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Oxygen 4 Energy can save you from those horrible hangovers

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Oxygen 4 Energy can revive you from those long nights

Oxygen 4 Energy is an entirely new approach to relief especially after a long night of partying. Oxygen 4 Energy cans contain Oxygen enriched air. The normal air we breathe usually contains 21% Oxygen. Oxygen 4 Energy contains almost 5 times that amount. Therefore flooding the body with the most important substance required by the body to operate at optimum levels, especially when our bodies are stressed or depleted. Drinking alcohol depletes the body of Oxygen among other things. Hangover is caused by the body fighting to recover from being stressed and abused. 
Oxygen 4 Energy is convenient portable and pure. No artificial  ingredients all natural and the most healthy product the world.
Each can contains 60 one second breaths. 5 to 10 breaths per use is good. More is better, no risk of using entire can (4 liters ) but usually not necessary. 
Make sure you use it correctly! Breathe in normal breaths. Do Not Hold Your Breath when inhaled. Use as needed.  Remember less is more and more is better. Use as much as you like we have more. 
Please provide your feedback about how it works for you
We will reward the best testimonial each month with a free months supply of product. Video testimonials preferred.
Oxygen 4 Energy is not a medical product and is not intended to treat or cure any medical condition. We make no medical claims and the product is only intended for healthy people. Oxygen 4 Energy and its effectiveness has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA but does comply with all DOT and FAA rules and regulations. The product can not be taken on a commercial aircraft either in carry on or checked luggage. We can only ship cans by UPS Ground freight. 
Check out and purchase Oxygen 4 Energy at or ask for it at your college bookstore. If requested enough the bookstores will start to carry it for you.


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