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Chocolate Truffles

Tasty Chocolate Truffles

These easy-to-make chocolate truffles are the perfect indulgence for when the nights draw in and the fall edges ever closer. Our tasty chocolate truffles are delicious on their own, or you could shake things up with different toppings including cocoa powder, crushed pistachio or cashew nuts or desiccated coconut. Go on, give it a go!


  • 300g dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids
  • 1 ½ cups double cream
  • 50g unsalted butter


  1. Break the chocolate up into small pieces and place into a bowl.
  2. Pour the cream and butter into a sauce pan and gently heat until the butter melts and the cream reaches simmering point.
  3. Pour the cream and butter mixture over the chocolate and combine until smooth. Cool and chill for at least 4 hours.
  4. To shape the truffles, scoop up the truffle mixture with a melon baller or a spoon, and shape into balls with clean hands.
  5. Gently roll the truffles in crushed pistachios, desiccated coconut or cocoa powder for extra flair (optional).
  6. Chill in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, or freeze for up to a month.

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Energy Boost

How Do You Get Your Energy Boost?

Article written by Austin Goodwin.

In a society where people have an unlimited capacity to do work in the palm of their hands, college students face ever-increasing pressure to fill their cups to the brim with courses and involvement. With the mindset of “go, go, go,” it is easy to lose track of what makes you go. College campuses are saturated with energy sources between convenience stores loaded with energy drinks and coffee shops on every corner. While these energy drinks and coffees will give students an energy boost, it is important to understand exactly how these beverages affect a person’s overall health.

Energy Drinks

Brand strategists prioritize marketing energy drinks to college students, the most energy-deprived demographic. Students view these energy beverages, donned in sleek metallic cans and rich with modern design, as the one-size-fits-all solution to their lack of energy without considering the synthetic makeup.

Caffeine, i.e. survival juice. Most energy drinks offer the same amount or more caffeine than a coffee of the same size. Energy drinks have additional stimulants in their mix, like taurine, guarana, L-carnitine, and B vitamins. While these stimulants are legal, the doses of the stimulants in energy drinks are several times higher than what is consumed in a normal diet. It is unsafe for college students to subject themselves to such highs and lows long-term, and should opt for a balanced alternative.

The plague of energy drinks is sugar, most averaging over 50 grams of sugar (12 teaspoons for reference). The sugar content varies between energy drinks, but the crash coming from a sugar-induced insulin spike and subsequent crash from the stimulants wearing off leaves students feeling worse than they did before drinking one. Choosing “All Natural” mixes that energize water and other beverages provide an energy boost without the crash experienced with energy drinks.

College students may find themselves chasing energy drink crashes with another drink. The cycle of ups and downs for the body is dangerous both mentally and physically. Add in the jitters that come from an unbalanced energy boost and it becomes difficult to concentrate. Students may consider a sugar-free variety, but the hidden effects of artificial sweeteners are unknown to most.

Artificial sweeteners

While artificial sweeteners like sucralose are calorie-free and sugar-free, they can still spike blood glucose and insulin levels, leading to energy crashes. Additionally, sucralose itself as a primary sweetener can alter digestive bacteria in the stomach, leading to long-lasting complications with nutrition and medicine absorption. Making drinks “sugar-free” by pumping them with synthetic ingredients doesn’t mitigate the negative effects, despite how “sugar-free” is marketed as a safer alternative.


College students looking for their energy boost and caffeine fix but not wanting the negative effects of energy drinks choose America’s favorite morning beverage to get them through study sessions and classes. The warmth of coffee on a cold winter day or a long, lonely night adds an emotional effect not found with energy drinks.

The caffeine content in coffee for a home brew is around 100 mg, so college students can drink larger amounts of coffee than energy drinks and stay within the caffeine limit. However, coffee is an appetite suppressant and a diuretic; lack of hydration and balanced dieting can lead to jitters and headaches from the caffeine spike. Finding ways to energize and hydrate is a more ideal way to energize without the negative after-effects.

The bitterness and lack of flavor from a recommended plain black coffee is a detractor, which is where specialty coffee beverages at coffee shops gain their luster. A coffee loaded with caramel, chocolate, whipped cream, and sweetener tastes delicious, but adds more sugar and a crash akin to energy drinks. Additionally, the added calories from a sweetened store-bought coffee or home-brewed coffee can lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Students should consider the negative effects of the beverages they consume for an energy boost. Coffee is less synthetic and safer in large amounts, but can be inconvenient. Energy drinks are more artificial and concentrated, but pose greater health risks. College students need an energy source that is clean, doesn’t make them jittery or irritable, and is free of a sugar crash. Coffee and energy drinks hold their value as energy sources and students should consume with their individual pros and cons in mind.


A viable alternative to coffee and energy drinks is pureLYFT, which is Clean Caffeine extracted from unroasted green coffee beans offering the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. pureLYFT is all-natural like coffee, more convenient than an energy drink, packed with vitamins A and B complex, and lightly sweetened with Stevia Leaf. Whether students are using it at home, going out, in the gym, or in class, they can get the energy boost they need without the fillers they don’t.


Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Let’s dress up—it’s fun!

Halloween is right around the corner, and you’ve probably been thinking about what costume you’re going to wear. As you know, dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treats are the longest-standing traditions observed during Halloween across the world.

Dressing up in costume is always fun. Dressing up is no longer considered children’s play—kids and adults are equally interested in it. You can be who you want to be even if it is just for the night. You can experience the feeling of being your favorite movie/TV character, personality or a scary zombie. This is the the biggest celebration that allows everyone to dress up as characters different to themselves.

Recently, Halloween costume trends have undergone tremendous changes, though Halloween traditions and customs remains the same. Every year, the costume industry comes up with even more creative and elaborative costumes that are extremely popular.

College offers some of the best years of your life; you will find out who you really are and learn to be independent. This is the time to make memories. As a college student, the Halloween celebration is entirely different from the imagination and fantasy you had when you were a little kid. The Halloween celebration as an adult with your new friends at college is an enjoyment all in itself. Make the most of your college Halloween experience. Costumes4less.com offer one of the finest and largest collections of Halloween costumes anywhere on the world.

In college, Halloween is a week of fun and partying. For students, the goal is to dress as something unique that will impress everyone at the party. Costumes4Less have a range of awesome costumes that will accomplish this goal. This year’s costume collections include 2017’s most popular licenses like Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman, Disney’s Moana, Spider-Man Homecoming, Pirates of the Carribean 5, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Descendants 2 to name a few. Apart from these, Costumes4Less have costumes inspired by top trending TV shows, popular video games and decade costumes. Costumes4Less also offer brand new styles of occupation-themed costumes and revamped versions of traditional classic Halloween costumes like pirates, princesses, witches, angels, vampires, ninjas, fairies and zombies.

Dressing up in your favorite costume on your own is fun; but dressing up with your best friends is even more so. Star Wars costumes, Decade costumes, Super Mario costumes, Pirates of Carribean costumes, Animal costumes and Funny costumes are among some of the most popular group costumes at Costumes4Less. Besides this, they also have a fantastic selection of couple costumes that are sure to get you noticed.

Finally, no costume is complete without the proper accessories. A perfect costume accessory like a hat, wig or makeup can add an authentic touch to your character. For those who don’t want to dress up in an elaborate costume, there are costume kits available including animal kits, superhero kits and TV/movie character kits that help you to transform instantly into the character you want.

Costumes4less.com is a one-stop destination for all your Halloween needs. Right from inception, they have been inspiring their customers with new and trendy Halloween costumes every year. This year, Costumes4less.com is ready with an amazing collection of the latest and greatest Halloween costumes and accessories that will keep everyone spellbound.

So, what do you want to be this Halloween?


Voice of Insiders Streetwear

Redefining modern streetwear and conveying a new freshness to the “jungle” of fashion.

Unless you’ve been camping out in the actual jungle for the last several years, you’d have noticed that technology and fashion have started to blend together in new ways. In fact, probably almost everyone you know has a Fitbit (which started with a bracelet and has now branched into apparel) or Apple Watch (which did a collaboration with Hèrmes to create luxurious leather straps for the timepieces) or some other kind of wearable device that can measure heart rate, calories burned, and a wide array of other metrics. And the appeal of such devices is easy to see. Sure, a watch tells time, but why shouldn’t it do more for us? The Fitbit and Apple Watch do indeed, do much, much more.

But, why confine such obvious benefits to simply accessories? While a watch is a great accessory, not all of us prefer or choose to wear one. However, putting on clothes before we head out the door every day is not an option for any of us, it’s an obligation. “No shirt, no shoes, no service” still applies in most or all public spaces, so unless you happen to live in a nudist colony, you may want to keep reading.

Some brands offer clothing made from high performing textiles. These special fabrics have properties far beyond what fibers like cotton, linen, silk and wool can offer. Benefits of these textiles may range from anti-wrinkling, quick drying, antibacterial, light-up/color-changing, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, water repellant, UV protection, temperature regulating, and might offer the wearer energy return and even support the treatment of injuries. While some of these streetwear technologies are more gimmick-y or just for fun, some of them are really incredible. For example, Outlast, a technology originally developed by NASA for use in spacesuits on account of its temperature regulation properties, is now used in products like bedding, apparel, footwear, seating and beyond. Another amazing technology we discovered is called Celliant, which originally had a variety of uses for aiding performance, recovery and sleep on account of its proprietary infrared energy technology, but is now also being used in a multitude of different products, including fashion garments!

Modern streetwear

Although the number of fashion brands that have discovered the benefits of using technologies like Outlast and Celliant are still few, there’s no doubt that performance textiles being used in clothing is going to be a huge trend. One brand that’s ahead of the flow and combining fashion and function in a way we’ve never seen before is the NYC-based performance streetwear brand, Voice of Insiders. Voice of Insiders was founded in 2016 with a mission to seamlessly fuse technology and fashion and a vision to re-define modern streetwear and convey a new freshness to the “jungle” of fashion. Their simple, yet thoughtful designs are comfortable and wearable, yet elevated at the same time. We can see their Energy Zip Dress pairing equally well with sneakers for running errands during the day or with a strappy sandal for a night out, and the Energy Track Pant can take you from the basketball court to dinner, just pop on a jacket (like their Double Zipper Aviator Jacket) and you’re good to go! All pieces feature technologies like Outlast and Celliant and each one comes with a tag detailing the unique benefits of each individual piece. For example, the Transformable Down Filled Parka is a true 2-in-1 piece, with a water and wind repellant shell that zips off, showcasing a down filled jacket underneath. The piece is also breathable and packable! Voice of Insiders’ collection is the ideal capsule wardrobe for someone who wants to do a lot with a little and who believes that clothes should do more than simply look good.

You can find performance streetwear from Voice of Insiders online at www.voiceofinsiders.com and use code “INSIDERS” for 10 percent off your order. You can also check out what they’re up to on Instagram @voiceofinsiders.

Empowering Women

Empowering Women: We Need More Lady Bosses!

The term, “The clothes make the man”, is often misinterpreted. When someone enjoys what they are wearing, they feel more confident and delighted with themselves and the world is at their fingertips. This is the goal of ButtaFly Jeans & Apparel and the vision of owner and co-founder, Ehren Muhammad. Empowering women through the clothes they wear, either casual or recreational, an empowered woman can change the world, in the right pair of jeans or course.

Empowering female entrepreneurship

More than just fashion, ButtaFly Jeans & Apparel knew that by designing a platform for ambitious women to start their own empires—where they network, share what they have learned, and grow together—that we would help fill the void of female business leadership.  ButtaFly Jeans has two ways for women to become their own bosses and start making a difference—and money.

Brand Ambassador Program

  • Individuals with a strong social media presence and outgoing personality receive a promotional code to post wearing and promoting ButtaFly Jeans apparel. In exchange, they receive 10 percent commission of every sale when their code is used. Also, they get free clothes every month.

Consignment Vendor Program

  • A great way to bring in additional income for those with a full-time position or have another small business already, ButtaFly Jeans will send a small inventory of product for the vendor to sell at a retail price. The vendor and ButtaFly Jeans split the retail revenue.

These programs were created to help empower women by both developing new entrepreneurs and giving established business owners a new revenue stream. When women win in business, everyone wins. This is the stance that ButtaFly Jeans owner and co-founder, Ehren Muhammad has taken. The fact is that under-served and struggling communities see substantial improvements when the women in these areas are educated and have prominent roles in business. And nothing beats owning a business and helping their entire community.

Fashion has no type

Fashion for those with curves and those that want them; there is no one type—all figures and shapes are catered to at ButtaFly Jeans. The clothing styles at ButtaFly Jeans Apparel were crafted with the idea that all women should enjoy what they wear and feel confident about it, empowering women along the way.

From casual fashion, such as jeans, summer dresses, leggings and swimwear, ButtaFly Jeans clothing is designed for all women. No two women are alike and neither should their fashion selection be. Your fashion is as unique as you feel. The brand has fitness apparel designed for the most intense training session yet sporty and stylish for a young lady to rock when hanging out with friends. Everything from compression styles to breathable, flexible cotton blends, ButtaFly Jeans clothing is crafted with durable, quality materials for the lifestyle of a lady boss.

Making a dream a reality

Raised by a single mother on the Southside of Chicago, Ehren Muhammad saw his mother struggle to provide for both him and his older sister. But she did provide a place to live and solid upbringing without fail. Moreover, he saw her put her dreams of fashion design on the backburner in order to pay for her children to go to school. Muhammad wanted to draw and design, and that’s when presented with the opportunity he helped to establish ButtaFly Jeans. Merging fashion design with a platform to help women build their own business is his way of paying homage to his mother and empowering women worldwide.

Cannabis Smoker

Cannabis, Women and Staying High in Style

Smoking Cannabis is an everyday thing for many women, but the physical effects of cannabis leave the smoker with low red eyes. There are two ways to combat this; eye drops or shades. Sadly, eye drops don’t always work.

Blazed Shades is catered to the female cannabis smoker that wants to slay and BLAZE in cute SHADES.

Cannabis consumption risks

Smoking cannabis comes with many tell-tale signs, such as smell. Over the years, however, many stoners have found that simply consuming outdoors is an easy alternative to fighting the smell. Another tell-tale sign of cannabis consumption is the low red eyes that come with it. Many wonder why this happens or why it happens more to some, but not to all:

  • Cannabis strain. This is one of the known causes of low/red eyes. In fact, different cannabis strains cause different levels of bloodshot eyes.

THC contained in cannabis lowers blood pressure, causes the blood vessels to dilate and increases blood flow to the eyes, thereby turning them red.

  • Smoke. When exhaling the smoke travels upward and usually hits the smoker in the eyes, causing their eyes to water and burn.
  • Don’t panic! It’s just cannabis doing its medical thing!

Eye drops don’t always work

Cannabis has side-effects including red eyes which takes time to resolve. Although it is something not to panic about, many smokers would say, “Just use some eye drops then you’ll be all right.” Yes, that is, in fact, true but some specialists warn that overusing eye drops may be detrimental to your eye health. Blazed Shades is a brand that provides female cannabis smokers with shades to hide their low/red eyes, to combat this side-effect of cannabis consumption. Not only do Blazed Shades provide women with fashion-forward shades, they also offer a place to feel empowered about being a lady smoker. Who wouldn’t want to slay and blaze in cute shades!

Cannabis destigmatization

More and more people are beginning to learn about the incredible benefits of using cannabis. Destigmatization of the substance isn’t completely achieved, but great progress is being made in the American society as the number of individuals advocating for the legalization of cannabis increases every year.

A recent survey conducted by Yahoo News and Marist Poll showed that 52 percent of Americans over the age of 18 have smoked pot at some point in their lives, that most adults in the US have tried pot and 44 percent of them still use it today.

The poll also discovered that most American parents aren’t worried about their grown kids being a cannabis smoker. In fact, many of the parents surveyed claim they would have freaked out if they found out their kid(s) favored tobacco over hemp. Blazed Shades is also behind the movement of cannabis destigmatization. Using their platform to give women an open space to be comfortable with their dosage.

Cannabis in the beauty industry

With the legalization of marijuana in 10 states in the US, cannabis is getting societal acceptance and making its mark in not just the medical arena, but in such areas as the beauty and fashion industry globally.

In recent times, cannabis has become a key ingredient in the creation of some beauty products owing to its remarkable healing properties. Hemp oil is making its way into the beauty industry. It made the list of many 2018 superfood trends articles by popular news outlets. Blazed Shades is expanding to provide women with eye makeup products as well. Hemp oil is full of Omega-3s and Omega-6s with no psychoactive effect. It is lightweight, can be consumed or used as a topical agent. Being added into an eyeshadow palette is one of the many ways to add hemp oil to your beauty regime.

Safe consumption

Though there are no recorded cases of death by a THC overdose, intoxicated individuals might end up doing things that cause them much harm or even brings about their death.

There are so many methods of consuming hemp, but not every one of these methods is safe enough—especially for novice users. It is therefore recommended that inexperienced users  consume cannabis through a vaporizer.

Experienced cannabis smokers are also advised not to hold their breath for too long after taking a drag, as a study titled Breathhold Duration and Response to Marijuana Smoke, by the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, showed that doing so didn’t improve the user’s high but exposed the lungs to all forms of toxic nastiness.

Women in cannabis statistics

As destigmatization of cannabis heightens in American society, more and more women are becoming open about their use of marijuana. In fact, a greater number of women than men have admitted to using cannabis daily to cope with stress, body pain and anxiety.

A report from the Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC) made it clear that there are as many women using cannabis in society as there are male users. In fact, CCC’s survey in the US showed that women shockingly dominated the cannabis consumption crowd with 53 percent of women consuming cannabis versus 42 percent for men.

Staying Safe on Vacation

Bon Voyage! Staying Safe on Vacation

With nature beginning to bloom and the sun bright in the sky, summer is quickly approaching. Summer fills our minds with dreams of vacation on the crystal-clear, white beaches of Cancun, in the snow-peaked mountains of Switzerland or in the mind-blowing skyscrapers of New York. Many people have already planned vacations or are beginning to do so, but in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, many forget the most crucial ways to stay safe on vacation and traveling. For those of you lucky enough to turn those vacation dreams into reality, here are our top tips for staying safe on vacation:

Before arriving at your destination

Before heading out on that trip you’ve been planning for months, don’t forget to pack all of your important documents like passports or IDs in a waterproof container (especially if you’re headed to those crystal-clear beaches in Cancun!) or somewhere they won’t get lost or left behind.

Do some research before you book that cheaper hotel. Read the reviews online and ask around about the area where the hotel is located before making a decision.

Before leaving home for your trip, notify your bank that you will be vacationing in another state or country. Save yourself the anguish of trying to make a purchase while abroad before realizing the bank froze your debit card due to “fraud”.

Arriving at your destination

When you travel somewhere unknown, stay together with the people you are traveling with to ensure you are staying safe on vacation. Getting lost is way easier than it sounds, even with our modern GPS in hand. The number of times a phone dies exactly when you most need it is astounding.

While you may be itching to explore your holiday spot’s nightlife, remember: You’re in a strange, unfamiliar place, so think twice before hopping into whatever taxi appears first. Tourists tend to stick out to natives, making you an easy target for theft. Only use well-known transportation methods like Uber or Lyft. These companies perform background checks on their drivers, making them a safer option.

If you are traveling in your own vehicle, make sure to complete a full inspection on the car before heading to your vacation destination. There’s nothing worse than getting a flat tire 200 miles from home and realizing you don’t have a spare.

While out & about

Nothing goes better together than drinks and fun while on vacation. Remember to watch those drinks like you would with any other outing with friends. Don’t accept drinks from strangers if they’re open or if you didn’t watch them pour it.

If you’re in a sunny climate, don’t pass on the sunscreen. Those UV rays are hitting you hard even though you’re having too much fun to feel it. If, on the other hand, you traveled to those beautiful mountains in Switzerland, remember to keep Chapstick and lotion handy so your skin doesn’t dry up from the cold.

Watch out for pickpockets in big cities by keeping your phone and wallet in your front pockets. With the old habit of putting your phone in your back pocket, you may think someone is squeezing past you, but they might be taking your phone or cash.

Wherever life takes you this summer, make sure to enjoy yourself by staying safe on vacation. You want to make safe, happy memories—not an experience you’ll regret!

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Mindful and sustainable world

Cultivating a Mindful and Sustainable World with AboveBoard

Planting seeds for a better tomorrow.

The seeds for The AboveBoard Co. began with family. When we were young, our parents provided us with awareness that our actions will drive consequences. In our micro view of the world, we knew that if we acted with good intentions, we would be rewarded with positive outcomes and vice-versa. With simple upbringings, our parents created a balanced environment of strength and flexibility. Sacrifices of material wants were met with love and compassion. We were constantly reminded to be grateful. That if we search, we will come to understand that people and experiences make us stronger, even those we do not get to experience firsthand. This grounded notion stayed with us beyond childhood and created a curious need to do better and create a mindful and sustainable world. The world was our stage. An audience of familiar and unfamiliar faces was wishing us well.

As we passed through the wonder years and entered adulthood, we found ourselves in two very different environments, serving in the military and college life. Each one brought different challenges and opportunities but a few things stayed consistent. Actions drive consequences, good intentions manifest positive outcomes and experiences along with connections make us stronger.

Diversity created awareness   

We were learning how to be citizens of the world. Having responsibility of “who we are” was real. The choices we were making had an impact on oneself, others and the environment, even if we were incognizant of the connection. Interconnectedness is a force. This was a new level of awareness. It was exciting!

Toward the end of our college years, we came across an excerpt from the Dalai Lama stating that most Buddhists are vegetarian simply to treat all sentient beings with compassion. Simple, yet powerful. Choosing vegetarian options became a lifestyle. Now, vegan options are our norm.

We feel that a vegetarian lifestyle is a compassionate one, in addition to having positive impacts on both health and environment.  With this understanding, we realized that mindful choices made us feel better.  We quietly remembered what our parents taught us about gratitude and forces that drive the world, visible or not.

Over the years, mindful choices have led us to support sustainable practices like organic farming, eliminating chemicals from health and household products, water conservation, recycling and reducing plastic waste, among other practices.

Mindful clothing surfaces

What is next? To our own surprise, clothing! The fashion industry is reported to be the second dirtiest industry in the world next to oil.  We found this to be unnecessary harm to all that is impacted. With our understanding that actions drive consequences and good intentions bring positive outcomes, we decided to take action.

Our goal is to create mindful clothing by way of sustainable practices made for everyday explorations, whether you are resting, on the go or enjoying your favorite practice. This is our way to plant seeds for a better tomorrow. We can cultivate a mindful and sustainable world with what we choose to wear.

AboveBoard is a movement

AboveBoard is the awareness that the world is our stage to do better. We can choose products that are coercion and cruelty free. We can choose products that support safe work environments and local living wages. We can choose products that reduce our environmental impact by conserving biodiversity, keeping water sources clean and waste out of landfills. We can choose products that are high-quality and AboveBoard. AboveBoard is a reminder that we are interconnected. AboveBoard is a by-product of who we are and our curious need to do better.

As our seeds continue to grow, we are reminded that sustainability is the practice of conscious and collective actions that manifest stable and harmonious outcomes. And that taking action together makes us stronger. We ask you to make mindful and sustainable choices whenever possible. Together we can make this our greatest experience yet. We wish you well.

The idea

The AboveBoard Co. began in San Diego, CA as an idea for a clothing brand to be a globally recognized voice for interconnectedness. Inspired by conscious minds and compassionate hearts, we create quality products by way of sustainable practices to encourage mindful engagement with the world.

Sand-Free Beach Towel

How This Australian Company Created the Sand-free Beach Towel

School is out, and summer is finally here! Many are headed to the beach for sure.

Time to pack the essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses and a beach towel.

Speaking of towels, there’s an amazing sand-free beach towel that’s changing the whole beach game—because yes, it truly repels sand!

How did it come about? Well, it all started with a hike a couple of years ago. Two friends, along with some buddies, trooped to Sydney’s Royal National Park for a beach outing.

It was a day well spent. But having to carry wet and heavy sand-laden beach towels dampened what would have otherwise been a perfect day. However, as the saying goes, “Everything begins with an idea”.

These college buddies—Volkan and Jacky—thought about making a towel that not only functioned better but looked terrific, too. Hence, the concept for Tesalate was born.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing at first. These young visionaries fondly recall those early days full of sleepless nights researching and designing. It was a rollercoaster ride of stressing out, crying and laughing.

Tesalate finally launched at Bondi Beach Markets 18 months after that fateful beach outing. From humble beginnings, this Australian company rapidly expanded to 70 countries.

Tesalate is making a big splash for a lot of reasons. Apart from being a sand-free beach towel, it’s also incredibly innovative. Now here’s where it gets technical.

Tesalate is made from AbsorbLite™ microfiber. That’s why sand easily slides off, instead of getting stuck in the looped fibers like regular towels.

No matter how drenched one gets from swimming all day, Tesalate is capable of absorbing as much as one liter (33 ounces) of water. Despite that, it dries up pretty fast!

The towel is so lightweight and compact, it fits into a small tote, too.

So, say goodbye to the days of going home from the beach drenched. Say goodbye to messing up your car seats with water and sand. Goodbye to packing smelly, wet, bulky beach towels. Tesalate is genuinely a heaven-send for every beach lover.

But hey, just because it’s a hardworking towel doesn’t mean it looks boring.

Tesalate sand-free beach towels are very much head turners. There are over 20 mouth-watering, vibrant designs catering to guys and gals’ distinct tastes.

Retailing at USD$59 each, the company offers free shipping worldwide and free returns.

Thousands of beach lovers have snapped up this fantastic beach essential. The sand-free beach towel has, in fact, earned thousands of positive reviews from all over the world since it’s launch.

Check out the towels exclusively at www.tesalate.com. Go ahead and indulge.

Because Tesalate, no doubt, will make beach days better.


Flat Water Bottle

memobottle: The Original Flat Water Bottle

The original flat water bottle designed to fit in your bag!

memobottle™ creates flat and easy-to-carry water bottles. With shapes inspired by international standards for paper size (A5, A6, A7) the memobottles are tailored to fit into bags/backpacks and for those on-the-go situations — ideal for commuters, minimalist, adventurists and bookworms.

Having grown up in a coastal town, memobottle founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt saw first-hand the devastating impact single-use water bottles were having on their coastline.

They also recalled that throughout their schooling, college and working lives, they were constantly frustrated with the inability to fit round water bottles in carry/laptop bags. The duo realised that they weren’t alone with these frustrations, when they launched memobottle in 2014. The bottles struck instant fame—gaining inclusion to the Oscars gift bags, being endorsed by celebrities including Anne Hathaway, and winning multiple international design awards.

“Somewhere along the line, society became fixated on designing cylindrical shaped bottles. Bottles hadn’t changed shape in decades, yet tablets, laptops and computer bags were all flat in their design. Round bottles just didn’t fit with our modern lives. So, we decided to flip the equation,” says Jesse. And it makes sense. We carry satchels, laptop bags, and compact backpacks to school, college and work.  There is limited space for our essentials, let alone bulky water bottles.

480 billion single-use bottles were consumed globally in 2016 despite 91 percent of the world’s population having access to clean drinking water. “We have one planet; we are the first generation to feel the effects of manmade climate change and maybe the last that can do something about it,” says Jonathan. By providing a more convenient water bottle that is optimised for travel, memobottle strive to inspire a more reusable society.

In addition to their mission to reduce single-use bottles, memobottle have a charitable partnership with water.org (A US not-for-profit founded by Matt Damon), which provides two months’ of clean water to one person in need for every memobottle sold. To date, memobottle have contributed over three million days of clean water to people in need.

memobottle’s range of flat, premium, reusable drink bottles have captured the world’s attention through innovative, convenient design while carrying a strong message of the importance of a sustainable future. Sharing a similar shape to the common items in our bags, the range couples stylishly with laptops and notepads, fits neatly in hiking packs and saves space in beach bags and clutches.

With four sizes ranging in volume from six to 25 ounces, memobottle is the hydration solution this summer at the beach, the mountain, and the desert. There is a memobottle for every bag, lifestyle and occasion. Check out the memobottle range at www.memobottle.com or @memobottle.