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Coffee and tea lovers will love this Kickstarter campaign

Mojoe™ Brewing introduces their brand new portable brewing system

Attention coffee and tea lovers, you will love this Kickstarter campaign! No longer will you have to tell people “Do not talk to me, I haven’t had my coffee”, because you can now brew your own coffee anywhere and everywhere thanks to the innovative mojoe ™ brewing company.  Mojoe has revealed their portable mug-sized portable brewers that can be used with any of your choice coffee grounds or the mojoe ™ To-Go Sticks ™. Mojoe™ truly has convenience in mind with the portable brewer being able to be powered via a car charger, a wall outlet or a rechargeable battery. Coffee lovers can load up their portable mojoe™ with the coffee, sugar and creamer until you are ready for your on-the-go brewing experience.

If coffee isn’t your forte, then you will be pleased to find out that the mojoe™ also brews tea! So, whenever you need a hot drink to kickstart or day or to make it better, then this is definitely for you.

Get your own mojoe™ and make the dream of the mojoe™ come alive by donating to their Kickstarter campaign. Those who pledge $69 or more can get their hands on an Early-Bird mojoe™ Starter Kit, which comes with one mojoe™, a reusable filter and a wall and car adapter. If you pledge $139, you can get yourself 2 mojoe™ brewers, so basically the more you pledge the more brewers you can get!

Go on their Kickstarter page to back the mojoe™ and to take a look at exactly how this awesome invention works.

Wizards of Winter cured my cold heart

We reviewed their new album The Magic of Winter

The Wizards of Winter cured my cold heart. Let me just start by saying that when it comes to anything Christmas-related that I am like the Grinch’s evil and slightly more diabolical cousin.  Holiday cheer and holiday music makes my charcoal heart, turn even blacker and there is not really much to change that feeling, until now. Before being asked to review this album and review the upcoming Wizards of Winter show in Chicago at Thalia Hall, I had never heard of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra before. Before listening to The Wizards of Winter, Magic of Winter, I knew by the album cover that I was going to be in for a treat.

I mean come on that is a badass owl

As Flight of the Snow Angels comes in, I really the epic mixture of Christmas songs and hair metal is possibly the best pairing that could ever be invented. When the epic guitar solo came in, I could feel my charcoal heart get a little warmer. Winter Magic started off a little more macabre and epic and made me think of if Metallica binge watched Home Alone for 24 hours straight and decided to make an album. In other words this track is probably the most metal out of all of them on the album. Sharon Kelly’s vocals on this track add a really epic element.

Suprisingly, my favorite track on the album is the next one, “The Spirit of Christmas”, despite the massive amount of cheesiness and Disney Prince vocals on this one, I couldn’t help, but want to throw snowflakes at small children while fist pumping. Damn it, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, what have you done to me!

Some more notable favorites on the album are “Christmas Cotillion” and “Ebeneezer” (epic organ solo!), I wasn’t really a fan of “I Am Here”, because as much as I like Sharon’s vocals, it was a bit too Cinderella-sounding in this track.

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It’s official this album has truly been a Christmas miracle! Buy The Magic of Winter HERE.

Check out the remaining dates for the “An Evening with WIZARDS OF WINTER tour” and look out for my review for when they make it to Thalia Hall.

12/16 – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
12/17 – Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works
12/18 – Effingham, IL @ Effingham Performing Arts Center
12/20 – Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall
12/26 – Albany, NY @ The Egg
12/27 – Syracuse, NY @ Crouse Hinds Theater
12/29 – Harrisburg, PA @ The Forum

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How to start a hurling club at your school

One of the oldest sports is now growing in popularity in the US

Ever wondered how to start a hurling club at your school? Tim Fick struggled for years to maintain hold of the hurling club at Indiana University.  Constantly fighting to find members, places to play and fans to watch, putting together a hurling club seems to be a task that never ends. 

Only one thing keeps him going through it all; they absolutely love the game.  Hurling has roots in the UK, specifically Ireland, which can be traced back almost 3,000 years. College students in the U.S. are now catching on, starting up new clubs every year across the country.  In the six years that the sport has been competitively played in college, 31 different schools have formed and sanctioned a squad, according to the National Collegiate Gaelic Athletic Association (NCGAA) official website. Would you like for your school to get in on the action? Here are some tips about how to get hurling going at your school.

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Recruit your Team

Cody Hedges is the chairman of the Midwest chapter of the NCGAA.  He was a founding member of the Indiana University hurling club, which began play in 2008.  “Finding players, bar none, that is the most difficult part,” said Hedges, speaking on the biggest challenge when starting a new club.  “Most people have never heard of the sport and some people are afraid to try new things.” 

Hedges says that they key to getting players involved is making sure that there is a strong community backing.  At many universities, there are Irish-American organizations already in place that would be supportive of a new hurling club.  It is also important to find sponsorship outside of the university. “At IU, we have the Irish-American Community, and a great sponsor in the Runcible Spoon,” Hedges said.  Sponsorships like this can ensure fan support outside of just the students and their friends. It is also vital to make an early presence on social media. Using Facebook and Twitter to recruit new players, as well as keep current players informed, will help create the buzz around the sport, according to Hedges.

Once these players are recruited, it is vital that they are retained year after year.  Tim Fick is the founder of the Indiana University hurling club, and remains involved to this day.  “You have to gather a small group of interested players and convince them to put in money to purchase their own equipment,” Fick said.  IU hurling club is currently a student organization, rather than an actual club sports team.  With most universities, in order to retain a student organization you need at least five or six members, according to Fick. 

However, once you attract the initial members, guys like Hedges believe that they will catch the bug and will develop a passion for the game that will carry over year after year.  Consistent practices and social outings will build a bond between the team that will make the players not only want to come back, but to tell their friends and get them involved. “You have to build a family in order to attract people to a sport that may be fun to watch and play, but is almost unheard of in the States,” Hedges said.

Find your Field

An official Hurling field is measured at 145m by 90m, according to the official GAA website.  This can make it difficult to find space to play.  However, it isn’t yet vital to find a space on campus that is suited to accommodate a full hurling game.  “As long as there is space to practice, most of the games will be played offsite,” Hedges said.  For example, the national championship has twice been played at Gaelic Park in Chicago, Ill.  If you’re able to find a public park or sign up for field time on any available football or soccer field at your school, you will have enough space to practice.  Unless you have enough players to be practicing 15 vs. 15, something smaller will do just fine.


Keep Practicing and Maintain Your Hurling Club

Once you have recruited your initial team, it is vital to keep spreading the word around campus.  “I have spent hundreds of hours over the last eight years at Dunn Meadow and other fields,” Fick said. “I always had flyers to give to anyone who showed the least bit of interest.”

In order to keep playing, you must maintain your numbers.  Fick explained that the IU club had trouble in its early stages because they were unable to keep their relationship with IU Rec Sports due to a shortage of members.  If unable to maintain a spot on campus to practice, look around to local middle schools and high schools where you may be able to rent field time.  However, you have to at least find a place on campus to hit it around in order to gauge interest.  “A visible place to play on campus to help us promote the club has been an ongoing problem and challenge,” Fick said. 

People like Fick hold tight to the idea that hurling will catch on, relieving the problems of player shortage.  After all, it is the “fastest game on grass.”  So don’t be afraid to take a risk on your club, regardless of the bumps you hit along the way.  If you remain dedicated it will all come together for you.  As Fick explains, “we love it so much that we just keep plugging away.”

Contributed by Caleb Gardner

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How to not annoy your roommate

Tips on how to not wake your roommate because of your alarm clock

Have you experienced your alarm waking up your roommate and do you want to know how to not annoy your roommate?

When you and your roommate have different class schedules or have different lifestyles of early bird and night owl, it is very common that you do not wake up at the same time. The problem is it’s hard not to wake up your roommate, while making sure you wake up on time.

iLuv has been in the market with a bed shaker to meet your needs. iLuv’s award-winning Vibro series featuring its unique, vibrating pillow shaker has been receiving accolades for years. Now, SmartShaker™, wireless smartphone-controlled Bluetooth® bed alarm shaker makes it a lot easier. Just set the alarm on your Smart Phone through the easy-to-use app and SmartShaker™ is programmed automatically.

Patent-pending SmartShaker™ is a small, slim disc-shaped alarm that can be placed comfortably under pillows. Once users pair the SmartShaker™ to their smartphones via Bluetooth® Smart, they can adjust their preferred alarm settings selecting from silent vibration, audible alarm tones, or both through the free, easy-to-use app available for iOS and Android.

If you select the vibration only option, you can get up on time without waking your roommate. You can be awakened discreetly without disturbing anyone else in the room. Your roommate may not even realize you’re leaving the room and would appreciate your thoughtful consideration.

Are you a heavy sleeper? Do you need to wake up in a few hours for an early class or exam? You can select both sound and vibration. SmartShaker vibrates three times stronger than an iPhone’s alarm. It would remind you of how your mom woke you up at home. You can also select one of 5 alarm tones for the sound. Although smaller than traditional alarms, SmartShaker™ retains must-have features such as a convenient snooze button.

One of the problems you have when you use a smartphone as your alarm clock would be disturbing push notices, alerts, and calls. Since the SmartShaker alarm works independently once set up is done, you can place your smartphone in a different room, charging overnight. Since electric waves from a smartphone would hurt your health when you put the phone next to your pillow, SmartShaker can be a great substitute.

If you thought it would work only a few hours similar to other Bluetooth speakers, you would be amazed by how long it can work. The robust rechargeable battery inside the SmartShaker™ allows it to be used for up to a month before recharging. The latest in Bluetooth® wireless technology, Bluetooth® Smart is incredibly energy efficient and minimizes power consumption. When the battery is low, just recharge it with the included Micro USB cable.

You would like the slim and compact design. You can sleep with it comfortably as you would not even feel the lightweight SmartShaker under your pillow.

It is available in five colors to match to your preference: black, white, blue, green, and pink.

iLuv’s SmartShaker™ has an SRP of $19.99 and will be available at Amazon.com and other select retailers.

Useful tailgating tips

We talk about tailgating and the best sunglasses to show your school spirit

We have some useful tailgating tips for you.These tailgating sunglasses are perfect for the school spirit connoisseurs. When it comes to being passionate about your college or university, you want to display your school spirit front and center. It is currently football season, so parking lots are full of sports fans representing their favorite teams. Campus stores usually only have a limited selection of spirit wear, which includes t-shirts, hoodies and sweats. However, finding sunglasses that really scream “Go team!’ are hard to find, that was until AC Lens debuted their tailgating sunglasses.

The AC lens sunglasses come in either “sporty” or “preppy” styles. “Sporty” looks similar to Oakleys, while “Preppy” looks similar to the look of classic Raybans. The NCAA sunglasses only have a select few schools, but they are really sturdy glasses that are polarized for maximum effect. I personally got the Oregon Ducks sunglasses because they looked the closest to Raybans from all of the other sunglasses, which is my style of choice. The sunglasses were really sturdy and also had a nice case with it and a cleaner to accompany it.

In addition to shielding your eyes from the pesky sun we have some tailgating tips that will come in handy during the remainder of football season.

Go early and stake out a good parking spot

Finding a good parking spot is key for the ultimate tailgating experience and one of the most important tailgating tips. Finding a spot that gives you enough room to spread all of your cookware and cooking materials is a highly important part of the tailgating process.

Bring a meat thermometer

No one wants to cause a bout of salmonella poisoning to everyone at their tailgating gathering. Ensure your meat is at the proper temperature by bringing a meat thermometer and avoiding any dangerous mishaps.

Bring a game to burn off those extra calories

After engorging on glorious barbecue, snacks and beer you may feel like you gained a few pounds and need a nap. Keep that adrenaline going and burn some calories by tossing around a football or playing a wholesome game of ultimate Frisbee. It will keep everyone’s energy up and help you digest all o that food you ate!

Be kind and clean up!

Leaving beer cans and plates everywhere may seem like best option once you have had a tiring day of tailgating, however it is important to clean up after yourself and not leave mess behind as an import. If you could find a way to recycle your old beer cans that would be even better. 

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Retreat for the Student's Soul

This online retreat is the perfect motivation for students

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that can be truly transformative and

“Retreat for the Student’s Soul” is this opportunity. It is a 12-day online journey that guides students to explore, recharge, and empower themselves to become who they’re meant to be and create the lives they’re meant to live. A truly life-changing experience.

For too many students, college is not what it should be. Instead of being nurtured and inspired, students are stressed and discouraged. Instead of being encouraged to pursue their dreams, they are taught to accept the status quo and commit to a life of complacency.

“Retreat for the Student’s Soul” is working to change that. Through one-on-one interaction in intimate, small-group settings, Melanie Steele guides students to connect with their truth and develop the tools to embrace and pursue their dreams. “Their real dreams,” she says. “The ones that will lead them to the lives they can and should create.”

How it works

Through a nurturing online gathering place, students take a 12-day journey that helps them align with their truth, connect with their dreams, and develop the tools to pursue and create the life that is right for them. Melanie provides a nurturing, welcoming safe-place that guides and inspires through daily meditations, tasks, and discussions. This unique blend only takes about 30 minutes a day, yet it is truly life-changing for those who participate.

“Retreat for the Student’s Soul” is a Gift to Yourself

College is a critical time. It’s the point where you set off down the path towards the rest of your life. If you are thrown off course at this critical time, it could end up keeping you from your dreams, from becoming the person you should be, and from living the life you’re capable of living.

Don’t allow that to happen. Make a commitment to yourself and your dreams. You’re the one who holds the key. You’re the one who knows the truth. You owe it to yourself (and the rest of the world) to embrace your true potential and step down the path that is right for you.

What magic is waiting for you? What truth lives within you? How would it feel to step in line with your authentic voice and create the life you were meant to live? Join “Retreat for the Student’s Soul” and find out what’s possible.

Learn more about this opportunity and sign up here >>

Cold and Flu Remedies

College News’ natural cold remedies

These natural cold remedies will help with ailments associated with the winter season

You probably need to check out College News’ natural cold remedies. Are people coughing and sneezing an excessive amount while you are in public spaces now? That is because the lovely germ-infested flu-season is here! Even if you are one of those people that swear up and down that they never get sick, chances are you will still get a sore throat or two during winter. Getting sick usually means you have to fill yourself up with all kinds of medicine and you usually won’t know half of the ingredients in it, which can be unsettling. This is why we have came up with an all-natural care package full of natural cold remedies that is free of foreign ingredients and will clear up whatever bug you may have caught, not to mention it is affordable.


Ice Chips

This is probably my favorite product, since I constantly have stomach issues even when I am not sick. Ice Chips are an all-natural, sugar-free candy that combine xylitol and safe all natural flavors, such as peppermint and ginger, which helps aid in relieving an upset stomach or an all natural cold remedy. Throw a tin of these in your purse and you will be set. Even if you want to just use this as a breath freshener or a way to cure a sweet tooth, these will get the job done. www.icechipscandy.com

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Olbas Pastilles

My coworker came into work unable to swallow with a swollen throat. I gave him one of these lozenges and in a few minutes he was thanking me repeatedly because he was finally able to swallow. Olbas Pastilles maximum strength lozenges are made of herbs and chlorophylls. http://www.olbas.com/olbaspastilles.htm


Dr. Ehninger’s Bronchial Support

December and January is definitely cough season, which is why having some cough medicine in your cabinet is key. However, most cough medicines leave you feeling drowsy to the point where you aren’t able to get anything done. Dr. Ehningers’ natural cough medicine is composed of five herbal extracts, six essential oils and wildflower honey which makes it a truly natural cold remedy. There aren’t any ingredients that you aren’t able to trace and it won’t leave you feeling hungover the day after. http://www.olbas.com/olbascoughsyrup.htm


Olbas Nasal Inhaler

Having slight allergies and a cat that doesn’t understand personal space and has long hair can be the cause of a pretty stuff nose. That is why this nasal inhaler has been a lifesaver. Any blockage in your nose can be immediately fixed with this inhaler. http://www.olbas.com


Hawaiian Essential Oils For Insomnia and Headache Relief

Probably the most experimental of this package, these oils contain natural herbal oil like lavender, peppermint, rosemary, sage and more. The instructions say to spray the oils on your wrists and inhale or on your pillow and it should provide relief. I haven’t personally received a real reaction from it, but hey if nothing else it smells good. http://hawaiianessential.com/product/insomnia-relief/

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Next generation travel gear

Do you have everything you need to travel?

SOVRN Republic premium travel goods make you excited to travel. Established in 2014 by a recent college graduate and inspired by a 6-month study abroad trip to Indonesia in 2012, the SOVRN Republic brand has been gaining a steady following resulting from a deep focus on blending style and functionality while maintaining a commitment to backing our products with excellent customer service.

Upon returning and completing his degree in Entrepreneurship at San Diego State University, company founder David Elliott officially launched the SR Brand at the university’s annual Entrepreneurship Day and with the primary goals of inspiring people to travel, partnering with and supporting a select group of individuals who share in the company’s vision and building an effective platform to create the next generation of travel gear to serve this community of passionate travelers.

Our line of travel backpacks are designed and tested by a team of minimalistic traveling surfers & photographers who are always looking for new ways to travel more efficiently. We have found that our customers appreciate our unique stylistic approach, attention to detail and subtle approach to branding.

Over the past year and a half we have assembled an international army of traveling athletes, photographers & brand ambassadors who have taken SOVRN Republic gear to the far corners of the globe. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of our creative potential.

We invite you to learn more about our 2015 line of travel backpacks:

The  SOVRN Ambassador

The 28-liter Ambassador backpack is our flagship model and the one that started it all. Designed with 8 zippered compartments, its great for organizing everything from everyday school/work needs to a multi month trip across the globe. The Ambassador boasts an antitheft lumbar stash compartment, shock resistant laptop/tablet compartments and a key ring management system to keep your gear safe and organized. The pack is constructed with heavily padded and very comfortable shoulder pads and is built from a durable and water resistant ballistic nylon material making it well suited for college students who have to lug heavy books and other school supplies across campus, rain or shine.

The SOVRN Drifter

The 30-liter Drifter pack is constructed from a stylish blend of high quality canvas and PU leather materials and is our best selling model. The Drifter’s true genius lies in its multifunctional design that allows it to quickly convert from a backpack into a duffle with a detachable shoulder tote. The lightweight Drifter pack serves as a perfect weekender bag with its duffle style entrance making loading in a couple of stacks of folded clothes easy and with the convertible design making the duffle mode an attractive option for when it isn’t your only travel companion. The Drifter in combination with The Ambassador make the perfect team for hands free travel, something very useful for wandering minimalistic surfers/photographers with lots of boards and camera gear to lug around!

The SOVRN Drifter :   HD

The 32-liter Drifter : HD (Heavy Duty) pack is our answer to the feedback we’ve received on ways to make our original Drifter more useful. New features include a detachable rain cover, a laptop compartment (up to 17”), padded shoulder straps/back pads, waist & chest straps and lockable zipper pullers.

We encourage you to rethink your current carry situation and consider upgrading to a SOVRN Republic!

Follow our team’s adventures on Instagram & Facebook: @SOVRNRepublic | facebook.com/SOVRNRepublic

Shop our products: www.sovrnrepublic.com | Discount code: “College News” for 20% off backpacks with free shipping

Perfect your college presentation with these nifty workstations

PC Tables has college students covered with their selection of mobile workstations

Tired of getting to the library and seeing nothing but full tables or trying to study on your bed which just puts you straight to sleep? The Tabletote is the perfect piece of survival equipment for studying on-the-go or at home! This handy companion can be assembled and used anywhere from the dorm room to outside or anywhere that a stable work surface doesn’t exist. FYI Students! Tabletote does a lot of business with college student debaters. Since debate has moved from a print oriented environment to computer environment, they find our little lightweight portable/compact table quite helpful.

This convenient workspace sets up in just seconds and without tools. When your years of seemingly endless studying and term papers have paid off with a degree, take the Tabletote with you into the workforce for an impressive tool that will enhance your productivity and give you a leg up on the competition.

Students don’t need an obnoxiously large case to carry their Tabletote in, as it fits nicely inside a standard laptop bag or your school backpack making the Tabletote the most convenient laptop stand on the market. Its compactness makes it perfect for frequent travel or having to commute to multiple campuses in one day. Have a presentation to do on two separate campuses on the same day? The Tabletote will not only have you covered with the ability to easily slip into your bag and travel, but also the instant set-up time will eliminate any stress you may have with time management.

Accidents in dorm rooms and in classrooms happen all of the time if you don’t have your laptop on a sturdy surface. No one wants to have to call up Mom and Dad and explain how a new laptop was broken. This is why purchasing a Tabletote would provide an extremely sturdy surface to place your laptop on when you are using it or when it is not in use.

Tabletote is available in three models – Original, Plus and Stand Up. The Original Tabletote weighs less than 3.5 lbs and comes with lightweight aluminum telescoping legs that can extend from 13″ to 29″, enabling you to have a versatile space to use while sitting or standing. The Plus model offers the same great features as the Original, plus two clip on accessories for your cup and PDA to create a truly dynamic and expandable workstation. The Original and Plus models can easily fit in backpacks and most laptop carrying cases – transport size is 13″ long x 10 1/8″ wide x 1 1/8″ thick when fully compacted. Both models also offer an offer a large extendable work surface, allowing for an external mouse or even a portable projector for those of us who want to showcase big presentations!

Those who want to do presentations while standing up or are a bit taller than that average person can use the Stand Up model. The Stand Up model has all of the amenities of the Original Tabletote, but has an extra set of longer legs, which has a height of 39 inches instead of the standard 29 inches of the Original model. So, those who need a versatile workstation while doing a standing presentation can pick up this version of the Tabletote.

If you’re signed up for Amazon Student Prime or spend over $35 on Amazon.com, you’ll enjoy free shipping when you order the Tabletote. You can also order with ease and confidence knowing that Tabletote is sold EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon.com (it’s been Amazon’s best selling laptop stand since 2009). PC TABLES Inc., the manufacturer of Tabletote, has been in business for over 14 years – they’re a trusted company with a 30-day money back guarantee. Tabletote is a steal at $29.99, compared to many other laptop stands which sell for $75-$100!

Thousands of students nationwide have already changed their studying habits by using Tabletote. What are you waiting for? Head over to Amazon.com to order yours TODAY.
For more information, you can also visit the company website at http://www.pctabletote.com OR call 314-265-7071.

Your Spring Break Packing List

Your tickets are booked, hotel is reserved (and if not, get the hell on it!) and you are seriously ready to get your party face on. But what are you bringing?

Sure you could play it safe and bring your whole closet in a checked bag, but baggage fees are so last year. Let’s break down the essentials you’ll need and show you how to get them all neatly packed in your carry on. Because the less time you waste waiting at a baggage carousel means more time on the beach and isn’t that really the whole point?

Sunscreen. Non-negotiable. Because, safety. Also nobody wants to party with the bright red lobster with the unfortunate tan lines. Bonus: don’t forget lip balm with SPF either, because your lips burn fast in that afternoon sun.

Refillable water bottle (empty during the actual travel, natch). Bonus if you can find one of those collapsible ones. The goal is to stay hydrated with your own water supply and NOT have to shell out your beer money on bottled water.

Portable battery and phone charger. If you don’t have a portable rechargeable battery, buy or borrow one. You will have your phone out all day, snapping pictures, posting Instagrams to make your friends back home jealous, and getting walking directions to Senor Frogs. A portable battery means never being tied to an outlet. FREEDOMMMMM!

Two swimsuits. Because your main one will probably not dry overnight on your hotel balcony, and slipping into a cold, damp suit in the morning feels gross.

A light jacket. You are probably heading somewhere warm, but the nights can get chilly or a sudden downpour could literally rain on your parade.

Aspirin. Long days in the sun + drinking = headaches. Also good for muscle aches if you flex too hard trying to impress some hottie on the beach.

Your own towel. Some hotels do not allow you to borrow theirs for the beach, and you don’t want to have to buy a $30 towel from a souvenir shop. Your towel also rolls up to make a good neck pillow on your flight, so when you are hung over tired on the way home you can rest a little easier.

So now that you know what to bring, here’s how to get it all in your carry on, because you are smart like that…

Take those travel-sized bottles and tubes out of their bulky boxes and into a clear Ziploc. Easier at airport security and takes up much less space.

Roll, don’t fold. Rolled clothes defy the laws of physics and fit better. Don’t ask how, just try it and thank us later.

Limit yourself to three pairs of shoes, MAX. Ladies, we are looking at you here. You really only need three pairs: flip flops for the beach, your favorite sneakers for the rest of the time and one pair of dressy flats if you decide to hit the dance floor. These can be swapped for heels if you absolutely have to, but they will take up more precious real estate in your bag.

Wear your sneakers, your jeans and your jacket for the plane ride. The bulkiest stuff you are packing won’t waste space if you wear it to and from Cancun.

**Originally published on STA Travel**