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Superstitious Super Moon coincides with Cinco de Mayo

Jennifer Dimaano

Supermoon this Saturday

Will disaster occur this Saturday

The Supermoon, also known as Perigee-Syzygy, is the biggest full moon, making its yearly return this Saturday coincidentally with the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo.

The Supermoon phenomenon takes place when the moon is at its closest to the earth when making its path around an elliptical orbit. 

Due to the moon’s closeness in proximity to the earth, the Supermoon has been the causation of many superstitions. It’s led to believe that there is an increase in natural disasters such as tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Last year’s devastating disaster in Japan was led to believe by “pseudo-astronomers” that it was caused by the moon being too close to the earth- even though the moon had already occurred two months prior to the devastation.

Another superstition associated with the Supermoon is the Titanic sinking, giving a combination of gravitational pulls helping set some icebergs loose.

This year’s Supermoon is expected to be the biggest one to date. Will there be an even bigger superstition to go along with the new moon, especially with the date hitting on a national Mexican holiday?

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