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Comedienne Jenni Pulos and the #whattheflush campaign

David Morales

Comedienne Jenni Pulos and the #whattheflush campaign

The beloved actress and comedienne Jenni Pulos interview

Actress, producer and Apollo winning rapper Jenni Pulos and the #whattheflush campaign are taking water conservation to the next level. Using less than a gallon of water per flush, the ultra-high efficient Stealth toilet by Niagara is the first of its kind. While droughts and the lack of water remain a top environmental issue, Pulos shares some insightful water conservation practices that every house hold should incorporate.

“We’ve had a major drought in California and for that matter we want to save our planet and conserve water as much as we can for the future, for our children, for now! So doing your part even though it seems like a little will add up to a lot.”

On the #whattheflush campaign website, Pulos presents the ground breaking siphonic flush system, with vacuum assist technology that makes this patented toilet one of a kind.

Recently, Jenni Pulos spoke with College News about the importance of water conservation, the #whattheflush campaign and the new Stealth toilet by Niagara. Pulos also let us in on the latest interior design trends of 2016 and revealed her plans for her next rap venture.

COLLEGE NEWS: In areas where there are droughts the lack of water or the access to clean drinking water are issues. 

JENNI PULOS: They are issues, that’s right David and now it’s time to do a spring cleaning and put in a new toilet in your home which is why I’m here to talk toilet. I am a part of the #whattheflush campaign with Niagara conservation and I’m so happy to be promoting and putting out into the world the stealth toilet which uses less than a gallon of water per flush. If you do the math, that can save you up to 20,000 gallons of water per year per household. It’s proven, it’s a quiet toilet and most importantly it really works! I’m so excited about that because you know obviously when you think – oh ok you’re not using a lot of water, what does that mean? Well they have patented the vacuum assist technology. So they’ve really done all their due diligence about making the best toilet out there for all reasons and it really works. It’s $149 so you’re obviously going to get that plus you’re going to get your money back in water bill savings and rebates and all those kind of things, so it’s your soulmate of toilets.

CN: Could you tell us a little more about the #whattheflush campaign?

JP: Yes, it is promoting this stealth toilet that they have developed and put so much work and research into. Its a beautiful design. It’s clean lined, it’s simple so can fit into any style of home and like I was speaking of before the technology is actually working so that it vacuums out the waste and takes it far away so with a small amount of water you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. I’m just excited about it. I really believe in it and the campaign is fun because we want people to laugh about it but also take things seriously. We’ve had a major drought in California and for that matter we want to save our planet and conserve water as much as we can for the future, for our children, for now! So doing your part even though it seems like a little will add up to a lot. And that can also include turning off your faucet when you brush your teeth, definitely making sure to try to take a shorter shower, the little things that add up, being mindful of your landscape and watering it — how often you water — always checking for leaks; leaky faucets; valves; a broken sprinkler. Those are the kind of things that we don’t see that can really cause problems in making an escalating water bill.

CN: Considering the recent events in Flint, Michigan and the water crisis there, what are some other water conservation practices we should incorporate into our lives and our homes?

JP: Well like I said before, I think it’s important to make sure that you don’t have any leaky valves, any leaky dripping faucets, or any broken pipes. I mean those are the kinds of things that you know takes a little bit of work to investigate but it’s absolutely worth it. And then again not over watering your lawn, making sure your sprinkler is on a timer. How often do you really need to water? We bought a home now that has a decent amount of lawn but we’ve had a situation where we realized in watering less the lawn looks better. You just have to be very mindful of how you water it. It’s just more work and you know anything worthwhile is a lot of work so we’re asking you give a little work back to our planet for generations to come, our children, and let’s get ahead of the game. We’ve been so behind the game in so many things and in our country and our world let’s get ahead of it and that by everybody doing their part and so you can start that by saying – you know what? #whattheflush. I’m going to put in a stealth toilet for $149 bucks and I’m going to make my money back and it really does work. That’s the thing I want to stress that this is not just an– oh ok? but it’s not going to really flush. No baby! #whattheflush. It’s on.

CN: Speaking of getting back to work and staying on top of your game, how did you go from being a talented actress and comedian to solving home fix-it problems as one of the most beloved characters on Bravo?

JP: Well David I never really envisioned myself nine years ago being here today but I’m here to tell people you may not think you’re going to get to where you want to be with where you’re at now but just work hard and bloom where you’re planted I like to say and embrace failure. It’s ok you know, don’t care about what people think about you, run your own race. I say that as a forty-something rapper and an older mother and you know I had a lot of failures in my life and a lot of people have always told me no and I choose to run my own race and succeed anyway. And fail too. But people always say to so many working parents and working mothers and working fathers for that matter, how do you balance it all? Let’s face it, we’re all barely keeping it together and we have to give ourselves credit for doing so much and that’s what I loved about working with Niagara is that they’re having fun with this campaign but there are also serious about helping our planet and helping people save money and creating a good life for future generations.

CN: What are some of the biggest design trends for 2016?

JP: I think you know wide plank floors are beautiful and they’re also very in right now and lighter floors. Reclaimed wood is something I love. I put it in my own home. I’m seeing a lot of interesting things with that in range hoods and using a different texture there. Also mixed metals, brass, copper, mixing chrome, even bringing in platinum can really add a beautiful touch. I love wall stencils and wallpaper and adding pops of color you know accent walls never goes out of trend and grays, whites and classic colors are still very hot.

CN: I was wondering. Do you have any plans for writing more rap music for children?

JP: I do yes. I currently am gathering information for my two-and-a-half-year-old but there will be more children’s rap songs so stay tuned, stay fresh and stay rocking the beat. There are never enough jams out there so all you aspiring rappers just start creating.

CN: Jenni where can we go for more information about the #whattheflush campaign and Niagara?

JP: For more information, visit you can also purchase the stealth toilet at Home Depot or Home Depot online.

CN: Jenni it was a pleasure speaking with you. Is there anything else that you think that needs to be said about the Niagara and the #whattheflush campaign that can get across the importance of these toilets in the household across America?

JP: I think the most important thing is just go out there and make the change today. Go to Home Depot, go to and change out your toilet and you’ll be making a big difference.

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