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Brad Paisley Dedicates Song to Doctor Fighting Ebola

Adrianna Velazquez

In light of the news that a doctor volunteering in Liberia doing charity work contracted Ebola, Brad Paisley is honoring his selfless act.

Dr. Kent Brantly was in Liberia helping ill patients as part of his charitable efforts when he contracted Ebola. He has since returned to the U.S. and is now being treated in an isolated unit at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital.

According to reports, Brantly refused an experimental serum because there was only enough for one person. Instead of taking the serum for himself, Brantly refused it, insisting that Nancy Writebol, another American fighting the virus, received it.

Paisley took to Twitter to honor the doctor’s selfless act by tweeting, “Pray for Dr. Kent Brantly – one of those brave souls who risks his life to save others.”

Following his initial tweet, Paisley tweeted a preview of his song, “Me and Jesus” from his forthcoming album, Moonshine In The Trunk, dedicating the song to Brantly.

“I’m moved by the Christian Dr. Fighting Ebola who gave the serum to his friend. So here’s a bonus track. For him,” Paisley added.

USA Today reported that the head of Center for Disease Control  and Prevention said Brantly did receive a dosage of the serum and that his condition seems to be improving.

Paisley’s album is set to release Aug. 26 via Arista Nashville. 

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