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Father’s Day: Impress pops with these great gift ideas

Editorial Staff

Father's Day June 17

Ideas that will make his Father’s memorable

Father’s Day is Sunday June 17, and if you haven’t got your old man anything yet, don’t worry. We have you covered with some great gift ideas for dad.

This Father’s Day why not help your dad see that you really love him with a pair of glasses from TOMS Shoes. Their sleek and stylish frames will make him look as if he were 20-years younger.

We recommend either the Kigali- Classic 101 or the Kathmandu- classic 301. Both are a new fresh take on classic Americana eyewear. And to sweeten the pot for Father’s Day and show dad that he raised you right, every pair of TOMS eyewear that is purchased helps restore the sight of someone in need.

If your dad is more geek-chic than fashion forward, then ThinkGeek’s Father’s Day tins may be right up his hard drive.  Prices for the tins range from $39.99 to $79.99.

The Bad Kid tin contains: astronaut ice cream, grow your own world’s hottest pepper, bacon salt, a butterfly knife-style pen, and a 3-pack of ThinkGeek’s annoy-atrons.

The Father’s Day Good Kid has all the nerd goods of the Bad Kid but also includes: Gamer Grub Energy snacks, a LEGO minifigure, Mug Boss and an ice cube tray that will make him carbonite Han Solo’s for his scotch on the rocks.

If you’ve really messed up bad lately and want to get in dad’s good graces this Father’s Day, then you need to pick up the Dad’s Favorite tin. It has all the goodies of the previous tins but adds on a credit card light bulb, NERF Jolt Mini Blaster and BuckyBalls magnetic building spheres.

So, show the guy who taught you how to shave and throw a right hook that you love him this Father’s Day with any of these great ideas.

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