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Kate Upton attracts high schoolers and seniors

Kate Upton, 20, goes to lunch with an 83-year-old and makes prom plans with a 17-year-old.

Kate and Arnold sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i… Ok. It didn’t happen quite that easy but we’ve got to admit that king Arnold Palmer is still very much a ladies man. The king of golf invited the Sports Illustrated supermodel to dinner this week, during the PGA Tour that took place at his private golf course, Bay Hill Club and Lodge.

Photos of the two together have been swarming the internet since they met up on Thursday. In one, Arnold Palmer is kissing Kate Upton on the cheek as she blushes and smiles for the camera. The 20-year-old supermodel agreed to have lunch partly because her parents are great fans of Arnold Parmer. But she’s also there in hopes to collaborate with “Arnie” in his charity work and help him to promote his iced tea lemonade drink via social media PR.

This six-degrees-of-separation dinner is cause to mention that Arnold Palmer used to play golf with Lisa Benson’s father. He also helped Lisa Benson snag an interview at IMG, where she later became Kate Upton’s manager.

The 83-year-old didn’t let the lovely lady leave without giving her one of his famous umbrella pins. He placed on the left collar of her blouse in a second photo, taken in Orlando, Florida. Arnold Palmer said to have been a bit mannish after learning that Kate Upton was on her way.

In an interview with Doug Ferguson, the Associate Press, the golf legend showed Ferguson one of Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated covers saying “Do you see this?… She’s coming here.” He then put the magazine down and placed a few papers on top of it and said “I better cover that up.”

Kate Upton has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue twice. The king gets major props for this one. All hail king Arnie.

Kate Upton fans are now waiting to see if she’ll go to prom with Jake Davidson who posted a Youtube video asking her to prom. The video went viral and the high school senior was later invited to The Today Show where Kate Upton phoned in to say she’d love to go if everything checks out in her schedule.

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