting a good example, but I dropped out to keep myself sane. I couldn’t continue with such a large amount of debt. When I was starting out in college, I was very optimistic—I was hell-bent on following my passion; that’s the whole point of college anyway, right? I had to rely on student loans to make it in college. When my passion changed in the middle of the first term, I resolved to still follow my passion, because I knew I could just pay this off once I got to my dream destination. Even if my lunch had become breakfast-lunch-dinner and was composed of grilled cheese (or sometimes, just “grilled” toast), I had to follow my heart.

I’m not discouraging anyone; I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow your dreams. But, a well-thought plan could help you avoid the situation I found myself in. I didn’t think through things, I didn’t consider that my parents were at a frail age. I was young, wild and free. I played hard, I didn’t work hard. I was living a life just like in any teen movie.

Before you scroll down and check how to earn extra money and rid yourself of that loan, I want you to heed my lifehack advice.


Planning can get boring, planning ruins the spontaneous fun. But I realized that in this world, a slight change in course can lead to a different set of events.
Stick to that plan, or change the plan. Make sure you’ve weighed out the pros and the cons. Are you studying for a degree because your potential salary is better than that of your passion? If you stick with your passion, will it be enough to get you through?
Always think of the future. If you cannot make ends meet, at least meet halfway. In today’s “adulting”” challenge, learning how to compromise is a must. That’s why, if you want to earn extra money and pay off your debts, you need to learn how to juggle your time for work, play, and study. Note that these tips aren’t exactly your easy way out, but as young adults, we need to learn more about responsibilities, too. Here are some tips on how to make it out of college, alive:


There are lots of ways that you can make money online. Instead of watching videos, or wasting time on social networking sites all day long, why not spend your online time for something useful? This can potentially save you from dropping out of college so consider one or more of the following:

1. Selling on eBay, Amazon
Especially if you have collectibles, or just extra stuff that you don’t use anymore, selling items on online market places such as eBay or Amazon, can help you. You can sell your old books, clothes, shoes, or toys for some extra money. I did this during my pre-departure days from college. I met a few friends during my night-outs, and they helped me supply my online store. Eventually, I got out of eBay and decided it was time for me to build my own brand.

2. Filling out surveys
There are some sites that will pay you to fill out online surveys. Register for the following online survey sites and they will contact you in case your profile meets the requirement for their survey:

• Cross Media Panel
• Digital Reflection Panel
• Harris Poll
• MyPoints
• Opinion Outpost
• Pinecone
• Pinecone 18-24
• Points Club
• ProOpinion
• Reward TV
• Survey Junkie
• Survey Spot
• Swagbucks Surveys

3. Freelancing
Online freelancing offers a lot of opportunities. There are also lots of online freelance work out there for those looking to earn extra money. UpWork is one of the most popular sites for online freelancers. However, take note that some of the tasks here require dedication. Working full-time whilst studying isn’t exactly the best route, especially if you’re studying on a more theoretical degree that requires you to read and research.

4. Selling Stock Photos
If you like taking pictures, you might want to consider selling them online. Some sites like iStockPhoto will purchase a photo they like. Make use of your photography skills to earn some extra money!

5. Selling clothes online
For our fashionistas out there, follow your inner juju and start selling clothes online. There are numerous ways to do this, but one of the easiest and probably the cheapest way to showcase your items is through social media; Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Oftentimes, people look here first before rushing to their favorite online store. What can you do to increase chances of selling your garments? Here’s what I did when I started out: Put up a style guide! Dress for the occasion! It’s already winter in most places; hold a quick photoshoot of trendy outfits this winter, and mention your items for sale. That’s how you create demand; you fuel their need with their desire to look cool in your effort to earn extra money.

6. Blogging
Although not an easy way to make a lot money, blogging can still help you out. Once you have garnered a decent amount of followers, you can earn by advertising, by becoming an affiliate marketer, or by selling your own products.

7. User testing
There are sites like UserTesting.com that will pay for you to rate and give feedback on websites. All you have to do is to rate the usability of a site and provide feedback to earn extra money.

8. Becoming a virtual assistant
There is also an opportunity in becoming a virtual assistant for someone. You can help someone run a site or social media account in your free time.

9. Doing gigs on Fiverr or Mechanical Turk
Fiverr is a microsite where you can sell a lot of random projects. Amazon also has a microsite called the Mechanical Turk where you can be paid for doing tasks that usually take seconds to do. There are different gigs that you can do to earn some money.

10. Selling on Etsy.com
You can sell crafts and earn extra money on Etsy.com. So if you are a on the creative side, you can make money selling cards, invitations, or other unique crafts.

11. Publishing an e-book
If you have a knack for writing, then writing an e-book may be the right side hustle for you! You can then sell it to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Make use of your talent to help you get through college!

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If you don’t see the right side hustle for you on our list above, then you might be better off with our list of offline ways to make money.

1. Tutoring
You could earn some money by tutoring younger students and helping them with their studies. This is a good way to stay sharp while you earn money. Aside from being an academic tutor, you can also teach skills. I found peace in yoga, that’s why in my spare time, I am teaching anyone interested to learn how to find their “inner peace”. If you know how to play the ukulele, use a sewing machine, or play jazz music with the piano, then it’s one of the opportunities you can capitalize on.

2. Catering
There are lots of catering companies that need a lot of help, especially during the weekends. You won’t need to work full-time so you can still have time for your studies.

3. Baby-sitting
A lot of families are in need of baby-sitting services. If you are good with kids, baby-sitting can help you get decent amount of extra cash.

4. Cleaning services
You can offer cleaning services to neighbors, especially those busy families with not much time to do tedious housework.

5. Selling recyclables
You can also make some extra money by selling recyclables. Ask your friends and relatives to store recyclables for you. Or better yet, do this in combination with cleaning services.

6. Walking dogs
Some families are so busy that they don’t have time to even walk their dogs. Offer dog walking services to earn extra money.

7. Pet-sitting
If your pet-loving neighbors or friends don’t have active dogs but still want someone to look after them when they’re gone, you can offer pet-sitting services for them

8. House-sitting
The easy-peasy job of just staying in a neighbor’s or a friend’s house while they’re away is als a great way to earn money. Although this won’t be a regular gig, it could still earn you some decent amount of money, especially during the holidays.

9. Modelling
For those lucky enough to have dashing good looks, modelling can be the right way to earn money for you to help get you through college! You can go for shoots during the weekend and have enough time for studying during the week.

10. Gardening Services
Do you know about the couple of entrepreneurs that started a business by moving  lawns? Who knows, you may also have the same fate if you start now.

I am a college dropout and I want to save those who are about to be like me. I hope that you can find a way to earn extra money to get you through college. I wish all the best for your studies. Hustle ‘til you graduate!

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12 Christmas Dinners Around the World

Merry Christmas to all of our CN readers!

The big day has arrived and no doubt you’ll all be salivating, waiting for your Christmas dinner to be served. While the smell of roasted turkey and ham fills the home, we thought we’d make you even hungrier with this list of traditional Christmas dinners around the world. Happy Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

1. Norway

The Norwegians treasure tradition and this is especially true at Christmas. This country celebrates in style on Christmas Eve with roasted pork ribs or belly with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes accompaniments. Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage, just FYI—would you eat this classic Norwegian dish?

2. Poland

The Polish tend to feast on their most important meal of the year on Christmas Eve. This meal is served with fish, with no red meat in sight. The dinner is traditionally known as “Wagilia”.

3. England

Much like Americans, the British love a big roast dinner and are not shy with the trimmings. Turkey is most popular but other meats on the table include gammon and “pigs in blankets”—little sausages wrapped in bacon, in case you didn’t know!

4. Mexico

It might be difficult to imagine Christmas being celebrated in anything other than a snowy environment, but Christmas is a huge deal in Mexico with a huge Christian population. The Mexican Christmas dinner is varied and includes Tamales, Bacalao (salted fish) and Pozole—a hominy soup made with chicken or pork., with the celebration beginning on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve).

5. Italy

Definitely a Christmas dinner for meat lovers, Italian Natale (Christmas) dinner comprises of a huge spread of different meats including braised beef, roasted veal and roasted chicken. The meal starts with an antipasto spread including cured meats and fine cheeses—decadent indeed!

6. Russia

This eastern European country celebrates their Christmas feast grandly by often presenting a stuffed pig’s head as the table’s centerpiece. The meal also includes goose, hare, venison and fish—be sure to wear your loosest jeans for this one.

7. Germany

Christmas, or Weihnachten as they say in Germany, is celebrated with succulent roast goose and roasted carp often served with potatoes, cabbage and Brussel sprouts. Not the bratwurst dish you were expecting, huh?

8. France

The French are widely known for their exquisite tastes and Christmas is no exception. If you’re lucky enough to join a French family over the holidays, expect to see the table laden with dishes such as foie gras, chapon and Bûche de Noël for pudding; a Christmas cake shaped like a log. No, we hadn’t heard of these foods until just now, either!

9. Romania

Christmas dinner in Romania may be one of the most unique meals you might encounter on the big day. The family gather together and feast on roast gammon and pork chops which is also served with a sour soup made up of fermented bran and pork meatballs—delicious?

10. Australia

While we’re mostly used to warming up by the fire on a snowy Christmas day, needless to say, the weather is, shall we say, slightly better down under. Australians will feed on cold food on Christmas day, or, as one might expect, they will celebrate with a barbeque eating fresh seafood’s such as shrimp.

11. Egypt

With Christianity arriving in Egypt around 1AD and making up to 20 percent of the Egyptian population, Christmas is a a big celebration. After a Christmas church service, families eat a special meal called “fatta”, a traditional meat and rice dish. Children are given small amounts of money by family members so that they can buy sweets and toys.

12. Brazil

Another country on our list that serves its main meal on Christmas Eve, is Brazil. The table will be laid with platters of ham and turkey; and in some parts of the country, expect to see fish, too. Instead of the all too familiar roasted potatoes, the meal is usually accompanied with kale, nuts, rice and fruit!

Would you try any of these traditional Christmas dinners from around the world? Let College News know!

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First Day at a New Job

3 tips to spend your first day at a new job like a star employee!

The first day at a new job can be nerve-wracking. However, we have made a quick checklist for you that will help you ace your first day as a newbie. Here they are:

1.  Research

Make sure before you have set foot into your first day at a new job, you have done plenty of research into the company and industry so you don’t put your foot in your mouth. Scan through articles, read up on whatever you can find on the internet and learn about what is happening in the market.

2. Get Organized for the first day at a new job

Whatever you may need for your first day at your new job, make sure you’re organized the night before so you can get ready for work the next morning smoothly.  You wouldn’t want to be late for your job, so iron your shirt, make your lunch—are your shoes ready? Just to be on the safe side, set two alarm clocks—you’ll sleep better knowing everything is prepared.

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3. Beware of Business Etiquette

There are a number of things that you will have to do in order to look like a cultured and professional resource on your first day at a new job. It’s called business etiquette, and there is no harm in brushing up on a few things such as below:

i) Dress Code
You will be meeting your team or co-workers for the first time. Is there a dress code that is followed at the new job? You don’t want to seem too informal and yet at the same time informal. Try and find an in-between and if you are not sure it’s okay to call or email HR to ask them about the dress code so you don’t violate any rules.

ii) Punctuality
You know that old adage “If you’re five minutes early you’re on time, if you’re on time—you’re late”? Don’t be late on your first day at a new job, it leaves a really bad impression.  If you are using public transport, take extra measures to ensure that you are not late and plan to leave your home early. It is okay to be at work 10 minutes earlier than your colleagues on your first day at a new job. At least you’re not giving the impression that you’re lazy.

iii) Demeanor
How you carry yourself is a very big deal. You will probably feel very nervous on your first day. Relax!  Everyone at this job also had a “first day” just like you. Give a relaxed and confident impression but be careful not to appear arrogant. You wouldn’t have made it this far if you weren’t good at what you do.

iv) Behavior
Neither your boss or your supervisor will have enough time to introduce you to all of your co-workers, so it is absolutely okay for you to go up and introduce yourself to people. This will help build trust, networking and help you learn how the team operates. This way, you will also be giving off positive energy to the people around you. It is okay to drum up a one-liner and have a little small talk. They may also want to know a thing or two about you: where did you come from? What was your last job? What will you be doing here? What was your major in college? Don’t be a drone and give them long answers. Keep engaged with short chit-chat to the people you now work with in order to gel with them.

Usually first days are very intimidating, don’t overthink it and don’t worry so much. Remember, you obviously brought something to the table when you came for the interview and you can get through this now as well. Have a great time in your first day at a new job!

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Author Bio
Anna Marsh is a Senior HR Executive at an Online Education And Training Company. She is also a blog writer and shares her professional insights on workplace issues and gives assignment help at assignmenthelpdeal.co.uk to students who want for assistance. She also likes taking online courses to update her skills in HR management. Follow her on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

11 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas, CN gave to me, 11 ways to celebrate Christmas!

Family time is sacred for the student who has just spent months away at college, so finding ways to celebrate Christmas is of prime importance. During the semester, we are reminded of how much we miss the creature comforts we grow so attached to at home and sometimes, we get homesick. Come home this holiday season with some fun ways to celebrate Christmas, optimizing the little time you have with your family before it all begins again.

1. Choose a different main course

If anything will shake up the tradition of Christmas day, it’s changing the main course. American’s everywhere will be feasting on the Turkey roast with all the trimmings, but why not switch it up and have a fish main, instead?

2. Bake the dessert

One of the greatest gifts of all, is food—and this rings especially true at Christmas time. Celebrate Christmas this year by baking the family Christmas pudding and impress your family with those cooking skills you’ve acquired since you’ve been away!

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3. Handmade gifts

Nothing says sentiment more than a handmade gift. A great way to celebrate Christmas this year is to set aside some time to craft a keepsake for a friend or for your family. Perhaps you enjoy knitting or want to give it a go? A ball of wool and knitting needles are inexpensive, but result in fantastic blankets or tea cosies—a great way to kick off the Christmas celebration.

4. Host a surprise Christmas party

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a great party? Invite all of your family and close friends over to your family’s home and lay out a fabulous spread. Click play on the stereo and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

5. Write letters

With tech and social media so prevalent in our modern lives, we forget that writing a small note can be such a welcome gift. Along with usual gifts, write a handwritten letter telling that person that you are thankful for all that they have done this year—I promise it will put a smile on their faces!

6. Invite that exchange student over to your family for Christmas day

Have you ever been an exchange student? No? International students often find themselves unable to afford to go home and will have to spend Christmas on their own in their dorm. Give them a way to celebrate Christmas this year and invite the exchange student from your class over for Christmas dinner.

7. Wear Christmas sweaters for the day

If there’s a time to be goofy, then it’s definitely at Christmas! Get your whole family involved and buy each other fun Christmas sweaters to wear on the big day. What a great family Holiday snap that will be!

8. All Pitch in with Christmas dinner

Mom is usually the one slaving over a hot stove when Christmas day comes. This ultimately means that she doesn’t get to sit in on the Christmas movies or the festive games that you usually have lined up. Give her the gift of breathing, and take it in turns to watch the cooking, baste the turkey or boil the vegetables. When it comes to washing up after the big feast, teamwork means it’ll all get done super-fast so that you can all enjoy the rest of the day as a family.

9. Buy a disposable camera for vintage shots

Let’s not forget that in the not-so-distant past, we used film to capture those special moments in our lives. In an effort to steer away from our iPhones and social media, another way to celebrate Christmas is to buy a cheap disposable camera from the local Walmart and snap your family throughout the day for printed keepsakes.

10. Have yourself a merry movie marathon

We must all admit that we enjoy spending time on our own sometimes, and while Christmas might not be the ideal time to do it, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Christmas all the same. If you’re spending the holidays on your own this year, movie marathons provide hours of endless entertainment, reason for snacking AND passes the time. Best of all, this is an activity for multiple people even without being in the same room! If you’re missing family, use skype to talk to your family while the same movie is playing in the background.

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11. Self-reflect

Wake up early and meet the sunrise, take photos and feel gratitude. Write about your experience of a solitary Christmas at the end of the day, eat your favorite foods and take a long bubble bath right before bed to wind down for one of the most appealing ways to celebrate Christmas.

6 Makeup Trends for Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas, CN gave to me, 6 makeup trends for Christmas!

It’s that merry time of year again, with festive food, sparkly outfits and the party season is finally upon us, so we’ve compiled six makeup trends to get you ready for any party. Whether it’s a family get-together or college hangout; these looks will do the trick.

Channel old-school glamour

A classic favorite, the best time to rock a dark lip is this season, as seen on many celebrities such Shay Mitchell and Lily Collins. If you want to channel old-school glamour, add a dark berry lip with nude eyes and lashes of mascara. To make sure you have the perfect red lip for the whole night, start with outlining and filling your lips with a lip pencil and then use a lip brush to apply the color of your lipstick for a precise finish. To avoid edges that fade, add concealer around the sides of your lips and blend it out. Pair this makeup trend for Christmas with a dramatic winged eyeliner and a subtle touch of blush.

Smokey eyes, nude lips

If you want your eyes to be the highlight, go for the smoky eye—a classic makeup trend for the holiday period. Instead of the usual black shadow, shimmer in gold shades instead. A nude palette such as the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is a perfect compact for a quick smoky eye look. Start with a light brown shade for the base color for your eyes then add a darker gold-brown color in the crease. Apply a dark brown or black to brush on the outer edge and blend into the other colors on your lid for a smoky effect. Since this is all about the eyes, apply coats of mascara or opt for fake lashes and finish with some eyeliner in the waterline around your eyes. Pair this look with a nude lip for an extra dramatic look!

Spider Lashes

Something that we have spent years trying not to do, is achieve clumpy spider lashes. However, as seen on a few F/W 2016 shows, this makeup trend is now in style with its clunky eyelashes. To achieve spider lashes, focus most of the product on the tips of your lashes rather than just root to tip. This look has been seen paired with glossy nude lips and natural eyes, which is great for a unique Christmas lunch look. For the evening, add a dark lip but keep the lids natural, as the eyelashes should be the stars of the night.

Dazzle in Rose

Don’t leave your bronzer behind with the fall and summer months as this makeup trend is all about looking like a contoured golden goddess. If you want a classic understated festive look, focus your efforts on contouring and highlighting using gold-infused products. Use a mixture of matte and shimmery products to avoid looking like a golden disco-ball! On top of prepped skin and foundation, use a gold-based highlighter, such as Urban Decay’s Afterglow highlighter, to apply across your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, down the length of your nose and on your chin. Then apply bronzer gradually across the sides of your face and pair this with a matte rose-nude lip and rose-gold cream eye shadow such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes To Mesmerize Mona Lisa.

Holiday vibes—coloured eyeliner, eyeshadow

A unique way to bring in the holiday season is to sport the seasonal colors on your eyes. Now, I’m not saying use red eye shadow or red eyeliner—you might wan to avoid looking like you have an eye infection! Opt for greens and golds, instead. For something a little more adventurous, line your bottom lash line with green eyeliner and apply a gold shimmer onto your top lid. Add a black winged liner on the top lid and highlight to your brow bone and inner eyes. Blend the gold used on the top lid gently with the green eyeliner to create a festive look. Pair this with a bright red lip and you are Christmas-ready.

Metallic Lips

Metallics and chrome are big colors this season as seen in holographic makeup, clothes and accessories and make our list of makeup trends for Christmas. Although metallic lips have been a big trend this summer, they’re in to finish off the year with them too. Metallic lipsticks, such as Kylie’s Metallic Lipsticks and ColorPop’s Ultra Metallic Lips, make it easy to add that trend your holiday style. But if you don’t have metallic lipstick in your makeup bag, you can just as easily apply a red lip and gently dab gold eye shadow ontop. Concentrate on the center of your lips patting the excess highlighter all over to give your lips a copper-red metallic color.

What are your favorite makeup trends for Christmas? Let us know!

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Holiday Fancy Dress

On the first day of Christmas, CN gave to me, holiday fancy dress!

We are so excited to kick-start our 12 days of Christmas with College News series this year and we’re doing so by offering up our holiday fancy dress ideas for that big party you’ve got coming up—let’s get started!

Christmas party

Do-it-yourself with your holiday fancy dress costume and make a homemade tree-inspired dress for festive party attire. Or, recycle the big boxes you used to move in to your dorm to create a Christmas present costume where you’re the surprise. If you don’t have a box, then just wrap yourself up with festive wrapping paper, secure a bow and you’re good to go.

Take inspiration from Disney’s hit movie, “Frozen”, and dress as Olaf for holiday fancy dress. For the snowman character, wear black jeans, boots and a white t-shirt attaching three big black cut-out circles—made from paper or felt—down the middle as buttons. Then accessorize with a small top hat and scarf. Or to sympathise with the literal nightmare of college work due in before Christmas, why not go to your holiday fancy dress party as the Grinch?

Keep people guessing as to which character you are at the party and think up clever costume ideas based on puns. Try “Holy Cow” and turn up in a cow animal costume with a halo accessory for your head. You could also keep it simple with the “Party Animals” pun. Attend the event in your usual outfit but pair it with cat ears and whiskers or any other animal you desire!

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New Years

Those following “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD) will be quite upset to see it come to an end after season eight. To pay homage to the ups and downs of Elena’s life—or any character on the show—use “The Vampire Diaries’” costume style as inspiration for upcoming masquerade-themed holiday fancy dress parties. Besides festive masquerade masks, guys should wear fitted suits and the ladies a little black dress.
New Year’s Eve celebrations this year will see a rise in 1920s themed parties (yay!). Choose from gorgeous flapper dresses and feathered headbands for the ladies and classy fedoras with an added waistcoat under a suit for the guys—cute and fun!

Valentine’s Day

If you need a quick last minute costume for Valentine’s 2017, then don’t fret. Take inspiration from “Pretty Little Liars” and recreate the romantic mysteriousness of The Girl in the Red Coat. Wear a red coat over your party outfit for a stylish yet warm way to enter the party. If goofy Valentine’s day costumes are more your thing, dress as Cupid for your holiday fancy dress and go pair up some couples in 2017!

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Elevate Your Style With Helix Cuffs

When it comes to fashion, the biggest articles don’t always speak the loudest; in fact, the subtle pieces that you tastefully add to your ensemble can more frequently attract second glances. Today, men and women all over the world are adopting accessories, or fashion finishings, to express their uniqueness and taste, and elevate otherwise dull appearances into interesting, unique statements. Consider the guy who adds bright orange shoe laces to otherwise boring brown dress shoes, or complements a plain button-down with a colorful polka-dot bow tie. These pieces aren’t merely articles of clothing—they are expressions of individuality, and conversation starters. Add “handmade” to the equation to stand out even more. One brand that perfectly combines all the above, is Helix Cuffs.

Each cuff bracelet is handmade in Boulder, Colorado using a hammer and anvil, by designer Davis Hatcher. These one-of-a-kind pieces are rugged yet elegant, and incredibly versatile—they go well with a casual jeans and t-shirt, and also dress up well with a suit and tie. You won’t find anything like these pieces on the market. Use code COLLEGE at checkout for 25% off your order.

Check out what customers are saying on helixcuffs.com:

“I was amazed at how many people noticed my cuff, commented on it and wanted to know where I got it. The quality is everything I expected. I like that it is handmade and made in America.”
—Michael T, Texas

“I received this cuff as a gift, and I get compliments from it all the time. It’s so unique, truly an amazing piece of artwork.”
—Brent K, entrepreneur, Florida

“It’s such a cool accessory that looks great dressed up or hanging out in jeans. I even wear mine with my uniform. It’s stylish, well made, and a great conversation starter.”
—Mark C, American Airlines pilot, Pennsylvania

“I recently bought one for my son as it was one of the items on his wish list for his 20th birthday. It is truly a one of a kind piece, my son has received many compliments and it looks super cool on his wrist when he plays his guitar. Not only is the craftsmanship of the cuffs outstanding and unique but the customer service is A+++!”
—Becky H, Florida

Need help promoting your organization? Check out Kooziez.com

Help! How can I advertise on campus?

Oh, hello. When you think of ways to promote your club or organization, the first thing you think of is probably business cards and pamphlets, fliers or posters. That’s perfectly fine—and also perfectly lame. How many times have you immediately trashed (excuse me, recycled) the brightly colored flier, thrust into your hands by an enthusiastic member of the Robotics Club? How often do you watch from afar as your own creatively designed event brochures are scattered and abandoned on the quad?

If you like, you can keep trashing the environment by printing thousands of promotional paper materials. It’s your life. But if you actually want people to remember your organization, you might want to consider custom beer koozies.

It’s true, beer koozies might cost more than flimsy pamphlets. After you buy your weekly ration of ramen noodles and Red Bull, money is tighter than your ex gf’s yoga pants after she’s gained the Freshman 15. 

But just as those XS Lululemons manage to stretch and cover her important assets, I bet you can manage to fit promotional koozies into your budget.

So, what are the benefits?

Here are our top 5:
5) Koozies are durable. No matter what you call them: beer coolies, cozys, coosies, can-coolers, coldy-holdys or beer sleeves, these handy dandy beer condoms will outlast any paper poster. Your organization or club’s message won’t be easily ripped or smudged when printed on what Aussies refer to as “stubby holders.”

4) Koozies are notable. Receiving a coozie, unlike being handed a piece of paper, is like getting a real gift. Everyone likes presents. When Alex is wavering between DG and Chi-O, don’t you think she’ll be more inclined to choose the sorority that stood out from the rest?

3) Koozies are shareable. Okay, not everyone is going to be interested in your organization. But it’s likely they know someone who is. And when do people pull out beer coolies? While having fun, and maybe (probably) drunk. Your organization or event will be advertised while people are having a good time—how could you say no to that?

2) Koozies are easy to customize. Here comes the shameless plug for Kooziez.com, where we will design your koozies…For. Free. Showcase your organization or event with a personal design unlike anyone else’s. Individuality is priceless.

1) Koozies can be delivered fast. We can rush coolers to you in 24 hours if that’s what you need.

Ok, you’ve convinced me. How do I order promotional koozies?

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Protect Yourself on Campus with Immediate Self-Defense

Experience with self-defense is a must-have for college students who are at risk of suffering physical and sexual assault, and this is especially true for women. You need to know that. When I teach self-defense seminars for sororities and ask how many of the women attending personally know someone who has been assaulted, something scary happens. Firstly, a lot of hands go up. Then the younger ladies who are new to school ask the people near them, “Really?” and often the answer is “Yes. I was. You know me, and now you know I was assaulted, so raise your hand.” Within seconds, almost every hand in the group is up and it doesn’t matter if the group is 10 students or 500. I ask them to keep their hands raised and look around so that they get the point. After this, groups are very ready to learn what I have to teach and so I wrote “Immediate Self-Defense”.

Experience with self-defense

Most people who teach self-defense get the whole thing wrong, unfortunately. Self-defense is largely taught by martial arts experts or law enforcement professionals who have hundreds or thousands of hours applying their skills. Their reflexes are developed and ready in a completely different way to the average person. The skills they use have no resemblance to what the average person is capable of in a real life or death confrontation. If they try to teach you self-defense techniques they would personally use and you don’t have their level of experience, it will almost certainly fail for you. While they might have good intentions, it is effective self-defense that matters in the end. For instance, if a self-defense class focuses on a lot of complicated memorization, or expects you to identify thumb positions when being grabbed so you know which direction to pull away, these things will not work for you without a high level of experience.

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What’s worse, is if you are instructed to carry some kind of weapon, but have little practice in using it. There’s simply no way that you will be able to bring it into a dangerous situation and use it—without a lot of practice—under stress. The problem lies with adrenaline and heart rate. When a person experience’s an adrenaline dump, there are various possible consequences that are discussed in-depth in my book, Immediate Self Defense.

Rather than restate them, read this segment from “Immediate Self-Defense” (chapter two, page 13) on Stress Responses & Adrenaline:

“The body has certain predictable responses to stressful situations. If you think about it, I know you are familiar with them already, even if you’ve never had to defend yourself. Have you ever had to speak publicly? That is a huge stressor for a lot of people. Ever experienced road rage? How about been in a car accident? Or had a heated argument with someone?
If you’ve experienced anything like these, you have felt at least some of the effects I’m about to describe firsthand, so I know you can relate. Common effects of an adrenaline dump include: heart-rate and respiratory changes, tunnel vision, loss of hearing, inability to take in and process new information, no fine motor skills, time dilation (moving fast, moving slow, inconsistent), increased speed and strength, loss of touch sensitivity including increased pain tolerance, unconscious movements or freezing, short term memory loss including non-formation of memory, no depth perception, and the list goes on.”

What would you do if your life or safety were threatened? How would you react? Are you confident that you would fight back and survive? Should you fight back? What’s the best response? If something happens, how do I report it? What is that process like? Should I report it? What if my report isn’t taken seriously? What is title IX? What is wrong with a person who would attack someone else? Can I really ever be safe? Am I really at risk? Why can’t I get a clear answer to any of my questions?

“Immediate Self-Defense” was written as if a companion to in-person seminars for myself and every other self-defense teacher. I explore and discuss all of the answers to all of these questions about self-defense and more.

Tony Johnson, Immediate Self-Defense
(707) 364-6478


Snow Boots for College Students at WinterBoots.com

As we enter December and temperatures begin to dip, choosing the optimal winter boots is a quandary at college campuses across the country. Or at least, it should be! Because we’re located a stone’s throw from the University of Vermont, we have a daily window into the winter boot habits of college students in their native territory. Much to our collective horror, we’re seeing college boys adapting their facial hair to the season without giving a thought to their footwear while the girls are squeezing the last bits of life out of their Uggs.

 In a recent heart to heart, a Middlebury College senior from San Francisco confessed that even with three seasons of New England-living under her belt, she still hadn’t grasped the essential elements of winter boots selection. She came to the Northeast armed with her Frye Campus boots—the name should be resume enough, right?—without realizing that a rubber tread on the heel, but not the sole, wasn’t going to keep her upright on icy streets or in slippery dining halls.
Game on. Life was about to change for this northern transplant. We put Sorel’s Addington Chelsea with its toothy heel-to-toe rubber base in her hands and eureka! —the fear of walking dangerously was a distant memory.

 How to Choose Winter Boots for Navigating Campus?

 At WinterBoots.com, we create a Campus Collection each fall to help college students narrow their options when buying winter boots. These aren’t your shovel-the-driveway snow boots, but rather boots built to wear all day long: to class, across the green, back to the dining hall, over to the library, inside to work out and up the never ending hill to your freshman dorm. We have goals for you. End the day with two dry socks and zero public falls.

 Guard against Wet Feet

Waterproof, or at least highly water resistant boots are key. When you spend as much time in transit as the average university undergrad, keeping moisture at bay is a top consideration. Today’s boots utilize treated leathers, breathable membranes and seam-sealed edges so that slushy snow and soggy walkways are held at bay.

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Stand Your Ground

You can’t choose whether you’ll encounter slick surfaces on your travels, but you can increase the odds of avoiding a fall by choosing footwear with a full rubber outsole. Relegate your sneakers to the back of the closet. Look for deeper treads that will provide needed traction.

Avoid the Tropics

There is a place in your winter boot quiver for a highly insulated model, but your everyday footwear should have 200 grams or less to ensure you don’t overheat when you’re inside. For heartier souls, even a non-insulated boot can meet the cold weather challenge as long as it’s waterproof. College campuses are a bastion of winter boot avoidance. Our mission is to save you from a layover at Health Services when you careen across the quad grabbing that 8am coffee. Brands like Sorel and Timberland have completely changed the look of today’s winter boots.  We love the all-day styles of winter boots that are lightly insulated and waterproof with sturdy traction, perfect for sitting through class then making it safely home to your Netflix.

Shop our Campus Collection!

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