Student savings account comparison

An example and overview of some student savings accounts

WRITTEN BY: Janelle Vreeland
Student savings account comparison

Student savings accounts are designed with students in mind. This means that they will offer tools and options that other accounts may not. They also tend to have lower monthly fees (if they have any at all) and tend to require a lower amount kept in the account at all times. These are all things to consider when you do a student savings account comparison.

To help guide you here is a student savings account comparison that we put together. Keep the following in mind when conducting your own student savings account comparison.

Student Savings Account Comparison

Citizens Bank Green Savings

U.S. Bank S.T.A.R.T. Savings Plan

Bank of America Student Savings

PNC Bank’s Virtual Wallet

0.03% APY

$4.99 monthly maintenance or automatic savings plan with monthly deposit of at least $25 per month

$25 minimum balance to open

Online banking

Use Steady Save® to set up automatic transfers to your savings or money market account.

GoalTrack Savings planner

Maintain a balance of $1,000 and earn Visa Rewards Cards

S.T.A.R.T. goal progress and transfer summary information within U.S. Bank Internet Banking

Easy automatic transfers from checking to savings account

Tools to help you reach your savings goal

$100 minimum balance to open

Receive a monthly statement if you use an ATM, have transfers such as direct deposits, or have a combined statement

Ability to set up a monthly automatic savings transfer from your checking account

0.05% interest rate and APY

Not monthly maintenance if maintain $300 balance, otherwise $5 monthly fee

$25 minimum balance to open

No minimum balance requirements

No monthly fee

0.85% interest rate on Growth Account Balances

Free online statements