Staying safe on campus

The best ways to stay safe on and off campus

WRITTEN BY: Janelle Vreeland
Staying safe on campus

The best way to defend yourself is to avoid conflict before it starts. Avoid being alone in dimly lit places and always walk away from confrontation whenever possible.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you are being attacked, it’s best to have a plan. College News spoke with Andrew Netschay, CEO of Confront and David Nance, Vice President of Security Equipment Corporation who convinced us that to be best prepared you need self defense and a back-up plan.

Netschay said “When you get attacked, the attacker has “made one serious assumption: that you are vulnerable. The element of surprise causes trauma. If someone decides to start something up with you they think you’re an easy mark.”

According to a stat Nance gave us from 2007, there is an aggravated assault every 36 seconds and a burglary every 14.5 seconds in America. Attacks happen. But if you be aware of your surroundings, use verbal commands in a confrontational way and tell the attacker no, Netschay says there’s a better chance the attacker will back off.

Confront is a reality-based system to get someone ready for harsh confrontation. As CEO Nance says, “The focus is getting people safe from fear management, belief systems and self-esteem.” Check out their programs at:


Both men admit you need to have a background in self defense and Netschay said as long as you don’t depend exclusively on pepper spray it is effective. Netschay teaches self defense and Nance is Vice President of a company that specializes in Sabre and Sabrered stun guns and peppery spray.

“If getting one of two, I strongly recommend pepper spray.” Nance said. “[Pepper spray] allows you to protect from a distance and against multiple attackers.” (Available at

Nance’s Security Equipment Corporation distributes pepper spray to most major police departments across the country in addition to having a number of keychain sized sprays for consumers. The spray is the same one Johnny Knoxville had sprayed in his face “Jackass.” It’s so powerful, you can’t keep your eyes open, and you get discomfort up to 45 minutes.

Your attacker is temporarily disabled, but not incapable of fighting back. Spray in and around the eyes and go to a safe place. Always be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to defend yourself.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you find yourself in a dangerous situation:

What to look for?   Look at your attacker’s weight distribution, breathing pattern. It is common to breathe in and then hit.

What attack can you use without pepper spray? Go for primary targets like eye or throat. Try a finger in the eye or strike the throat.