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Jordyn Wieber gets her dream of winning the gold medal taken away from her

Lexi Elias

Gymnastics Team USA

The current world champion failed to qualify for the individual all-around finals last night

Current World Champion and leader of women’s gymnastics Team USA, Jordyn Wieber, had her dreams crushed Sunday night. The 17-year-old gymnast was eliminated from the individual all-around final at the London Olympics. It was shocking to see Jordyn Wieber have a couple unexpected slip-ups that cost her one-tenth of a point, putting her in third place behind two of her teammates on Team USA, and failing to qualify for the individual all-around final.

Jordyn Wieber landed third place behind Team USA’s Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas that will be heading to the finals in hopes of winning the gold medal. Since one country can enter only two gymnasts in the all-around final, Wieber was eliminated.

John Geddert, the coach of Jordyn Wieber, refused to talk to the media about the situation; however, he had plenty to say on Facebook.

“We have always known the 2 per country rule, we are not crying of spilt milk, yet it makes it difficult to explain how the 4th best AA finisher, the former world champion, does not get a shot at fulfilling her dream, just because her country happens to be incredibly strong,” Jordyn Wieber’s coach John Geddert wrote. “The sting of this injustice is painful and for the record I have voiced this opinion time and time again …. To penalize an athlete or country for being OUTSTANDING is not in the spirit of sport and certainly not the spirit of the Olympic Games.”

Although Jordyn Wieber is dealing with extreme heartbreak and disappointment as her dreams of winning the individual gold medal has been taken away from her, she is trying her best to put the disappointment aside and focus on helping Team USA win the gold medal as a team on Tuesday.

Late Sunday night, Jordyn Wieber tweeted, “Thank you all for your love and support. I am so proud of our team today and I can’t wait for the team finals!!”

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