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How To Get Better Grades Amid College Chaos

Are you balancing a course load of 5-6 different classes and spreading yourself too thin? Does it seem that no matter how good you are at your time management, there just aren’t enough hours in your day to study?

If you’re like most college students, course overload is cursing you with stress, anxiety and panic. And you’re probably not getting nearly enough sleep, second guessing yourself and questioning your sanity.

You’re no doubt one of many students who is putting in weeks, days and hours studying for tests only to end up with grades that are way below what you hoped for, instantly making you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything!

Getting a bad grade in college, after putting so much work into it, is one of the crappiest, most hopeless feelings you’ll ever feel.

It’s no wonder you didn’t ace that test! After all, 3 out of 5 professors were giving tests on the same day! What did you do to deserve this?

The lack of sleep, constant anxiety and panic are also starting to cause depression, which in turn kills any motivation you had to study. Learning just isn’t fun anymore and you wonder why you’re even in college. Disappointing your professors and parents definitely wasn’t the plan you had in mind.

This all may sound a bit dramatic, but studies show that this is exactly what is happening with college students across America. College students want and need a way to be able to study more efficiently. They need a system that helps them memorize things quickly and easily while retaining the information indefinitely.

They need to know HOW to memorize everything much faster, saving hours of study time, decreasing anxiety and stress while improving their grades exponentially.

So, is there such a system that can save the day for you, if you are one of these college students? Yes! There is.

What would it be like if you had a system that could quickly increase your memory by 300%?

What if you could memorize the chapters of a book and learn ANY topic 10X faster!

What if you could hear 100 concepts or facts and recall every one of them instantly?

What if this system also did things like help you become a confident speaker and give speeches without notes?

Or meet 30 people in 15 minutes at a party or in a classroom and remember ALL of their names? How impressive would that be?

Or routinely recall 100 digit numbers, phone numbers, facts and details?

What if you could hear 101 words ONCE and repeat it in the same exact order?

There is a memory course that guarantees you that you can do all the above! It’s known as the Greatest Memory Course Ever Created and it’s called the Black Belt Memory Course. The creator of the course, Ron White, has won the USA Memory Championship twice. He’s appeared on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, FOX, CBS, NBC, The History Channel and more.

Imagine yourself having more time to do things besides studying. Having time to make some extra cash and go on more dates. Impressing your professors, friends and your parents.  Having more time for your faith and family. Having less anxiousness and panic and not being down and out every day. Getting better grades. Imagine sleeping!

Stop disappointing yourself and others now! It’s totally possible if you get this course today!

The course is available now at a huge discount to readers of this article but you have to check it out now because this Black Belt Memory Course is going back up to it’s regular price tomorrow! Go to the website

The Ultimate Dorm Room Space Saver

It’s time to head back to school for a new year, hit the books, and enjoy all that college life has to offer. But it also means leaving the comforts of home behind and squeezing all of your favorite things into a tiny dorm room or apartment. The struggle against clutter is real.

The Stuff ‘n Sit

Stuff ‘N Sit by Creative QT is a perfect stylish, yet functional accessory for your dorm room. It gives you a place to store your stuff while also adding a touch of style to even the smallest places. Stuff ‘N Sit is a durable canvas bean bag stuffed with—your stuff! It can be used to store extra pillows for guests, blankets, and all of those clothes you can’t squeeze into your tiny closet. All this while creating extra seating for friends and a comfy place to curl-up with some required reading and a latte.

What to Stuff It With

Stuff ‘N Sit has a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from that will match your décor perfectly. From stripes to solids, polka dots to daisies and extra-large to small, there are plenty of patterns and sizes to fit every room.  To use the Stuff ‘N Sit, simply fill it with the soft things that need a place to go and zip it up to create a plush bean bag chair in a matter of minutes. It’s the perfect cozy study spot or hang out space for you or your friends, and it instantly creates extra storage.  It’s a win-win!

How to Style It

We recommend placing it at the foot of your bed, next to your desk, or in the floor of your closet where you can pull it out when you need to use it as a chair. It could also work well in a common area to store extra blankets to keep you and your roomies warm during long study sessions or game nights.

Don’t worry about it getting dirty if you spill something on it. The Stuff ‘N Sit is machine washable and comes with a LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE. Its strong, soft cotton fabric, and extra-long reinforced zipper will hold up for life. We stand behind the quality workmanship of this premium bean bag.

So, save some much-needed space and add uncompromised style to your dorm room with a Stuff ‘N Sit this year.  Order your new MUST-HAVE piece of furniture with FREE shipping today by clicking here

This feature is brought to you by Creative QT 

How To Avoid Burnout

Colleges and universities across the country are reporting a widespread increase in mental health issues, and today’s college students are experiencing incredibly high pressure to survive college life and do well while at school. Not to mention the added pressure of setting yourself up for success in life after school and managing mounting student loan debt. There are expected challenges that going to school poses – like late-night studying and exams, more independence, owning your hours, sleep, saying no to partying – basically managing yourself as an adult. One thing is certain: you aren’t going to have all the answers when times get tough, but it’s expected that you’ll be able to figure things out. Today’s students are expected to do more and be more productive than any generation ever before, and it’s a constant struggle to live up to our highest ideals.

In addition to lots of added pressure, there are all sorts of distractions that could potentially stand between you and success as a student. It’s no surprise there are more things vying for your attention than ever before. In a recent survey of undergraduate students, 49 percent said the use of technology – like laptops, tablets and mobile devices – for reasons unrelated to class was distracting to them. Students know that using technology has a negative impact on people around them when used for “off-task” purposes like browsing the web, but they still use their devices when the classes are “boring”.

In fact, they tend to check their devices – particularly their smartphones – an average of 11 times during class for non-class activities. And a solid 12 percent are texting, emailing and checking the time or their social channels in class more than 30 times a day. When you think about all those screens, text messages, and push notifications constantly coming in, it’s no surprise that the ability to stay focused and clear-headed escapes us.

The end result? Overstimulation and BURNOUT. To counter all of that stress and anxiety that comes with the territory of daily life, there has been a slow and steady rise in the use of nootropics on a global scale. Today, nootropics include everything from prescription drugs, to dietary supplements on sliding scales of safety and effectiveness, to commonplace stimulants like caffeine (coffee and energy drinks, for example) – anything a person might use to enhance cognitive function, whatever that means to them. According to another report from Zion Market Research, the global nootropics market is set to grow at record speed, nearly 16% between 2018 and 2024. The public has spoken and to help meet heavy demand, a wave of successful nootropics companies has emerged.

When Sam Elick, founder and CEO of BrainJuice, was a college student himself, he was trapped in a cycle of bad habits that left him feeling depleted and foggy. He knew he wasn’t operating at full capacity, no matter how many cups of coffee or energy drinks he consumed. He wanted a healthy alternative to energy drinks and focus-enhancing drugs, and realized that of the available supplements, nothing on the market combined those elements to give the brain almost immediate clarity and focus. Then, through his MBA program in Entrepreneurship, Sam met a biochemist named Peter. With Peter’s knowledge of neurotransmitters and brain function, Sam decided to harness the goodness of real food with the power of science. Many rounds of ingredients and combinations later, he created BrainJuice® formula. Since then, his mission has been to perfect the formula by continuously updating the ingredients with the best food-derived sources available. Key ingredients include green tea extract, acai berry powder, monk fruit, organic coconut nectar and more, all of which have been scientifically provide to help with focus and productivity.

BrainJuice is an entirely different beast than an energy drink or that third cup of coffee – it is BRAIN FOOD. While energy drinks and coffee give you an unnecessary energy jolt to your entire body, BrainJuice is the perfect blend of natural ingredients to give your BRAIN the immediate nutrient boost it needs, without the jitters or other unhealthy side effects. The demands of busy student life are inevitable but by incorporating BrainJuice into your daily routine, you’ll have the ability to improve your focus, clarity, memory and mood. Whatever you do, do it with FOCUS.

BrainJuice is available nationwide at Whole Foods Market, CVS, GNC, Sprouts and other outlets across the U.S. It is also available on Amazon or at BrainJuice.me.

Are you ready for Halloween?

Did you Know…?

Did you know that Halloween  started with the Celtic Day of the Dead autumn festival of Samhain? Samhain  was  celebrated by Celts throughout Europe in ancient times. It is  celebrated still in northern France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and other regions where the Celtic heritage is preserved. The Celts used a lunar calendar and divided the year into two seasons. Winter, the season of the Dying, began on Samhain, which fell on the full moon closest to the 1st day of November.

Samhain literally means the end of summer. Samhain was the first day of the Celtic New Year.  It was believed that the souls of those who had died were extremely restless this night, which marked the porous border between the living and the dead, the old and  new year, and summer and winter. At Samhain festival, people disguised themselves in feathers and furs so as not to be recognized by the spirits wandering the earth that night.

Later, when the Celts converted to Christianity, Samhain was amalgamated with All Hallows’ Eve, the evening before All Saints’ Day, the night that is now called Halloween.

Originally All Hallows’ Eve was a  feast marking the departure of souls from the material world to the spiritual world of the dead.  This  was widely celebrated throughout the European world. American Halloween started in  1840s with the arrival of large numbers of Irish immigrants. They migrated here just after the disastrous potato famine in Ireland, and this is how the feast tradition was started.   Their celebrations of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days has still preserved the ancient rituals of Samhain. For example, the carving of pumpkins comes from the Irish legend of Jack – a man so evil that when he died he was rejected by both heaven and hell.  He was condemned to roam the countryside with nothing but a glowing turnip for a head.

About Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes have now taken a new meaning, It is no longer about the souls of the Dead. It is now commercialized, just like everything else! It is a fun day now, for children as well as adults. Halloween has evolved and continues to evolve over the years. Next to Christmas, Halloween is now the second largest decorating holiday in America. Halloween reflects who we are and what our values are. It allows us to express ourselves and communicate in more than one way.

About Costumes4Less.com:

When Costumes4Less.com went online in 2001, most people did not know what a website was. People were afraid to use their credit card on the computers. Having 2,000 different styles of costumes was considered a very huge selection of costumes.  Today, there  100,000+ SKUs on our website. No matter what you desire, no matter what your budget is, you will find the costume you want. So, what are you going to be this Halloween?

How Can You Save Your Summer with CBD?

Summertime is here at last, and to quote the immortal words of Ric Flair, “WOOO!”

It’s time to let loose and unwind as you put the finals, all-nighters and mental breakdowns behind you and focus on soaking up the summer sun.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a super senior, summer break is the one time in the year, where you can be free to focus on whatever you want.

Unfortunately, real life sometimes keeps you from fully enjoying your relaxed schedule. Whether it’s rain on your wedding day, a free ride when you’ve already paid or good advice that you just didn’t take, it may not be ironic, but it’s frustrating all the same.

Luckily, cbdMD, a leading innovator in the CBD oil industry, knows that summers are meant for comfort, rest and relaxation. That’s exactly why they’ve got a wide variety of premium CBD oil products to help you get the most out of your summer vacation, no matter what you’re dealing with.

CBD: Nature’s Best Kept Secret

If you’ve been studying so diligently that you somehow haven’t heard of CBD yet, let us give you the SparkNotes version of what this helpful cannabinoid is and what it can do.

CBD comes from the hemp plant; but unlike THC, its intoxicating cousin, CBD won’t get you high. This is because federally legal CBD is derived from industrial hemp, which must contain less than 0.3 percent THC. However, just because you won’t get stoned, doesn’t mean you won’t experience all the natural benefits commonly associated with the cannabis plant.

CBD’s relationship with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) allows it to help your body regulate and repair things like your digestive, immune and nervous systems to help maintain balance and improve overall wellness.

Although, what does all this talk of non-intoxicating cannabinoids and the ECS have to do with you enjoying your summer?

While there are countless ways CBD can be used to help improve your life and unlock a naturally better self, here at cbdMD we wanted to share the best ways CBD can help you survive the summer!

At cbdMD, we combine premium quality products and innovation to offer the best CBD available on the market. We test our premium CBD oil through independent, third-party laboratories to guarantee the highest of standards. cbdMD is committed to providing the best in CBD oil products; we stand behind the quality of our products by offering an easy-to-use service, free shipping, satisfaction guarantees, and great customer service.

Discover more at https://www.cbdmd.com.


Your Safety Guide for a Stress-Free Period

So, you’ve found the perfect bedding and perfect roommate, right? But have you thought about the perfect plan for your period? Whether you have early morning soccer practice, orientation activities or you’re just running around campus, insuring you have the right products on hand for any situation is crucial—and easy to do!

There has never been more choices commonly available for you to pick from. Tampons, pads, menstrual cups, period underwear or any combination of these, or whether you prefer organic or the best option for the environment, there is a lot of options to consider. And a lot of women find that, depending on what phase of their period they’re in or their activities, the product that works best for them can change.

No matter what you choose, the following guidance will help you use these products safely:

  1. When using tampons, your goal should be to use the lowest absorbency that allows you to avoid leaks and remove the tampon comfortably after 4-8 hours of use. Your flow changes from day to day, and many brands offer multiple absorbencies to mix and match (some even offer a multipack) to make choosing the optimal size for your flow easier. If you leak or spot, go up a size, and if the tampon is hard to remove, go down an absorbency. This guidance is key to not only making your tampon more comfortable and eliminating leaks, but also in helping you minimize the risk of the rare but serious disease, toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Even though the annual incidence rate of TSS in women of menstrual age in the United States is very low at about one case per 100,000 women, all women using tampons need to make sure they understand the information in the package insert and the signs and symptoms of TSS. This includes ALL tampons regardless of composition or absorbency.
  2. TSS has also been associated with the use of other intra-vaginal products, including menstrual cups, diaphragms and contraceptive sponges. Don’t be misled into thinking TSS is only associated with tampon use.
  3. Be alert to signs and symptoms of TSS. If you are using tampons or menstrual cups and start to feel sick, see a doctor immediately and tell her you think you might have TSS.

Symptoms include (note: you don’t need to have all of these):

  • Onset of flu-like symptoms such as fever (102°F)
  • Vomiting, diarrhea
  • Sunburn-like rash
  • Dizziness, muscle aches
  • Fainting/near fainting when standing up

4. Do not use a tampon or menstrual cup for non-menstrual vaginal discharge. Pads and liners are a safer choice.

  1. Wash hands before and after changing any menstrual product. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria that can cause disease.
  2. Do not flush used tampons, applicators and pads down the toilet. Always wrap these up in toilet paper like a “mummy” and dispose of them in the trash or product receptacles commonly found inside public restroom stalls.
  3. Sterilize menstrual cups between each use to reduce the opportunity for growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

We hope you find this guidance helpful as you choose the right product, or products, for your lifestyle. As with everything else in college, if you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask questions! And don’t let myths or on-line information you’re not sure about hold you back from living an active and confident lifestyle. Knowledge is power.

For more information on these issues and more, visit femcareanswers.com!

Track Your Cycle!

Your menstrual cycle is a direct indicator of your overall health, and periods are your body’s way of telling you that things are working as they should. Having an extremely irregular or heavy period can indicate an existing underlying condition. By tracking and logging various details of your cycle, you will be able to recall things that you will might otherwise forget when speaking with your doctor. There are plenty of online tools and apps out there to use!


When Your College Student’s Necessity Becomes the Mother of Your Invention!

Our daughter’s departure to college came with mixed emotions. While we were excited for her to begin the next chapter of her life, there were also many “unknowns” that we were nervous about.

One of the “unknowns” gave us an idea that led to the start of a small business. It turned out that our daughter had a roommate that did not feel the need to lock, or at times even close doors when she would leave. So, when she moved into my daughter’s dorm room this propensity to not secure the room immediately created tension.  Like many college freshmen, my daughter had just purchased a new laptop and was worried about losing it as well as some of her other valuables because far too many times she would come back to an unlocked door.

After trying to remedy the situation with her roommate and having no success, she would call us expressing her frustration that the situation was not getting any better. Darla and I decided that our daughter needed a secure storage solution. We realized that any viable solution must:

  • Be easy to access and lock automatically. Accessibility was essential for keeping her medications in it
  • Be large enough for her laptop, some of her expensive textbooks, and maybe even a purse
  • Not take any desk space or floor space, because her dorm room had none to spare
  • Have an appealing exterior; this was going in a girl’s dorm room after all
  • Not require screws or bolts, because the college would only allow command strips for hanging, mounting, or attaching anything to college property/furniture
  • Be easy to install without tools because she would be the only one setting it up

So, after considering the requirements and the space available, we realized the space above her feet was the only place in her dorm room that could be considered available to use. It was not a shared area, she had full control of this small space, and it was very close to where she would spend lots of time. We also knew it would work on both the top and bottom bunk in the event that her bed location changed.

Thus, the BunkTrunk™ was born.

After a few revisions, driven by our daughter’s experience with early prototypes, we finalized a design that is functional, accessible and secure.

We added a few accessories so she could get the most out of her BunkTrunk™. She needed a power strip with USB outlets for charging her phone, laptop, and other items. We added a dimmable USB light so she wouldn’t bother others when she studied late. We also added a Bluetooth speaker so that she and her roommates could watch movies together.

With her laptop and phone locked up while charging inside, she felt much better about her dorm situation. She also found that, with the door to her BunkTrunk™ opened, it made an impromptu work surface.  Whenever she needed to study late into the night and didn’t want to bother her roommates by studying at her desk with the light on, she was able to study in her bed.

Because she was on the top bunk and she didn’t have a nightstand next to her, she used her BunkTrunk™ as a nightstand too!

After we solved her dorm problem, we soon realized that she was not alone in her desire to secure her valuables. Other college students could also benefit from the BunkTrunk™. What started in 2015 as a simple answer to our daughter’s need evolved into a family business, selling BunkTrunk™’s to over 20 colleges in the Summer of 2016. And the growth hasn’t stopped there.

As of August 2019, not only have we shipped over 1,000 units to more than 30 states, but the U.S. Patent Office also granted us our patent!

It turns out that the saying is true, necessity really is the mother of invention, and, in our case, it led to a new small business too!

Check out bunktrunk.com for more information.


Concerned About College Housing? We Look at How Sleepyhead’s Mattress Toppers Can Help You Sleep Better

Your freshman year of college is a series of new experiences that help you learn and grow. For Steven Van Alen, it was life in student housing that opened his eyes and inspired the idea behind his student-focused business.

Van Alen is both a hard-working student continuing his studies at San Diego State University and the Founder and CEO of college mattress topper brand, Sleepyhead. If he could share one tip, he wished he would have known as a first-year student, it would be to come prepared for that campus housing-issued mattress.

He realized the beds in student housing and furnished apartments were substandard and unhygienic. Having no choice but to sleep on the old, used and uncomfortable mattresses provided by the university, students were using mattress toppers to go on top of the provided beds, yet there were so many questions about finding the right topper.

“The mattress toppers available to today’s students do very little to help,” Van Alen said. “I watched my friends, classmates and myself suffer from a lack of sleep due to substandard sleeping solutions. Colleges prohibit students from replacing their mattresses, so the only solution was a better mattress topper, and that’s when Sleepyhead was born.”

For students by students

The company is for students by students and offers mattress toppers that fit the standard Twin XL mattress size, and at a student-friendly price point. Sleepyhead doesn’t sacrifice quality either. Mattress toppers contain a proprietary memory foam – CertiPUR-US certified foam, which is tested to be free of any harmful toxins and materials. The memory foam also supports pressure points and posture so students can get a comfortable sleep, even when it’s after pulling an all-nighter or a power nap between classes.

Sleepyhead has already become a trusted brand by over 900 universities nationwide and just in time for students heading back to school for a new academic year. The company introduced the most advanced and comfortable copper-infused mattress topper on the market, the Copper Topper, which contains memory foam and nanotechnology to help protect students from bacteria, dust mites and uncomfortable used mattresses. Meanwhile their gel memory foam topper contains gel to help channel heat away from the body leaving you cool and comfortable.

Aside from providing sleeping solutions for success and supporting students’ dreams, the brand offers their “Good Till Graduation” five-year warranty on all mattress toppers. This means, from first-year students living in the dorms until graduation, Sleepyhead will be by your side.

In this line of business, Van Alen is using his age and college experience to his advantage and his talent isn’t going unnoticed. He’s working with four high profile investors and operators, who are current and past executives for companies such as:LoveSac, Goldman Sachs, Starwood Hotels and Coca-Cola.

“Our investors are high net worth individuals, with world class operating skills and financial backgrounds,” Van Alen said. “We are so fortunate to have these guys on board this early in the game.”

A good night’s sleep

No matter how successful Van Alen’s future business becomes, he wants to make sure Sleepyhead doesn’t stop at innovative mattress toppers. With the philosophy that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, he founded the company as a hybrid between a corporation and a non-profit.

While substandard mattresses at college were certainly a concern, the knowledge of so many less fortunate who didn’t have a mattress to sleep on hit Van Alen close to home when he found out his sister was homeless, pregnant and a college student at the time. While she was provided government housing, she had no furnishings or the means to buy them.

With the thought of his sister sleeping on the concrete floor while being nine months pregnant, Van Alen knew he had to do something to help, not just her, but the thousands of students who fall on hard times. For this reason, this CEO under 30 takes pride in the fact that Sleepyhead is a benefit corporation, donating one product for every ten sold to an anti-poverty non-profit organization.

Thanks to Van Alen, student residents are no longer an ignored demographic in the sleep space. With this type of buzz early on in the start-up game, look for Sleepyhead to further revolutionize the sleep industry for college students and university housing.

Visit Sleepyhead on Instagram, @sleepyheadusa. Purchase one for yourself … and maybe your roommate online at www.sleepyheadusa.com.

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Neuro-Stack: Drug-Free Anxiety & Depression Relief Through Nature

Many Herbal Extracts Calm Nerves Better than Drugs and have POSITIVE side effects.

You are dependent on your ability to calmly focus and recall information quickly and there are many natural, plant-based, powerfully effective options available to help you do so. The extensively studied and expertly cultivated ingredients in Neuro-Stack improve your memory, focus, and clarity, as well as the overall health of your brain without the side effects that pharmaceuticals can cause.

Taking pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety, depression, or stress is hard for the rest of the body. We develop a dependence and tolerance to these drugs, so we need more to get the same effect. We risk becoming seriously addicted. According to Dr. Edward Group, who has a background in chemistry and biochemistry, when you stop taking pharmaceuticals your anxiety/depression returns far worse than before.. His talk can be found at Akua Life on Facebook.

Instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs that can permanently damage your neurotransmitter balance and cause a ton of other side effects like stomach cramps, weight gain, and even worse anxiety, choose a natural, plant-based earth medicine that works with your body.

Why choose Neuro-Stack?

Neuro-Stack, our targeted nootropic herbal blend, works to reduce anxiety physically and chemically.  Meaning, it helps your brain create a more relaxed and focused balance of neurotransmitters so you can learn new information effortlessly and recall it more easily even in stressful situations, like finals.  It also helps to create new brain cells and new neuron connections to allow you to improve your problem-solving abilities and understand your major subjects more intuitively. Being stressed out is no joke, and a majority of students report that they’re so strung out they’re practically numb.  This isn’t healthy!  Not only does this limit your ability to enjoy life, but it limits your performance in the classroom leading to lower grades and fewer potential job offers.

The drugs that are used for the anxiety you feel in school often make the feeling of numbness worse.  Neuro-Stack works differentlyto enhance brain function with clinically tested ingredients that will have you performing at the top of your game. You’ll have no problem balancing all of your assignments and tests, and still have enough mental stamina for a social life.  The bonus is there aren’t any negative side effects. No rebound anxiety, no stomach cramps, just benefits.

The ingredients we use improve the health of your brain over time, which is something none of the pharmaceutical drugs can claim.  If you skip a dose or two, even for a couple of weeks during break, you’ll still be sharp when you get back to class. The 27 synergistically formulated nootropics in Neuro-Stack include nine patented ingredients to optimize the production of GABA, serotonin, and dopamine so you can remain clear-headed to keep pushing yourself forward. Boosting these neurotransmitters with the natural plant extracts found in Neuro-Stack can enhance your memory and settle your mind quickly so you can ace your finals effortlessly.

The function of neurotransmitters in regulating mood

If neurology isn’t your major, let’s get clear on what these neurotransmitters do. GABA is one of the primary compounds involved in how we feel anxiety. If we have too little of it, it is either because we aren’t producing it or we’re burning through it in stressful situations and as a result, we feel more and more anxiety until the feeling crushes us. It’s too large of a molecule to create through digestion, so we have to take things that will help us make more of it in our brains.

Serotonin and Dopamine are “happy chemicals,” and we need plenty of them to feel good.  Heck, we need plenty of them to feel just OK, and if you’re feeling less than OK it’s a sign you need to produce way more of them. The combination of these neurotransmitters allows you to reach flow state, where everything in your brain just clicks and life gets easier. They also boost motivation and decrease your tendency to procrastinate, so you’ll be able to study for stats and organic chemistry without crying first.

Our plant-based formula to keep and support your brain health

Our plant-based earth medicine formula includes 27 extracts that are standardized for purity and are of the highest quality available. Neuro-Stack even has nine patented Ingredients for optimum bioavailability. Three heavy hitting extracts of our 27 ingredients are Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Ashwagandha, and Bacopa Monnieri.Bacopa Monnieri was first found in ancient Ayurvedic texts thousands of years ago. It was recommended to devotees to help memorize long passages of religious text. Today it is used as a powerful memory booster and it is used to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Bacopa Monnieri is an adaptogen and helps prevent the chemical and physical effects of stress. Instead of just suppressing them like many modern antidepressants, Bacopa Monnieri calms your nervous system so you actually are less stressed. We offer a patented version of Bacopa Monnieri called Bacognize®

Ashwagandhais one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing. Neuro-Stack’s has a patented version of Ashwagandha called Sensoril® and is 5x’s more potent.

Ashwagandha works just as well as some of the most potent drugs used to treat anxiety and depression. This ancient remedy has remarkable stress-relieving properties.  Ashwagandha can help to regenerate brain cells and assists in the generation of neural networks involved in learning.  This herb also reduces cortisol which is a hormone that makes us feel more stressed and promotes weight gain.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is known as the Brain-Shroom for stimulating Nerve Growth Factor.  It enhances nerve regeneration, improves cognition functions, and relieves depression, anxiety, and stress.  It’s a powerhouse for improving focus and memory.  If you want to get the best performance from your brain, Lion’s Mane is essential to get into that creative, focused, calm state of flow.

The best part about Neuro-Stack’s formula is it repairs axons, dendrites, synapsis, and helps grows new ones too! The ingredients have been specially chosen to not only give an immediate effect but to improve the condition of the brain long term.

Use Discount code “StressFreeExams” at https://akualife.com/ for a $11.11 discount.

About Akua Life

Akua Life’s nine driving forces are love, quality, potency, results, helping people, health wellness, being eco-friendly, happy customers and making money. Similarly, their product neuro-stack’s abides by helping their customers remember more, feel happier and live healthier.

Many of their ingredients have a higher percentage of potency and a larger dose than other products on the market, alongside featuring Nine patented ingredients for maximum absorption and more bioavailable.Neuro-Stack even stimulates NGF – Nerve Growth Factor for enhanced nerve regeneration (you heal faster) and it can help relieve you of pain,

Start your journey to health and happiness at https://akualife.com/

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