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Lindzi Cox wishes Ben and Courtney the best

Brittney Elkins

Lindzi Cox is the Ocala, Florida girl who famously made her debut on The Bachelor on horseback. Her parents run a horse ranch in Ocala.

And she is NOT back with her “Dumpsville” ex.

Lindzi Cox says she doesn’t have any bad feelings towards Ben Flajnik, who rejected her on The Bachelor Monday night.

Lindzi Cox made it to the final Rose Ceremony alongside Courtney Robertson, who ultimately won the contest, and Ben Flajnik’s love.

“It was a good ending. Like everything happens—I’m happy for them, I’m really  happy for me. Like, I’m in a really good place,” Lindzi Cox told Jimmy Kimmel Monday.

“I don’t wish ill on them—I wish the best for them,” Lindzi Cox added.
How did Lindzi Cox feel watching the season, knowing she would ultimately be rejected in the last episode?

“It was kind of hard to watch. It was weird,” Lindzi Cox said.

It probably was weird, considering she told Ben’s mom in the finale, “I’ve completely fallen in love with him and the person he is. I would be honored if I were the one picked.”

Lindzi Cox, the sweet Florida girl, caught viewers’ attention when she rode up on a horse the first night she was introduced to Ben.

Lindzi Cox insists she did not tell anyone, including her own mother, how the season panned out.

One thing Lindzi Cox has opened up about is her reunion with her ex.

Earlier in The Bachelor season, Lindzi Cox told Ben Flajnik that her ex-boyfriend Eric Lenze dumped her via a “Welcome to Dumpsville, population you!” text. Eric Lenze claimed to have reunited with Linzi Cox after the The Bachelor finale. “It’s amazing what people will do to make a dollar,” Lindzi Cox said in response to the rumors.

Gentlemen, if you’re looking for a long-term committed relationship, and you’re not a total jerk, give Lindzi Cox a call.

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