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Kim Richards to open up about reasons for rehab

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Kim Richards opens up on her substance abuse

The truth behind the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kim Richards’ December trip to rehab has finally come into the open. Those around the 47-year-old child star point to Richards’ tumultuous relationship with her younger sister Kyle and Richards’ own substance abuse problem, reports ABC News.

On a “Good Morning America” interview younger sister Kyle, 42, noted that her older sister’s decision to enter rehab had nothing to do with the Housewives.

“It was our family and sitting down, and she really felt it was time,” Kyle stated.  “I have to give her credit for making that decision on her own.”

The reality television star was often seen stumbling over her words and throwing fits on camera, even moving in with a man that her family didn’t approve off.

Though Richards, in an interview that is slated to appear Feb. 13 with Bravo’s Andy Cohen, admits that she is an alcoholic and thus the reason for her stint in rehab.

Her candid statement in a preview of the interview with Cohen shows a clean and sober Richards stating, “I’m an alcoholic.” While Richards’ outrageous and over-the-top antics were what attracted so many viewers to the show, her clear admission of addiction is a complete turn around from her continuous on-air denial of alcohol dependency.

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