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Kate Upton on the Up and Up

Upton announced on Letterman as cover model for SI

Kate Upton has been seen modeling for  Victoria Secret, in “Esquire” and now pictured on the cover of  “Sports Illustrated” 2012 swimsuit issue in a two-tone bikini with what could be called a string covering her bottom half. Kate Upton joins the ranks of models such as Tyra Banks and Elle MacPherson who have previously graced the SI cover.

The 19-year-old attended and the other hopeful models attened “The Late Night Show with David Letterman” last night to find out who was going to appear on this year’s SI cover. Kate Upton, with her seemingly unenthusiastic response, was announced as the winner.

Overshadowed by the Grammy Awards and a seemingly sarcastic attitude by David Letterman, made the announcement of this year’s swimsuit cover model rather lack luster.

Lettermen attempted to rouse the models that didn’t beat out the young Kate Upton, saying, “Come on! Jump up and down and storm out of there. Turn over the table. Wreck the dump. Go crazy!”

The response of the highly anticipated moment was not as climatic as Letterman had hoped. The extent of the rowdiness ended when one of the nine losing ladies jokingly threw a rose in the air, and another smacked down on the table in anger. The responses drew a few laughs from the crowd but no where near Letterman’s expectations.

Despite the quiet unveiling, the magazine hit stands today, and the estimated 70 million readers are set to drop jaws at this year’s cover model. Kate Upton was interviewed on the “Today Show” this morning and is set to return to Letterman tonight for another interview. Hopefully Letterman gets more of rise out of the beautiful young model this time around.

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