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Kristina Vragovic

Kristina Vragovic graduated from Indiana University in May 2012 with a B.A. in English. A Hoosier at heart, she cries when she thinks about the 2011-12 season and will rail on Purdue even when nobody from said school is in the immediate vicinity. Aside from writing, Kristina enjoys correcting people's grammar (for money, or by calling them out on Twitter) as well as collecting classic rock LPs, watching superhero movies and online shopping.

Michael J. Fox to make prime-time comeback

Fox has partnered with Arrested Development writer and Easy A director on new TV show


Michael J. Fox is launching a new TV series after a twelve-year retirement from full-time acting. Vulture reports the show, which will be a comedy “inspired by” Fox’s life, is already the object of a bidding war among the major networks.

Though he is set to be a full-time cast member, Michael J. Fox isn’t the only major name on the show’s ticket. Sam Laybourne, writer for Arrested Development, and Will Gluck, director of Easy A, are joining with Fox on the venture. The show is being developed by Sony Pictures Television and is expected to release in 2013, with a possibility for going straight to series, according to Vulture. The title and plot are still under wraps, but the show is reported to be set in New York City.

So, which network is likely to land this big hitter? That’s a difficult call because of Fox’s prolific TV history, writes Vulture’s Josef Adalian. Michael J. Fox has worked with CBS on The Good Wife, NBC on Family Ties, and ABC on Spin City.

Michael J. Fox retired from acting full-time in 2000, after having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991. However, he has since had guest roles on several shows, including Rescue Me, Boston Legal, The Good Wife and Curb Your Enthusiasm – the last two receiving Emmy nominations this year.

iPhone 5 to support LTE

Korean mobile carriers confirm rumors about the new Apple device, to be released in September


iPhone 5. Just the thought sends techies, smartphone addicts and Apple aficionados into a collective tizzy. With the mid- to late-September release approaching, everything from leaked photos to sales projections are churning through the Apple rumor mill at the speed of 4G LTE.

Which, of course, the iPhone 5 is rumored to support, according to SlashGear. Korean mobile carriers SK Telecom and KT have confirmed that they will offer the iPhone 5 on their LTE networks. This data speed will probably be offered in the United States, as well.

Other rumored iPhone 5 features include a 4-inch screen, longer than the iPhone 4S, offset by a thinner body, SlashGear reported. 

Examiner.com notes that the prevalence of iPhone 5 rumors might mean that Apple is losing its grip on the shroud of secrecy that normally surrounds its product launches. “Our weekly iPhone sales continue to be impacted by rumors,” said Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, according to the site.

But if the iPhone 5 lives up to analysts’ projections, the potential lag in iPhone 4 and 4S sales might not seem like such a big deal. FBR Capital analyst Craig Berger claimed the iPhone 5 could be “one of the largest single product opportunities in Apple’s history,” according to Forbes.com. “The iPhone 5 over its life cycle could sell as many as 250 million units and generate profits of more than $50 a share,” the site reported.

Up to 10 million of those units could be sold in September alone, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster projected, according to the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch. iPhone Informer reported that these sales could make Apple the first trillion-dollar corporation.

Apple is expected to make an announcement about the iPhone 5 on Sept. 12, making the device available by later in the month.

Robert Pattinson dodges questions about Kristen Stewart

On Good Morning America, RPatt continues his silence; meanwhile, Jodie Foster rails against coverage of KStew’s affair


Robert Pattinson shared a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with Jon Stewart on Monday’s episode of The Daily Show. Such plying with sugar and dairy can only lead to a heart-to-heart, no?

Well, no. And George Stephanopoulos had no better luck offering Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Robert Pattinson’s favorite cereal, this morning on Good Morning America. The sweet treat was a distraction from the issue, at best, according to E!. When asked about “the elephant in the room,” Pattinson replied, “I’d like my fans to know that Cinnamon Toast Crunch has only 130 calories a bowl.”

The elephant, of course, is Kristen Stewart’s affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. The affair has been garnering plenty of media attention, and today, Jodie Foster published a piece on The Daily Beast protesting the “break-up spectacle.” Her comments about “the childhoods we unknowingly destroy” were meant to defend Stewart, whom she starred with in 2001’s “Panic Room” when Stewart was only 11 years old. But her piece could just as well be supporting Robert Pattinson’s stoicism as he promotes his upcoming film, Cosmopolis.

“If I were a young actor today I would quit before I started. If I had to grow up in this media culture, I don’t think I could survive it emotionally,” Foster wrote. “Just to set the record straight, a salary for a given on-screen performance does not include the right to invade anyone’s privacy, to destroy someone’s sense of self.”

Robert Pattinson seems to agree.

“I’ve never been interested in trying to sell my personal life, and that’s really the only reason people bring it up,” Pattinson told Stephanopoulos, according to the L.A. Times. “And so, you know, that’s the reason you go on TV, is to promote movies.”

To which Stephanopoulos could only say, “You seem to be doing okay.”

Jon Stewart didn’t even press the issue, but the Chicago Sun-Times reported today that after The Daily Show aired, Robert Pattinson was “relieved” that he avoided talk of the scandal, instead joking, “My biggest problem in my life is that I’m cheap. I didn’t hire a publicist.”

Cosmopolis, starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche, opens Aug. 24 in Chicago.

Julia Child: A legacy remembered

On her 100th birthday, celebrations include reopened kitchen exhibit at the Smithsonian


Julia Child would have turned 100 years old today, and six years after her death, the late chef continues to influence both the professional and not-so-professional worlds of cooking. She’s even today’s Google doodle.

Chefs in the Boston and Cambridge area, especially, still feel connected to Julia Child, according to the Boston Globe. The area remains particularly friendly to female chefs, for whom Child often served as mentor and champion.

“[Julia Child] bridged the gap between feminism and being herself in the kitchen,” 25-year-old Megan Lozano, a line cook at Hamersley’s Bistro, told the Globe.

The Smithsonian Institution reopened an exhibit today featuring Julia Child’s Cambridge, Mass., kitchen. Child donated her kitchen to the National Museum of American History in 2001, and the exhibit originally opened in 2002. And after receiving a warm response from visitors, it became a permanent attraction. Following a seven-month hiatus for renovations, this new, larger gallery will stay open until September 3.

“A lot of people feel they have been in this kitchen because they’ve seen her and various other chefs in the kitchen cooking,” curator Paula Johnson told CNN. Child’s home kitchen was the set for three of her television series.

Jaques Pépin, a longtime friend of Julia Child and her costar on PBS’ “Julia and Jaques Cooking at Home,” wrote for the New York Times about his memories of the 6-foot-2 chef with the “shrill and warm” voice. Of her kitchen, he recalls that “the whole spacious place exuded friendship, warmth and comfort.”

Johnson, of the Smithsonian, echoed his sentiment. “Just looking at this room and seeing just how homey it is, you really can almost visualize yourself there,” she told CNN.

Fans of Julia Child who aren’t in the D.C. area can celebrate her birthday by attempting a recipe from her famous cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” or by watching the 2009 film “Julie & Julia,” starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Streep received an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of Child.

Julia Child was born Aug. 15, 1912, in Pasadena, Calif., and died Aug. 13, 2004, in Santa Barbara.