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George Zimmerman: Defense fund nearing empty

Scott Hixson

George Zimmerman is nearing a state of indigence

The 28-year-old and his wife are living in hiding and are jobless, according to defense lawyer


George Zimmerman is living “as a hermit” with his wife and nearly broke, according to his lawyer, Mark O’Mara. Zimmerman is accused of the infamous murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in late February.

George Zimmerman is living “in hiding” somewhere in Seminole County, Florida as he and his wife fear for their lives, according to a statement made by O’Mara to the Orlando Sentinel.

Both Zimmerman and his wife are currently jobless and, according to O’Mara, are “not doing well.” Based on what O’Mara told the Orlando Sentinel, George Zimmerman is nearing broke, as his legal-defense fund has decreased to around $50,000, with approximately $20,000 in payments due, far below the total he raised through donations earlier this year, $250,000.

O’Mara has said that a declaration of indigency would likely be needed for Zimmerman, which would mean the state of Florida would pay for his legal defense. “The money is not coming in all that strongly right now,” O’Mara said.

The donation fund paid $100,000 for Zimmerman’s bond, approximately $50,000 for security guards for Zimmerman and his wife, Shelly, and about $30,000 for rent, utilities and other living expenses, according to O’Mara.

O’Mara has said that George Zimmerman, 28, and his wife cannot land work because of the attention paid to them based on the high profile and controversial case. The couple relies on family or friends to bring them groceries, according to O’Mara.

According to O’Mara’s statement, his office received a threat or two every week. “It is scary to be George Zimmerman,” O’Mara said. “You can’t be out in public, so how do you work?”

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