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Donald Bird

Donald Bird is a yoga enthusiast and adventurer. His goal is to entertain, educate and empower people through his words, actions and work. He believes that everyone has greatness within them and it is our challenge in life to share those gifts with the world. Now go forth and prosper!

Are drones good or bad?

Star wars is just a movie, right?

Are drones good or bad?  The simple word “drones” has immediate visceral reactions.  Personally, they seem to be an invasion of privacy in the most basic way.  Yet other uses for the little creeps have credence and purpose.

The drone debate is really about the corny yet truthful statement in Spiderman.  “ With great power, comes great responsibility”.  Drones that are operated by the hands of loving, kind and generous people require little thought to accept.  Drones operated by the hands of angry, malicious, jealous and fearful people warrants much restraint to ponder the idea of leaving the country.

Similar to gun regulations we should ban the use of drones to people who have predatory tendencies.   A psych evaluation should be required as well as drone community service program which educates the user about pros and cons of usage and warning of penalties for misuse.  The idea of thousands of stalker-personalities with access to people’s homes and lives gives me the chills.  Our republic is based on the “idea” of freedom to pursue happiness.  Nothing is more debilitating then a creepy R2D2 hanging out at every hill and valley of our human experience.

If that is not creepy enough, these peeping toms are positioned outside of our homes.  Taking the place of the nelson rating system by literally tracking what we watch on TV.  Literally, tracking what we eat, when we take a crap and when we sleep.  Privacy has become a second priority to this idea of protection.  In Mexico, police walk around with machine guns in the more dangerous areas.  This type of commando street theatre may make us feel safer after years of getting over the shock of it, but does that make it a good practice?

The delicate line between privacy and safety is heavily debatable in a “post 9-11 society”.  The question has to be: Are we acting out of fear or progressively building a safer community?  This question of what constitutes a civil right and what freedoms can be seen as negotiable are paramount in how we construct a functional society.

We have seen how surveillance and over policing can turn bad quickly.  This is because our perception is the only lever we have to inform our lives.  During the Bush days when we went to airports on a color coded fear system, we had no other choice but to internalize our fear and find people to blame for it.  Now we are free again to use our own judgment about the danger in our mist.

So instead of using fear as a mechanism to make us police others and ourselves we have adopted a new approach.  We are surveying emails, phone calls and daily routines.   Our shopping habits are tracked, our workout routines are measured, and our elimination timetables are analyzed.  We may be safer now then ten years ago but we are also caged animals with an invisible fence around our yard.  What happens when we leave the yard?  What animals lurk outside of our big brother state that think poorly of our policies and procedures.  How do we fair in that environment?

Only time will tell on what the right move is.  It is fair to say that this debate is just getting started.  We will never be able to get rid of drones but who gets to use them is where the meat of this debate lies.  We need to demand to know what these people do with our information and how does it affect our daily lives.  The debate continues on whether or not drones are good or bad; in the meantime drones please allow me to use the bathroom in peace.

Brothels, sex, Kardashians and Lamar Odom

Let love be the guiding light to our actions

Brothels, sex, Kardashians and Lamar Odom sounds like a media wet dream.  It is odd how the story plays in this order:  brothel, sex, Kardashians, oh and Lamar Odom is potentially going to die.  Something about this story doesn’t ring true.  Why are we speaking about everything other than the potential health conditions of a man that has spent his life entertaining millions of people?

The intent here is not to shame our media or our society but we need to rethink what we share and say.  If Lamar Odom passed away in a brothel, do we dare judge the way in which he passed?  We would have nothing to say if he picked-up some groupie from the bar that would have sex with him for cocaine.  It would be fine if he was found in the home of a d-list actress with a dildo up his butt on the floor of the bathroom.

We question if it is the fault or the responsibility of the Kardashians to look after this grown man as if he is a lost puppy, simply because he had problems with his father.  Isn’t the real story here about his health and his potential for death without the help of loved ones?  This is a systemic problem that has to do with how we deal with drug addiction.

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We are so stuck on the “shame-game” that we ignore our public responsibility to show compassion and love when someone needs it.  Lamar Odom probably went to that brothel to feel something.  He probably went there to be connected to someone and still be faithful to his estranged wife.  We do not know what was going on in his head but how this story is playing out is awful.

We have become a group of people that want to point the finger as opposed to lend a hand.  We want to judge as opposed to use the pain of others as a means to become introspective and alter our own lives.  These celebrities are no different from us yet we treat them like gladiators in the ring of ancient Rome.

Why are we so dismissive when we know that someone is in pain?  It must be an attempt to avoid our own sex scandal, our way of avoiding our own issues with in-laws, our way of disassociating from our own problems.  Maybe instead of looking at Lamar and the Kardashians as we would if we saw a train wreck, we should re-imagine how these horrible events have a bigger implication on our society at large.  Maybe the brothel is a representation of the whoring of our humanity.  The Kardashians are a representation of the illusion of fame and fortune.   Lamar Odom is an archetype of Apollo trying to put the whole world on his back and being overwhelmed by it all.

Regardless of what we think about this tragedy, we should deem it just that.  We should not laugh about the pain of others.  Or we will have to expect others to laugh about our own pain.  Celebrity is a word we use to categorize people that are popular in our society.  At no point does that mean we can strip them of the decency we would provide to family, friend or neighbors.  My thoughts and prayers are with Lamar Odom his family and the Kardashian family.  It truly does take a village and some of us do truly care.

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