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Perfect Fit for College Schedule: YogaFit

Need a Job? Under Stress?

Need a job? Under stress?

Those two questions will get most any student nodding their head. Whether you’re battling class assignments or fighting for more room in your dorm, college will always find a way to get hectic. Not to mention those summer savings aren’t going to last forever. No matter how many stress relieving events student organizations may hold on, it’s still an effort just to make it there, if your new job and classes will allow it in your schedule.

Yoga isn’t just some modern trend craze. Not only has it been scientifically proven to manage stress and promote health, it’s a fun and often easy-going gig, whether teaching part time or full. YogaFit (and founder Beth Shaw have aimed to bring healing yoga to the masses since it’s founding. The belief that yoga is a gift for the body and mind, and that sharing this practice with others will aid in personal growth has inspired many to join the movement. It is said when one teaches, two grow.

YogaFit is the largest yoga fitness education school in the world with more than 200,000 instructors trained on six continents. Each year across North America, a dozen Mind-Body-Fitness Conferences, and an average of 800 yoga teacher trainings give people the tools to become yoga instructors. Our 80 highly skilled Master Trainers work diligently to improve the health, skillset, performance, and mental balance of those they are training to teach. YogaFit partners with the American Council on Exercise, Can Fit Pro, many other health and wellness organizations and is required by several college yoga programs throughout the United States.

Colleges and universities embrace the warmth of YogaFit principally for the safety and inclusiveness engrained in the teaching style. Based on fitness principles developed in the best selling book YogaFit, we set ourselves apart within the industry with safety modifications to common poses, taking into account the importance of healing bodies. The goal is for each student to have the most healthy mind and body possible. The acceptance, lack of competition, and exclusion of expectations gives teachers the opportunity to create a unique and more peaceful environment. In addition, YogaFit stresses the idea that yoga is open to each and every person who feels the call to practice. Since YogaFit works to remove all competitiveness from the minds of those practicing, our trainers are instructed on tending to those who may need more help during class. Getting away from the college life of competition, stereotypes and expectations? What a relief! Every student has the right to this beneficial practice and the spreading of its light. YogaFit continues to open this opportunity to students by hosting trainings on campus in some areas.

What better job for your college schedule than teaching yoga?  Earn cash while reaping the physical and mental benefits! Most college jobs require blocks of hours at a time, which can clog up a student’s schedule. Book just one hour per day, or however many classes you want to! Being a yoga instructor allows the perfect daily length of time to focus on one’s body, wallet, and your last assignment. For students who don’t have access to work study jobs or off-campus employment, teaching yoga is the most convenient way to make money.

Colleges that require their students to be trained through YogaFit find that the same safe and inclusive pattern is found embodied from class to class. This consideration for the comfort of individuals in the class is tradition at YogaFit. Join the family of instructors and get your dream job in college. Find out more about our programs and get started on your path today!

A Millennials' Guide To Choosing The Right Backpack

How to choose the right back for your custom needs in college

Opening their doors in a suburb just north of Detroit twelve years ago, Flymode had one mission – to showcase the hottest apparel and streetwear brands to the local, style-conscious consumer.

Fast forward to 2015, and the mission is still very much the same, but on a larger global scale. Evolving from a small local shop into an exclusively online retailer for the last 7 years, Flymode continues to set the trends worldwide.  

Featuring everything from core skate brands such as DC Shoes and DGK to streetwear giants like Crooks and Castles, Diamond Supply Co. and Staple, Flymode continues to provide their growing clientele with more options for the fashion-minded urbanite. Recent brand additions include Reason, FairPlay LA and Defend Paris, just to name a few.

Fashion, however, goes way beyond whatever graphic T-shirt you choose or what snapback you decide to wear.  Cutting-edge style can intersect with practical concerns.  One of them for today’s trendsetters on college campuses worldwide is: How do you carry all your books, laptops, tablets and all sorts of other gear around town in a way that still looks dope?

No one understands this real-world challenge like Flymode, and during this and every back-to-school season, they’re here to tell you that you have more options today than ever before. Virtually all the top-selling brands on their roster feature backpacks, totes, laptop cases, purses and other handy things to help you transport all your gear securely and ergonomically while still maintaining your cred out there.  These include selections from Neff, Etnies, Sullen, Paul Frank, Tokidoki, Harajuku Lovers, Enjoi, and many more.  

Sprayground started in New York a few years ago, hitting the scene with their graffiti-inspired designs.  Proving that carrying stuff around doesn’t have to be boring, they’ve grown into one of the biggest street culture backpack companies around and expanded their catalog to provide backpacks for every taste and walk of life.  From cannabis-inspired designs like their “American Diesel Flag” model and their 420-friendly collaboration with Madzilla (see photo above and keep reading for a chance to win a Madzilla x Sprayground backpack courtesy of flymode.com), to their officially-licensed cartoon themes such as Spongebob Squarepants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to their collaborations with iconic artist Ron English, there’s literally a Sprayground for everyone and Flymode has you covered with their extensive selection.

Looking to make a statement but flashy, colorful images aren’t your thing? Founded in Libby, Montana and proudly handcrafting their products there to this day, Epperson Mountaineering is one of America’s oldest and most-respected backpack manufacturers. Taking inspiration from classic climbing backpacks of the 70’s and 80’s, each piece is expertly assembled at their Libby factory with durable cordura, leather and other premium materials to get you through whatever your day may bring you, whether in the woods, on the slopes or simply around town.  

Fall somewhere in the middle in terms of what you’re looking for in a backpack? Flymode still has something for you! Remember those brands mentioned at the beginning of this article? They stock backpacks from those brands as well as many others, so you can always show your love for Famous Stars and Straps or Supra, or choose new arrivals from Focus Spaced or Indispensable Bags.

If you’re off to Burning Man, Coachella or another festival, Flymode will help you pack with their hand-picked range of weekend-ready functional bags tailored to each additional need. Notable selections include Bench’s “Packable” (collapsible) overnight pack, the “Camel Back” Hydration Pack by Sprayground, the Legendary “Mayor Duffle” by Flud (a sneaker collector’s dream) and Fi-Hi’s “Voltron” Stereo Speaker Backpack for rocking out your favorite tunes on the go without headphones!  For the eco-conscious traveler, Urban Kraft’s line of eco-friendly, tech-friendly, tear resistant and water-repellent packs and bags represent the bleeding edge of contemporary, minimalist design and elegant functionality. 

Whatever the need, brand choice or style preference in a backpack or other bag, Flymode’s got your back with their extensive selection, knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service. Visit Flymode.com now for a chance to win a Sprayground backpack during their annual Back To School Giveaway. Just click HERE for more details and your chance to win!

12 things journalism students understand

Which of these 12 things journalism students understand do you relate to?

They say that journalists can only enter the profession out of pure passion—and it couldn’t be truer. Journalism is tough, but thankfully student life prepares us for what’s to come. Here are 12 things journalism students understand.

1)     Being forced to be opinionated about an opinion: It may not seem like it, but journalists refrain from picking sides. Most of the time they are given sides to pick. We have to embrace the “go with the flow” attitude because being judgmental is out of question.

2)     Learning to love strangers: Even if you’re totally disinterested in what a total stranger has to say, you have to at least appear to be interested. Asking random strangers personal questions is something you’ve gotten the hang of—maybe a little too much.

3)     The spell checker is your personal favorite editor: Proofreading your documents is daunting. Thanks to your word processors in-built editor, the jobs done in a fly.

4)     There’s no deadline like a journalism deadline:  Journalism students understand where the words “dead” in “deadline” came from. You’d rather be dead than miss a deadline. It gets even worse when you’re friends are already halfway through their assignments when you’ve barely started.

5)     It wasn’t for the money: Your journalism teachers tell you this over and over again. If you’re a writer, forget about the money. If you thought unpaid internships was a bad thing, wait till you graduate.

6)     Having no idea what you’re writing about: An editor’s an editor. Demanding work and meeting a deadline is more important than knowing what you’re supposed to be doing. So every time you get a topic that flies above your head, you silently curse, say a prayer, and start typing away God knows what.

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7)     Receiving hate mail – a.k.a trolls: Everyone in arts and humanities has to get used to negative feedback. But sometimes, it’s just drills a hole in your heart, especially when you’re starting out. No matter how hard you try or how fair you sound, some people just troll for the heck of trolling. Thankfully, though, there comes a time when you just get used to it.

8)     The Word Count Obsession: It’s almost as if your life hangs on word count. When the words aren’t enough, you’re looking for way to fill in here and there, and somehow magically turn an uncomplicated subject into an exhaustive one.  So much for being “concise”. Then there are moments when you are asked to decrease word count. Ughh…. all those beautiful sentences!

9)     The thesaurus is your next best friend when you are pursuing journalism: Learning fancy vocabulary is just a matter of opening up a thesaurus. Choose a word that sounds good, insert, replace, voila!

10)  When your professor rips apart your story: You haven’t hurt more than the time when your prof bashed your story because of all the “flaws” he saw which you couldn’t. Whatever happened to praising hard work!

11)  Everything’s an Article: You write everything like a story. You’re casual, you have a unique voice, and  it’s all perfect—until you realize that you’re supposed to be writing a dissertation like a professional dissertation writer, or wait, maybe an essay, or perhaps—just an email.

12)  The dread of being asked “what’s your major”: You’ve gotten used to hearing implicit and explicit remarks about how clever (NOT) your choice of a major was. You keep telling yourself that all you need is passion, grit, and gumption to make it to the top. After all, people like Neilson Bernard, Maureen Dowd, Katie Couric, and Brit Hume had no trouble influencing people around the globe with their stories, right?

Whichever the case, you’ve chosen to do what you love, and you love what you do when you chose to do journalism.

…And that’s really all that matters.

Rochelle Ceira works as a chief editor for an online platform that offers academic assistance to learners and educators alike. When not working, she enjoys writing blogs on career planning, entrepreneurship, leadership skills, etc.

Which one of these ’12 things journalism students will understand’ do you relate to?

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9 Crucial Factors That Can Help You Polish Your Career

In this materialistic world, there is a constant war going on inside everyone’s mind and heart that is why the life has become so tough and boring for one’s self in comparison to other who is enjoying a quality life with all the luxuries and necessities. In this scenario, a weaker side always looks on the position and career of their opponent. They seek answers to those questions which arise in their mind. Is this just their luck? Is this a professional degree? Or is this an influence or back ground support which rejuvenates the careers and lead them to the top positions.

I have discussed this mind set to various high profile professionals, business man, engineers and doctors and tried to sum up their feed backs, success stories and reasons of success in some points which I am discussing in this article. These points are actually the key of success for every individual who is not happy with his/her current job and want to do something better but don’t understand how to do it. These crucial points are as follow:

1: Self-Determination

Ignite the internal fire for getting success and do not water it but keep burning. No one is going to support you more enough as compare to yourself and therefore, you must start building your skills from now. The more skilled you are, the more chances you will have for success in your future career.

2: Meet and Greet

Observe and follow to successful people and try to adopt the goodness from them. Life is actually a constant process of learning and gaining. Obey this guideline and you will learn a lot from it within a very short period of your life. Learn from everyone no manner how junior they are to you, if they have something better than you, you must adopt it.

3: Self-Analysis

Instead of pointing finger on prosperous career of others, look towards your weaknesses and strengths. Work on nourishing and polishing your strengths and overcome the fears and weaknesses. Fear is something that will never let you try your luck and maybe you will lose great opportunities only because you did not dare to explore them.

4: Awareness Sessions

We are observing that in the era of 20th century, there are vast changes in the field of science and technology. The techniques are moving towards sophistication and those who do not update their technical courses and academics are moving towards failure. Don’t make yourself a loser and understand the importance of technology.

5: Eagle Eye on Market Trends

Do not stick to one company; keep your knowledge up to date on increasing trends of market in different sectors. Explore and experience different working trends and environment as this will increase your knowledge, skills and experience and you will be able to catch better job opportunities in your particular niche.

6: Control of Reactions

The successful person is one whose emotions are under the control. Do not show your anger or sentiments, as it will always have negative impact both on your efficiency and behavior. Have a strong grip on your behavior and reactions will allow you to tackle with every difficult situation in an effective way.

7: Networking

Increase your professional network. Do not wait to make contacts for the time when you are in need, but build and nurture your professional strength by making contacts with the skilled professional in green days. This is actually a form of investment which will pay you back tomorrow when you actually need to get their help and support.

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8: Association with profession

This is an advice for the youth not to waste a single day without job. If there is a gap in employment, it will count as negative in your CV. Furthermore, the gap will lose your confidence and shatter your focus. No matter how unsatisfied you are in your current job, don’t quit until you find an alternative job.

9: Seek Expert Advice

Consult with experts and share your fears, problems, desires and goals in order to uncoil the brain punches. These counselors will dig out your personality flaws and assist you in resolving matters tactfully and smartly. At last, I am ending the discussion with the TAG line…’Success begins from out of comfort zone’.

Final Words

There are various other factors which can be amazing helpful in polishing one’s career but all these factors mentioned above must never be ignored by those who really want to build a successful career as soon as possible.

Author Bio

Katherine Erick is an experienced career counselor providing her services in various cities. As an online career counselor, she is able to help a huge number of people who can’t understand how they can polish their jobs or how they can control their disappointment. She is also having a team of expert assignment writers. In fact, she is using writing as an effective tool to spread her message to the world.

Find Your Focus with Adrenal & Focus Blend

Coach shouts, “FOCUS!” You’ve gotta be laser sharp… undistracted… totally in the moment… “MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!” Your adrenaline is pumping, your awareness sharpens, you’re ‘IN THE ZONE.’  The game has begun!

Whether on the field or in the bleachers, you give your all to your sports. …And to everything you do, for that matter. So how do you keep your edge and focus on the field or in the classroom?

If your life is hard driving and hard hitting, whether it’s balls or books, Adrenal & Focus Blend is for you! Made with herbs that help support your adrenal glands, (that’s where all that adrenaline comes from), and that help you get and keep your focus, Adrenal & Focus Blend is all natural, with no artificial additives, preservatives, chemicals, or any of those non-natural ingredients that other stuff is made of.

You care what you put in your body and you know that for your body and mind to be at peak performance, you can’t take just anything. Here’s where herbs by Cedar Bear come in. First, they’re a concentrated liquid. That way they go to work immediately and there are no nasty pills or powders to choke down. Second, they’re made from herbs that help your body build, balance, and sustain the health and energy you need to keep up your active life. Third, they’re concentrated, easy to use, and taste good, too! Put them in your health smoothie or protein shake, in your water bottle, or take them with you to use wherever you are during the day. It’s okay, whatever the temperature, they can take the heat!

Don’t put artificial anything in your body! Go natural with herbs! Herbs are Nature’s Remedies that have been used for centuries all over the world for all kinds of health needs. At Cedar Bear, we work hard to make sure you are getting only the best and purest ingredients. And whatever your health need is, we have an herb for that!

More About Cedar Bear Herbs

Cedar Bear’s liquid herbal glycerin tinctures, both complex formulas and single herbs, are great tasting and are extremely high quality. They are made without alcohol, (which makes the herbs not work as well), and if you have ever used regular herbal tinctures, you know how awful many of them taste.

All Cedar Bear products are in liquid form, (basically a concentrated herbal tea), because liquid is the best way to take herbs as dietary supplements and the body is able to put them to use immediately. Pills, powders and capsules have to be digested first. That not only slows their effectiveness down, but often they aren’t digested or utilized at all. That can be a lot of money you literally ‘flush down the toilet’ and that doesn’t do you or your pocketbook any good!

Cedar Bear herbs are easy to carry with you. Use them as your ‘herbs on the go.’ They don’t need refrigerating, can handle heat and cold, and travel very well.

All Cedar Bear products are inherently alcohol-free, gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free, and GMO-free, so you don’t have to worry about your major food allergies or sensitivities. Cedar Bear also uses strict guidelines for herb sourcing, and uses Certified Organic herbs when available. The proprietary process Cedar Bear uses has a low carbon footprint, is very green friendly, and all products are made in the U.S.A., so you can feel good about choosing Cedar Bear herbs for your personal health support.

To build your hard working adrenal system and your mental focus, add Adrenal & Focus Blend to your daily routine, along with eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, drinking several glasses of pure water each day, and trying your best to get a good night’s sleep. Adrenal & Focus Blend also helps soothe overstressed nerves so you can have the nerves of steel you need for your active life, bringing everything into better focus!

So, when your Coach shouts “FOCUS!”, you’ve already got that play in motion with Adrenal & Focus Blend by Cedar Bear Liquid Herbs.

Order Adrenal & Focus Blend today at: www.cedarbear.com

Top 4 Vaporizer Pens For College Students

The smoker’s guide especially for college students

It would probably be impossible to go to any college campus across the country and not find someone using a vaporizer pen. These little devices have become extremely popular with our generation.

Not only is vaping healthier than traditional smoking, it also tastes better and gives a much better overall experience as well. Most people who try vaping never go back to the traditional way of smoking.

However, there are just so many different vape pens out there that how are you supposed to even know where to start if you want to purchase one?

If you’ve been wanting to buy a vaporizer pen but have been stuck with this same dilemma, this article is exactly what you have been looking for.

We have personally tested a large amount of pens ourselves, some good and others not so much, so this is an area we feel very comfortable talking about. Our unique experience allows us to compare all of the pens against each other and narrow down what the top units are.

And since you guys are in college and we understand money can be tight, all of the vape pens on this list are under $100.

Please also note that these are NOT e-cigarettes. The pens on this list are for those who enjoy smoking herbs and concentrates (waxes, oils, etc.)

1.     The Source Orb 3 Premium Kit – $79.95

Source has quickly made a name for themselves as one of the best vaporizer companies in the industry. Their Source Orb 2 came on the scene a couple years ago and provided a very unique experience due to the fact that it came with 7 different atomizers.

This allowed vapers to dial in the perfect vaping experience and find the atomizer that best suits them.

We were (and still are) huge fans of the Orb 2, but Source stepped up their game even more and just launched the Orb 3 a few months ago.

Like the Orb 2, the Orb 3 comes with 7 atomizers, but they replaced some of the old ones with brand new quartz bowl atomizers, providing a flavor unlike any other unit on the market.

With a variable voltage battery and 7 atomizers including 2 made of quartz, the Orb 3 gives you the most customizable vaping experience out there.

The Premium Kit goes for only $79.95 on Source’s official website, and if you use the coupon code ‘PaintTheMoon’ you can get an extra 10% off your order.

Note: Since the release of the Orb 3, the Orb 2 has dropped way down in price to $59.99. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, this is a great option. The Orb 2 is still an awesome unit, but the Orb 3 is worth the extra money if you have it.

If you’re the person that likes to customize your vaping experience, or perhaps you’re new and not sure what types of atomizers you like, either of the Orbs are the perfect choice.

2.     The Gentleman’s Brand Ambassador Kit V4 – $79.95

Gentleman’s Brand is another very reputable name in the vaporizer pen industry. They have been in the game for many years now and always produce quality units.

Their Ambassador Kit V4 was released earlier this year and is our second favorite pen on the market at this time.

It comes with a variable voltage battery (like all good pens should have) that ranges from 3.2-4.8 volts.

The main draw to the Ambassador Kit V4 is that it comes with 2 concentrate cartridges, one of them being the “Mega” concentrate cart. The Mega holds over a full gram of material, which means you can load it in the morning and have it last you for a good chunk of the day without refilling. Also, since you have the second cartridge (the standard size one), you can have that filled up as well to use as a backup.

At only $79.95, the Gentleman’s Ambassador Kit V4 is an awesome choice. If you’re the type that’s always on the go and doesn’t want to constantly be refilling your carts, this is the pen for you. You can grab it from Gentleman’s website here.

3.     The Dr. Dabber Ghost – $84.95

Third on the list we have the Dr. Dabber Ghost. The Ghost is a solid pen as well, coming with titanium coils that provide a very nice, smooth flavor.

What’s different about the Ghost from other pens is the slower heat up time. What this does is ensures a more even rate of vaporization as well as that crisp, fresh flavor.

Pens that heat up too quickly sometimes give a less than pleasant taste, and the Ghost avoids this completely.

However, if you’re one of the more impatient types that just wants to do a quick session and be done, just know ahead of time that you will be waiting a little longer with the Ghost than with some other pens.

At $84.95 at the time of writing this, the Ghost is slightly more expensive than the first 2 units on the list, but not by much. If you’re interested in buying the Dr. Dabber Ghost, you can pick it up at Vapor Nation here (use the coupon code ‘MOON’ for 10% off).

4.     The V2 Pro Series 3 – $84.99 w/ the loose leaf cart. $59.99 without it.

Finally we come to the V2 Pro Series 3. Let me first say that I don’t necessarily think this pen is in 4th place next to the others. Rather, it’s in a different category since it’s the only pen on the list that can properly vape dry herbs as well as concentrates.

A lot of other pens claim they can vape dry herb, but in reality they exceed the proper temperature and end up burning them instead.

So if you want a pen that can truly do both dry herbs and concentrates, this is the only one on the list that you will want to buy.

With that being said, the V2 Pro Series 3 is one of those “jack of all trades, master of none” units.

The previous 3 all do a better job at vaping concentrates than the Series 3 does. And there are other vaporizers out there that do a better job at vaping herbs. However, there are no pens that can do both (a lot of portables can do both, but that’s a whole different category of vaporizers).

And for only $85 total when you throw in the loose leaf cartridge, you’re getting a pen that is multi-functional for a very good price.

If you like the idea of being able to vape dry herbs and concentrates all with 1 unit, the V2 Pro Series 3 is the way to go. You can grab it from V2’s website here.

We hope you found this guide informative and that it helped you at least narrow down your choices on which vaporizer pen to buy. If you want to read our full buyer’s guide complete with video demonstrations of all the units and individual, detailed reviews of each one, you can check it out here: Paint the Moon’s Pen Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide

(Main image credit courtesy of http://vaping360.com/juul/)

A professor dead after a shooting at Delta State University

The killer is thought to still be on the loose and was driving a 2011 Dodge Avenger


A professor was killed in his office at Delta State University. The shooter is still believed to be on the run, which has caused the campus to be on lockdown. It was announced that the Native American and colonial history professor Ethan Schmidt was killed in his office in Jobe Hall. 

Professor Schmidt was a much-loved professor at the school and his colleague, English professor Don Allan Mitchell, had nothing but good words to say about him. “Dr. Ethan Schmidt was a terrific family man, a good friend, a true son of Peabody, Kansas and his beloved Emporia State University,” he said.

The school lockdown began at 10:45 a.m. with students being ordered away from windows and locking themselves inside of the school.

The manhunt for the killer is still going on, but authorities have said they believe the killer is still not on campus.  The Mississippi Highway Patrol tweeted that the person of interest is believed to be driving a black 2011 Dodge Avenger with plates STF015. This story is developing. Read more at The Clarion Ledger HERE

How Marijuana Legalization Helps Businesses Prosper

Entrepreneurs Who Saw The Potential Could Reap Rewards, Says Co-Founder Of Weedshop.com

Shifting attitudes about marijuana are proving to be a boon for businesses that cater to people interested in buying grinders, rolling papers and other smoke products.

“I think those of us who acted early and are already poised to take advantage of these societal changes will prosper,” says Ryan Ward, co-founder with Brian Rudderrow of Weedshop.com (www.weedshop.com), an online store that promotes itself as a “smoke shop.”

“The legalization movement is just going to grow, and with it, business is going to grow as well.”

A recent Pew Research Center survey showed that support for legalization of marijuana has increased in the U.S., with 53 percent of Americans in favor. That’s a huge difference from 1969, when Gallup first asked the question and just 12 percent favored legalization.

Perhaps even more telling, 57 percent say they would not be bothered if a store or business selling legal marijuana opened up in their neighborhood.

That would be a different business from what Ward offers, though. Weedshop.com doesn’t sell marijuana, which remains illegal in most places, but the online head shop does carry numerous smoke-related products such as water pipes, vaporizers, rolling papers and grinders.

“We cater to smokers of all types,” Ward says. “But we do see a much higher demand in states where marijuana is legal.”

He is convinced that the trends favor the legalization movement and, with that, the growth of his and other businesses. For example:

 Recent history. So far, four states – Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska – and the District of Columbia have passed measures to legalize marijuana use. Another 14 states have decriminalized certain amounts of marijuana possession, and about half the states allow medical marijuana.

 Generational look. Most of the opposition to legalization comes from older Americans. The Pew survey showed that 68 percent of Millennials favor legalization. That compares to 50 percent of Baby Boomers and just 29 percent of the Silent Generation (those 70 to 87 years old.)

 The future. The movement continues to gain momentum and proponents are optimistic that more states eventually will legalize marijuana, though opposition remains. Voters in Ohio are the next to face the issue when they go to the polls in November.

Ward follows the legalization efforts with an eye toward what they might mean to his business and the overall business landscape.

“Even as you see the legalization happening, there is still a certain taboo about marijuana,” he says. “A lot of people are concerned about being seen going into a store or coming out of a store that sells these sorts of products, so the ability to be able to shop discretely online is huge right now.”

Ward honed his expertise in the world of online shopping while working at eBay. Determined to venture out on his own, Ward teamed with Rudderrow  to launch Weedshop.com after it became clear the legalization movement would create business opportunities.

“We’re excited about what we’re doing and about the ability to be able to build something that’s lasting,” Ward says. “Our goal is for everyone to see Weedshop as the Amazon for this industry.”

About Ryan Ward

Ryan Ward, an entrepreneur and former employee of eBay, is the co-founder of Weedshop.com (www.weedshop.com), an online store that sells smoke products, such as water pipes, vaporizers, grinders, rolling papers and much more. A native of Philadelphia, Ward earned his MBA in England and has spent time traveling the world.

Mindfulness Meditation, a way to minimize stress and strengthen the focus

Daily meditation is essential for a proper peace of mind and general wellness

What is meditation?

Meditation is a way of helping us to become familiar with our mind and make the muscle of attention more flexible, more focused and stable. You could simply say that we develop the ability to be more in the present moment. Mindfulness Meditation been around for a long long time but since the 70´s it is also proven that meditation improves our sleep, results in better relationships, stronger immune system and greater self-awareness. It reduces our feelings of stress at the same time as it makes us more effective.

In other words your quality of life improves, as well as your ability to handle the everyday puzzle and negative thoughts that often want to intrude. You simply become more grounded and steady. When negative thoughts comes it is easier to see through them.

One of the big misconceptions that often arise in the context of meditation is that we shall suppress all our thoughts and to come into a state of ‘no thought’. But actually meditation is a way of helping us navigate through our mind without associating with all thoughts or feelings.

So can anyone learn how to meditate?

The answer is definitely… Yes!  Basically, the learning process of meditation is comparable with other things that we are doing – to train our bodies or to learn an instrument. But anyone who has gone through a learning process knows that it takes time, effort and practice. It´s the same with mindfulness meditation.

How can we then get started:

It’s not complicated to get started with meditation and it does not need to be particularly time consuming. Shorter meditations more often is better than longer meditations more seldom.

Scientific studies have shown that positive effects of meditation are noticable in the body only after a few weeks of meditation for 20 minutes.

It’s important to keep the joy of exercise and not to be too hard on yourself. Consider stopping the exercises as an opportunity and to regenerate your body and mind.

In the beginning it´s easiest to get guided by a voice to know what to do and where to focus. So in this beginner program we´ll refer to a guided meditation from The Mindfulness App that is available for Apple, Google and Windows phones.

Before you start your first Mindfulness Meditation exercise, take an upright yet relaxed seated position. You can close your eyes or leave them slightly open, while your forehead and the facial muscles are relaxed. Take five deep breaths – inhaling through the nose and slowly through your mouth again, meanwhile you get more and more relaxed in your body.

Try to sit as still as possible for the time of the exercise.

Now you are ready to start.

1. Choose one of the meditations in The Mindfulness App, and listen to it during the times that you have dedicated to this. Choose a short meditation if you are a beginner, for example the ”5 minutes guided meditation”.

2. Give it some time, and don´t give up even if it feels difficult in the beginning. Remember that it takes some time and you have to practice regulary to see the results.

3. When you´ve done the shorter meditations for some time you can try the longer ones, like the 15 or 30 minutes guided meditations, or add more meditation sessions over time.

4. Choose a time three or four times a week when it suits you to meditate. For example, on the bus to or from work, at lunch, walking or in bed at night. If you want you can set a reminder in the app to remember when to meditate.

Good Luck!

Go to http://www.mindapps.se

You’ve Made Your Bed: Breaking Bad Grades to Parents

College grades looking bad? Strategies for dealing with the parents

Many students this year are dreading the holidays. Full stop. Its raining cats and dogs, go hide under the college bedding and stay there for three weeks, dreading…it.
Now how do you explain to your Dad, Mr. Nova, that you failed Chem. 101? Here are the options:

1. You’ve made your bed now… lie in it.

Not the best option but the one many college students opt for: lie. This is problematic and possibly dangerous because they (the parents) will eventually find out. Some students opt for a half-truth: “My roommate (instead of ‘I’) partied all night and the final was a disaster.” or “There were 2 labs a week and I sprained my ankle and couldn’t get to them.” Now lets be honest, do you really think they are going to believe either of these turkeys?

2. You’ve made your college bed… now lie in it?

Technically you probably aren’t exactly certain yet what your grades will be. You may suspect that a horrible cyclone is on the way but just like any storm you might get lucky. Maybe the entire class did horribly and the professor will be forced to curve the grades. Now is not the time to go begging forgiveness if things (against all odds) turn out to be ok. Holding your tongue until you know for certain that a deformed E is on the way has its merits. A simple, “I really don’t know,” might get you through most of the holidays unscathed. Ho, ho ho?

3. You’ve made your bed… now lie in it.

Option three is by far the hardest but it is the safest path. Just tell them the truth. College is hard. Guess what? It was probably hard for your parents too. Rather than worry endlessly about all the trouble you are in, understand that it is in your parents’ best interest to see you do well in college. They probably don’t want you moving home again too soon.

The power of the truth is all in the approach. Ask forgiveness and then enlist their help. Most importantly ask your parents for tips about how they made it through hard classes in college. Parents are usually full of suggestions and strategies. Many of them are pretty clever and even eyebrow lifting. Turning your parent into an ally also makes you both adults and that is pretty cool.

Coming back from college with bad grades is especially common for college freshmen. College is a learning experience- a life learning experience. At college there is a lot more to learn about than just grades, even Mr. Nova will probably acknowledge this. In addition, remind them that next quarter or semester will bring an entirely new set of classes and professors. A bad grade, even several bad grades aren’t going to follow you around forever. Lie down, accept it and then get right back up. Learn from your mistakes and do a better job next time. How you deal with setbacks is the important part. Learning is just that, learning.