Amazon takes a plunge

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AMZN doesn't live up to investor's hopes
Image Source: Afrank99 at de.wikipedia via Wiki Commons
AMZN doesn't live up to investor's hopes (AMZN), the internets retail giant didn’t pan out as analyst had expected it to in the NASDAQ. Amazon made $117 million (38 cents per share) in the fourth quarter, only a shadow of its $416 million (91 cents per share) earnings during the same time last year, according to Forbes.

Barclays Capital decreased Amazon's share from $225.00 to $190.00. However, RBC Capital cut the Amazon shares down to only $205.00.

All of this comes after the release of its much-hyped new table, the Kindle Fire. Before releasing the tablet late last year, the company predicted that it would lose $50 for each one sold. They had hoped to make up profits through their online store.