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Billy Gardner

Knitted Down there, Sewn to the boundless black stitches In our white spotted blanket. Creatures, Atop brown threads Puncturing the blue. The knots inside their tops Can't unravel what's true.

Jessica Biel exposes ring

Even JT’s grandma can’t wait

Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The singer/actor has already joined the “5-timer club” amongst other SNL hosts like Alec Balwin and Steve Martin. This time would be unique though, considering it’s his first appearance on SNL since his recent engagement with Jessica Biel. After the show the two attended a private party where Biel was reported flaunting her ring.

Timberlake is suspected to have proposed to Biel during December when the two visited Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A source told UsMagazine, “Justin knows how much she loves snowboarding and the mountains, so it was the perfect place.” Another source spotted the two later at The Hungry Moose, a local grocery store in Big Sky, Montana, where the two continued their engagement doing exactly what Jess “loves.”

Biel has done a good job since then keeping her ring kept under wraps but at last nights party she could not help but show it off. Kristen Bell, an actress in attendance said she, “loved the ring and chatted her up about it.” Other’s told Us that Biel and Timberlake performed in a way you’d expect an engaged couple would, “holding hands,” the former N’Sync and “7th Heaven” stars even “kissed a few times in front of the crew.”

The ring is said to be “custom made” just for Jessica and the date the two will wed has not been released yet, although, even JT’s grandmother can’t contain her excitement in welcoming Jessica to the family, ”She’s a wonderful campaigner for the environment and Justin is too, a fine young man. Jessica will be a lovely member of the family.”

21 Jump Street's Tatum and Hill boozing at pre-screening

“They’re too old for this shift”

The pre-screening of “21 Jump Street” premiered last night in Sydney, Austrailia. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill stood in full police uniform sipping Haghn, a popular Aussie Lager, as they answered questions for reporters.

Set to release in the United States March 16th, “21 Jump Street”is based off the popular television show that launched Johnney Depp’s career in Hollywood. Hill and Tatum take on the leading roles in a spoof film about the late 1980’s show.

The two actors star in the action-comedy about two underachieving police officers who are sent into a local high school in order to infiltrate a dangerous drug ring. They find that high school is nothing like they left it and the two are forced to confront the anxiety of being a teenager all over again.

The recent Oscar Nominee Jonah Hill plays the character Schmidt, a braniac who scores high on tests but can’t seem to cut it in physical standards. The officer record on Schmidt according to the official movie website labels the character with, “continued inability to complete an arrest and constant complaining about the smallest amount of pain makes officer prime candidate to pass as an undercover whiny teenager.”

Channing Tatum takes on the role of Jenko, a compliment to Hill’s nerdy role. Jenko is labeled as one of the most aggressive police academy graduates in recent history but is, “ineffective at remembering any official terminology, procedures, or protocols. The only code he can remember is 374B: illegal dumping. Perfect candidate for rebooted high school undercover program from the 1980s.”

Watch the two opposing roles in the official trailer below:

Stephen Colbert addresses the rumors of absence

On his importance: “the hub around which the republic turns.”

Stephen Colbert returned yesterday from his hiatus, “Hi, How ya been?” He addressed his audience.

The absent host empathized with viewers on how it feels to be deprived of Stephen Colbert, “I can understand why the machinery of this great nation ground to a halt last week when you were denied this. I’m sure you felt the same as I do when I’m in a room with no mirrors.”

Since the absence of Stephen Colbert from the “Colbert Report,” wild rumors have surfaced as to why the comedic talk show host missed the last week of production.

“Some people said my show was canceled by the Federal Communications Commission at the request of the Federal Election Commission because I was about to announce my presidential candidacy,” said Colbert, “Others said I was canceled because I offended the Catholic church when I compared the pope’s hat to a giant yet stylish prophylactic. Still others said I was in rehab, always an attractive option if they have that for Diet Coke.”
Colbert even went on to say that Joan Rivers accused him of taking time off to get plastic surgery.

Colbert actually had to take care of his ailing mother. In true fashion though, he never actually admits the reason for his absence but lightly alludes to his family emergency and the condition of his mother jokingly, “Evidently having 11 children makes you strong as nails. Confidential to a lovely lady.”

Colbert’s mother, 91-years-old, has apparently recovered from her illness. Watch the video of last night’s “Colbert Report” below:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/QMjAcHDNYlk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Xbox LIVE update to solve color issue

Xbox LIVE spokesman comments on the issue

Microsoft has recently begun work on an update that will correct problems with the Xbox consoles color quality.  It seems that any movie not purchased in the Xbox’s Zume Marketplace had only a resolution of 720p, while movies bought directly from Microsoft had a resolution of 1080p.

Sounds fishy, and although this mishap, if you could call it that, seems intentional, Xbox Live spokesperson Larry Hryb wrote the next update will “fix a color issue that some were experiencing, and it will be immediately notable in the dashboard. The fix is also being applied by partners to their apps on Xbox LIVE, which we expect to roll out over the coming month.”

The problem has also been experienced through other partners to the gaming company within the Xbox Marketplace; in particular, customers have had problems with the color output of their Netflix videos. Hryb assures console owners, “The fix is also being applied by partners to their apps on Xbox LIVE, which we expect to roll out over the coming months.”

Users will be required to download the latest update upon their next log-in and are “expected” to notice their color issues being resolved. Hryb is assured in his company’s dedication to the issue, “This update will increase performance and is part of our continued effort to provide the best possible Xbox LIVE experience”

Not all problems might be corrected immediately though considering Xbox partners are also required to correct problems. But the good news is the cat is out the bag and the problem seems to have a solution in sight. Xbox assures all color related problems will be corrected in the upcoming months.

Jackie Robinson film set to break ground

Chadwick Boseman to play the iconic athlete

Hollywood has finally found a star to play Jackie Robinson in the upcoming film “42.” Chadwick Boseman, a relatively new face to the silver screen, has been recruited for the dynamic role.

No stranger to iconic sports films breaking the color barrier, Boseman has already played a role as Floyd “the franchise” Little in “The Express,” a movie about the first African American football player to win the Heisman trophy.

This time, Boseman will play Jackie Robinson and depict the history-making story, when Branch Rickey, played by Harrison Ford, signed the first African American baseball player to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Nicole Beharie will also accompany the two actors in “42” to play the role of Jackie Robinson’s life love, Rachel Islum, who later married the baseball legend.

Jackie Robinson died of a heart attack in 1972 but Rachel Robinson has worked in full cooperation alongside writer/director Brian Helgeland to help create the biopic attributed to her late husband.

Jackie Robison heroically handled racism from fans, opponents and even teammates. He succeeded in demolishing racial barriers and influencing the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King grew up watching the baseball star and later commented on him, “a pilgrim that walked in the lonesome byways toward the high road of Freedom. He was a sit-inner before sit-ins, a freedom rider before freedom rides.” All the while Jackie Robinson cemented his name as one of the best players in baseball history. He was a .311 career hitter, was given the Rookie of the Year award 1947 and National League MVP award in 1949 and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

Jack Robinson’s number would be retired and eventually become the title to the upcoming film about his life, “42.”

Monica Lewinsky in PBS documentary

Monica Lewinsky back in the spotlight again

PBS will air a two-part four hour documentary titled “Clinton” this coming Monday, Feb. 20th. The documentary will bring to light new information and dedicate a full hour to the relationship between former president Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski. One can not help but wonder will this reopen old wounds for America’s most infamous White House intern?

Monica Lewinski after the scandal broke had a book deal that made her $500,000 and appeared on a 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters that gave her another $1 million in international rights. Lewinski would later go on to become an instant pop culture celebrity and often placed herself in the public spotlight. She debuted as the spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and as a host of a reality showed called “Mr. Personality.”

In more recent years, Monica Lewinsky has attempted to keep a low profile. In 1998 when asked to sign an autograph, she declined saying, “I’m kind of known for something that’s not so great to be known for.”

Lewinsky went on to graduate with a master’s degree in social psychology at the London School of Economics. Since graduation, the Enquirer reported on her time after school, “She said she’s been doing some freelance work for a friend who has a public relations company. And she’s got some family money, so that keeps her going.” The tabloid continued by commenting on her social status, “She’s alone most of the time and is pretty much a social pariah.”

Monica Lewinsky might have been successful in staying out of media attention lately, but this reclusive lifestyle will certainly be disrupted when PBS airs the “Clinton” documentary.

Lewinsky has maintained that President Clinton lied under oath about their relationship and portrayed a skewed idea of her to the public in his memoir titled “My Life,” stating, “He talked about it as though I had laid it all out there for the taking. I was the buffet, and he just couldn’t resist the dessert.” The public can now only wait for her reaction, if any, to the Presidents’ Day documentary.

Presidents Day is like Christmas in February

Fun ways to celebrate and honor our nation’s presidents

Presidents Day is this upcoming Monday. The holiday was originally named Washington’s Birthday. But it was changed to Presidents Day in 1971 after congress moved the day to the 3rd Monday of February.

Today the holiday is celebrated to honor the February birthdays of Washington and Lincoln but also all presidents past and present. In true American fashion, citizens celebrate the day by taking advantage of the numerous shopping sales.

Other events of the holiday to honor Washington in particular include a birthday celebration held at the George Washington Birthplace National Monument in Virginia and another birthday celebration at Mount Vernon with complimentary admission.

Popular celebrations to honor Lincoln were held on the president’s actual birthday, February 12th, and included a wreath laying ceremony at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site in Kentucky and another celebration at Lincoln Boyhood National memorial.

The National Park Service holds a ceremony to honor all other presidents on the holiday, and this year Jimmy Carter, the first president to be born in a hospital, is set to speak (see more fun facts below). Shortly after his speech, Carter will be available to sign autographs for anyone who is interested.

Fun President Facts
-A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland, and a week before Kennedy was shot he was in Marilyn Monroe.
-George Bush Sr. survived four plane crashes during WWII.
-James Madison was the smallest president, standing at 5’4’’ and less than 100lbs.
-James A. Garfield could write with both hands at the same time, in different languages.
-Grover Cleveland was the first and only president to serve two non-consecutive terms.
-Warren G. Harding gambled away a set of the White House’s china.
-George Washington teeth were made from elephant and walrus tusks.

Randy Travis arrest video hits the web

Singer hauled off to jail in Sanger, “Are you kidding me?”

Police have recently released the public intoxication video of country music star Randy Travis. The associated press reports the arrest happened at 1:30 a.m. Monday in Sanger, Texas, following Super Bowl XLVI.

The six-time Grammy award winner was allegedly sitting in the First Baptist Church parking lot with an open bottle of wine when authorities approached his vehicle. After somewhat of a struggle to open his car door and few slurred words, the officer eventually escorted Travis to jail for public intoxication.

“Really,” said the dumbfounded artist, “Are you kidding me?”

As the police officers continued with their arrest, placing cuffs on the country star, Travis’s antagonizing attitude continued, asking, “You fixing to put handcuffs on me, are you? Is that what you’re fixing to do?”

Travis was booked, cited and released a few hours later. The incident takes him back to his teenage days when the high school drop out was arrested for auto theft and burglary. He claims to regret decisions made as a teen and issued a public apology for his latest arrest, “I apologize for what resulted following an evening of celebrating the Super Bowl. I’m committed to being responsible and accountable, and apologize for my actions.”

Travis is currently on his 25th year of touring and is “fixing” to put this incident behind him.

Matt Bomer: out and about

Star studded actor admits he is gay

Matt Bomer has recieved much media publicity over the last few years with many wondering his sexual orientation. The star of the USA show “White Collar” confirmed that he was infact gay during his acceptance speech at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards last Saturday. Matt Bomer has been in a long standing relationship with his publicist Simon Wells, the same partner whom he is raising three children with.

“I’d really like to thank my beautiful family: Simon, Kit, Walker and Henry. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love is. You will always be my proudest accomplishment,” he said, during the awards ceremony. Bomer was accepting the New Generation Arts and Activism Award for his ongoing dedication to AIDS care, prevention and research through the Desert AID Project. 

Bomer has been a long supporter of same-sex marriages. Last Setember, he played a role as Jeff Zarillo, a homosexual who was the principal litigant in California’s Proposition 8, the well-known amendment that banned same sex marriage in the California. Bomer also spoke at the opening ceremony of the 2011 AIDS Walk in New York City where he walked along side 45,000 others to raise more than $6.2 million for Gay Men’s Heath Crisis and other AIDS organizational services in the tri-state area.

Bomer can still be seen on “White Collar” and will play a starring role as a male stripper in the upcoming film “Magic Mike.”

The film also features Alex Pettyfer and Channing Tatum.

Randy Moss to return to the NFL … again

Up for grabs, who wants Moss?

Randy Moss wants to return to the NFL at the ripe age of thirty-five. The former wide receiver announced on his birthday, Feb. 13, via a web cast, “I wanna play football. Your boy is going to come back here and play some football, so I’m really excited. I had some things I had to adjust in my life.”

Upon his return, Randy Moss will be a free agent. But, one question still remains; who wants to pick up the controversial six-time pro bowler?

Moss has stated interest in returning to his former team the New England Patriots, whom recently lost at Super Bowl XLVI. The Patriots current wide receiver Chad Ochocinco failed to make a single catch during the game, while another receiver Wes Welker missed a key play late in the fourth quarter. Former Patriot Tedy Bruschi claims quarterback Tom Brady and Randy Moss had and still have a good relationship, and a return to New England would not be out of the realm of possibility.

However, the elephant in the room is Randy Moss’s attitude and how it’s going to affect his teammates and statistics. Moss has been criticized owners and dropped from teams in the past for his behavior on and off the field, and his most glaring problems came during the last and supposed final season.

Moss claimed to have personal issues affecting his play during his final season. He played on the Vikings, Patriots and finished his career with Titans. His final season ended with a personal all-time low in receiving yards (393) and receptions (28). Given these reasons, it’s no wonder teams might be reluctant to pick up the former wide receiver.

Randy Moss is not all bad though, in 2007 Moss broke the record for most NFL touchdowns receptions in a season (23). He told former teammate, and now NFL analyst, Heath Evans that he currently runs a 40-yard dash between 4.35 and 4.38 seconds. Still quick and confident as ever, is Moss still among the elite in the NFL?

We will have to wait till next fall to find out.