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Anthony Villarreal

I’m just a former college student who took a few wrong turns in life and winded up smashed against a lamp post. I was once invited to attend West Point Military Academy but turned it down due to my anti-war beliefs. Now I just write witty articles at various websites and try not to slip further into my own insanity…

Group Flies Swastika Over New York Beach In Order To Foster Peace And Understanding

The International Raelian Movement flew a plane carrying a banner adorned with a Swastika, Star of David, PEace Sign, and a pro Swastika message over beaches in New York and Long Island. The International Raelian Movement annually tries to remind people that the Swastika is a symbol that predates its Nazi Party connections and should be remembered as a symbol of well being and not as the evil symbol many terrible people saluted prior to comminting horrendeous acts of violence. Although the International Raelian Movement insist it has good intentions, we must remember these are the same people who believe aliens created human beings so anything they say or do should be treated the same way we would treat a small child doing the same idiotic things.