College News music contest, powered by Sonicbids

And the winners are....

WRITTEN BY: Editorial Staff
College News music contest, powered by Sonicbids

The Sonicbids contest is over and the winners have been chosen.  We’d like to thank all the runners up for submitting their music and encourage them all to try again during the next Sonicbids contest.

The winners for this competition are:

J Peter Boles
Myla Smith
Kete Bowers

Congratulations to you three!  Here’s a bit of information on our three winners:

J Peter Boles is an acoustic singer/songwriter who not only sings the blues, but also crosses genres in folk and bluegrass. Bole's adventures as an Alaska resident give him much to write about, and having performed for 30 years, he has the experience to perform with just the right touch of heart and soul.  Boles is a strong performer with a powerful voice that pulls on the heart strings. 

Myla Smith is a folk singer with honest lyrics and an angelic voice.  She grew up in Tennessee, starting at a young age singing and writing songs.  She was influenced by great artists such as, The Beatles and Allison Krauss.  She got her big break on the children’s show, “Barney and Friends,” where she crafted her musical talents in singing and writing songs for the hit show.  She’s had much success with her latest album, “WHITE/GOLD.”  She’s now experimenting with new songs in the country and indie genres. 

Kete Bowers is a country singer who plays with such heartfelt emotion that it’s hard not to relate to his poignant lyrics and melodies.  Listening to artists such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Ray, Bowers has an older touch to his songs that seems to close the gap from generation to generation.  Bowers has music in his blood, since his father played numerous instruments and helped Bowers on his journey to realize his true potential.  

Thank you to all who have participated in the Sonicbids contest and congratulations once again to J Peter Boles, Myla Smith, and Kete Bowers. Check out our Sonicbids contest listing if you're interested in submitting your music in the next cycle.