College News music contest winners, powered by Sonicbids

An in-depth look at winners Saidah Baba Talibah, Kristin Errett and Rellik

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College News music contest winners, powered by Sonicbids

The latest cycle of music contest, powered by Sonicbids, has come to a close and we’ve hand-picked three winners. We’d like to give a genuine thank you to all of the artists that submitted their music and encourage them to enter our next contest.

And the winners are:

Saidah Baba Talibah

Kristin Errett


Congrats! These artists particularly impressed us with their vocals, instrumentation and overall sound.
Read on for more information about the winners:

Saidah Baba Talibah

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One look at Saidah Baba Talibah's latest album title will give you an idea who she is and what's in store. "(S)Cream" has a suggestive, raunchy title that is a reflection of the artist herself, but Talibah is more than just that. At times evoking Sass Jordan and Janis Joplin, at other times evoking Erykah Badu, Talibah rocks and screams with the best of them. Talibah has a special relationship with her fans, and even called on them to help her fund "(S)Cream." Their efforts were rewarded with gifts, autographs and private performances and, of course, "(S)Cream" itself. Talibah describes the album in her own words.

"(S)Cream" is a collection of dreams, daydreams and realities, that speak from a place of fierceness, vulnerability, insecurity and assuredness. "(S)Cream" has put away all childish games and is all grown up, but is still searching and getting comfortable in all of her cracks and bulges, turn ons and turn offs. This is my coming out as a woman who likes to talk sex & sensuality, broken-heartedness, not taking anymore shit-ed-ness. I growl. I purr. I go to pretty places, harder places and naked places. I wish you joy, despair, heartbreak, inspiration and to be turned on.

The daughter of Grammy and Tony-nominated singer Salome Bey and the niece of Grammy-nominated musician Andy Bey, Talibah drew strength and the motivation to embark as a solo artist from her family. She hasn't looked back.

Check out the infectious and catchy title track from "(S)Cream" below.

Kristin Errett

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Reminiscent of fellow singer/songwriters Sara Bareilles and Sarah McLachlan, Kristin Errett's beautiful voice is only matched by her piano skills. Errett's sound is heavily influenced by '70s singer/songwriters, giving her a slightly different approach to her craft than her contemporaries. Upon hearing Carole King's "Tapestry," Errett begged her parents to let her take piano lessons. The rest is history. “I knew after my first performance at The Bitter End that I had to do this for a living. It was such a rush,” Errett says.

Now, this classically-trained pianist is finding her own voice, penning bubbly, upbeat fun songs -- boasting lyrics like "Never call me honey, I’m not always nice / Never call me sugar if you don’t want spice / If you were smart you’d know it from the start / Don’t call me sweetheart" -- and gorgeous ballads, all of which are featured on her debut album "Confessions of a Songbird."

For Errett, it's simple,“My ultimate goal for my music is to achieve a lasting career and reach as many people as I can, sharing what I love." She's well on her way to achieving just that.

Check out her cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" below.


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Also known as Billy Leblanc, Rellik is an emcee from Edmonton, Alberta. Rellik's career is just taking off in the U.S., but he's already rapped with the likes of Talib Kwali and shared the stage with Run DMC. Of Irish and Sioux descent, Rellik doesn't rap specifically about his heritage. "While I am still in touch with my aboriginal roots, I feel I need to write material that all hip hop listeners can relate to regardless of their ethnic background or experiences," he says.

Rellik has been DJing and rapping since he was 14 and producing since he was 16, and released his first solo album in 2011. "Mighty Mouth" has slick rhymes that pair perfectly with his catchy, beat-laden tracks. Rellik's style has been likened to RA the Rugged Man and Aesop Rock. He prides himself on "composing lyrics that not only get in your face but get right under your skin." We have a feeling he'll be a household name very, very soon.

Watch the video for "Grimey" below.